FOR SALE:†††Muscle Bike Krate Look Alike posted by: John on 9/10/2005 at 4:29:05 AM
Check out this cool muscle bike on Ebay. Item #6560356851.

FOR SALE:†††Wha' da'ya tink? posted by: Lee on 9/8/2005 at 9:06:32 PM
I am holding onto an old bike and was told recently by a bike enthusiast that it might be worth a good amount of money. It is a Batavius - atleast thirty years old - good condition, with only a new seat and handlebar tape being unoriginal. Just curious...If you have any information or interest please e-mail me. -Lee


   RE:FOR SALE:†††Wha' da'ya tink? posted by Ken on 9/12/2005 at 5:50:34 PM
I tink no i in Batavus. What's the gruppo? Have you checked ebay?

MISC:†††Anyone heard or a Royal Nord bicycle posted by: Brandon on 9/7/2005 at 6:38:29 PM
Just picked one up at a yard sale and was wondering what its
worth. Just looking. Any idea's on how to look this up is appreciated.


WANTED:†††shoes posted by: alan shind on 9/7/2005 at 3:05:36 AM
Hi everyone
I just got my old bike on the road this past weekend for the first time in over 15 years. It is a 1973 roberts frame with 1974 campy equipment.
What I need is a pair of old style riding shoes with the metal cleat to lock over the edge of the petal. As I recall the size for a 10 shoe is a size 46 for the old type.
Any source for the shoes will be appreciated.

PS the bike is still a pleasure to ride but I did forget how hard a brooks seat is.

WANTED:   vintage bicycles in England posted by: Alexander Blake on 9/5/2005 at 8:14:45 PM
Can anybody say me where can I find vintage bicycles in England? (Raleigh, Indian Princess...)
Thank you very much in advance for the valuable information...