FOR SALE:   Honjo Road Bike Fenders posted by: Joe M on 8/29/2005 at 6:57:48 PM
I just wanted to post this here before listing these on eBay. I picked up 4 sets of Honjo polished aluminum road bike fenders complete with mounting hardware. These appear to be custom made with a slightly longer front fender to extend past a front touring rack.
I have 4 sets here all brand new and still wrapped in their original plastic. Each comes with a pair of 5mm stays, and attaching hardware. There is also an alternate mounting screw and 'R' clamp set for threaded frame stays and where inner clearance is close to the smaller rear sprocket.
The Part munbers included in each set are: H-40-700N Polished alloy fenders ($48), H-40-Freestay kit ($9.50), H-40 (type 9909) sliding bridge band ($2.50), 2- Honjo.5d 5mm DARUMA Screw kits ($22), plus 1 Honjo 5R -Clip kit for threaded stays ($6).
I'll sell each kit for $75 plus shipping. (Paid $450 for 6 pair), and used two pair myself.
These are super high quality and light weight mud guards.
I bought several sets inorder to get a better price for the pair I needed for a Raleigh Super Course I restored, and have since sold. I got a decent price on these, so I figured I would pass it on here. These would cost $88 if ordered direct online. The OEM site is: The fenders I have here are just like those shown on the gold colored frame on the website above.

FOR SALE:   !972 Raliegh Grand Prix Cyclocross posted by: Addamit on 8/29/2005 at 8:28:56 AM
For sale My large frame 1972 grand prix 10 speed road bike (in the blue) done up cyclocross style for commuting in vermont It's got weinmann Aluminium rims with tioga bloodhound tires(the knobby ones) a bernard Hinault TURBO leather saddle. New handlebars, shimano slr levers, fresh bar wrap, a new casette. I think it has the original suntour derailluers. Umm i'd be glad to take pictures It's got quite a few stickers on it including it's original Burlington Vermont bike licence for 1972-73. i've owned this bike 4 years and just havent ridden it much since i got my sports. i'm thinking i'd like 200$ obo. for it because of the parts I've got in it. the tires were new this winter, the rims are from the year before. If no one wants to buy it I'll have to part it out.


FOR SALE:   WOMANS FIORELLI 50'S 3 SPEED posted by: James on 8/29/2005 at 6:03:04 AM
WOMANS FIORELLI Made in Italy 50'S. 3 SPEED Midnight Blue, classic lug work, fenders, original rear seat and black leather saddle bag, two tone leather spring loaded seat with a red metal badging plate, Fiorelli Made in Italy Original front mounted large wicker basket. Excellent condition.



FOR SALE:   1962 Red/White Schwinn Fleet'Chicago Made! posted by: Sharon on 8/29/2005 at 4:12:16 AM
Hi guys! I love this site! Seeing some of the stingrays causes a yearning in my heart...I was a big bike rider & super fast on my stingray! I was a terror in the chicago neighborhood I grew up in!

Okay, I have a 1962, Schwinn Fleet, Boys w/Mesinger Saddle, 26", working horn tank, chrome carrier, working headlight, da woiks! Made in Chicago. For sale on ebay, listed today! #6556953511

REally good shape!
I think I'm gonna have to get me another Sting Ray....!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1962 Red/White Schwinn Fleet'Chicago Made! posted by RAY, on 8/30/2005 at 1:16:24 AM

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Sprite27 (5sp.) and Raleigh Gran Sport posted by: Roger Lurie on 8/28/2005 at 9:15:43 PM
2 Bikes for sale or trade in Dayton Ohio area -- Raleigh Sprite 27 w/shimano 5sp - I have ridden almost daily for past 12 years but she is in need of some TLC - new tires, cables, paint. the Raleigh Gran Sport is a drop down model, w/ shimano 12sp lightweight crank - also needs tires, cables, etc. Would like to see these bikes go to someone who will enjoy fixing and then riding them, especially the Sprite. 25 bucks for both.