FOR SALE:   what is the average retail value posted by: Axel on 9/14/2005 at 4:04:42 PM
I have a few bikes I'd like to sell and wonder what would be a fair asking price. 1) Blue schwinn speedster men's #LM536239 on the neck, olso has # on neck badge vertical #3456 stamped on badge. All orignal some scraches and needs tires. ?$ 2)Along with a womans bike, yellow Schwinn of the same style I bought as a mens and womans match pair?$. 3)Also have a older black Arnold Schwinn. Top hat & halow on down seat down tube mens 3spd Racer I'd also like to sell?$. 4)And a nice Brown Continnental 10 speed #EF017892 ?$.If you got any ideas on $? Thanks,Axel out.

MISC:   value? posted by: brian on 9/14/2005 at 4:27:18 AM
any idea what a female 1963 huffy galaxie is worth? has original paint in good condition, the rims are fair. has the electric horn, and lights in the tank. dont know if they work or not. i plan on fixing her up, keeping it original, but curious about the value.

WANTED:   schwinn Tank posted by: Justin on 9/13/2005 at 9:24:22 PM
looking for a Tank that will fit on a 26" mens ( Vintage ) frame. Please write me - Thank YOU !!

FOR SALE:   1954 Schwinn Bantam posted by: Bob Hoff on 9/13/2005 at 8:39:59 PM
Whats it worth? (Oregon). Tires;20 x 1 3/4, 28 spoke, s-7 rim, Bendix 70 hub. Fenders, chain guard, kickstand good, ratty saddle.

FOR SALE:   26 Used Bicycles For Sale... posted by: Mark Perkins on 9/13/2005 at 7:32:27 PM
I have 26 used bicycles for sale:BICYCLES - FOR - SALE

I have photos of #’s: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09, 15, & maybe 21. Most prices are close to what I have invested, and I can’t go much lower, but it can’t hurt to make an offer, you never know...

Please, no buyers outside of lower 48 USA states, Canada & Alaska. The closer you are the better. Buyer pays shipping costs, which will be the best price available at the time. I also prefer payment by USPS Money Order, or personal check from an American bank. No credit cards or PayPal.

01 - 1978 RALEIGH “Grand Prix” mixte, 10-spd., brown/silver.....75.00 (This is in as purchased condition, which is very good, and can be ridden with only air added to tires)

02 - 1975? PEUGEOT “UO-8" 23", 10-spd., blue..........50.00 (100% original, great condition, hardly ridden, no air in tires, but otherwise rideable)

03 - 1973 PEUGEOT “UO-18" mixte, 10-spd., blue.....50.00 (Only non-original part is seat, great condition, no air in tires, but otherwise rideable)

04 - 197? PEUGEOT “PR-10" 25", 10-spd., white/black....100.00 (some decals are pealing, handlebars have been changed to upright type, but the rest is all original and very save-able)

05 - 1972 SCHWINN “Varsity” 22", 10-spd., “Kool Lemon”.....50.00 (100% original, some scratches, but otherwise in great condition, purchased from original owner, air the tires up and ride it!)

06 - 1972 SCHWINN “Super Sports” 24", 10-spd., burgundy.....25.00 (This one’s seen some weather, plenty of rust, but if I own it, it’s save-able, in my opion, I don’t think this one saw much use, it just got left outside in northern Calif.)

07 - 197? SCHWINN “Super Sports - lady’s”, 10-spd. “Opaque Green” (This one’s missing it’s wheels, but the rest of the parts are still attached, paint is faded,
but will probably buff out, but decals may need replacing, ladies Super-Sports are probably more rare than the men’s versions...)

__ - 197? SCHWINN “Super Sports” 22", 10-spd. (partial) “Opaque Green” (This one has wheels, but they’ve been rolled on a hard surface w/o any tires, so the rims have seen better days, the rest is mostly there, and in similar condition as the lady’s)
(These 2 Super-Sports together, only 2 wheels).....30.00
(Or all 3 Super Sports together).........50.00

09 - 1972 SCHWINN “Collegiate” 20", 5-spd., burgundy.......50.00 (This one is also 100% original, and in great condition, tires are only questionable item, but they still hold air, and I’ve ridden on them, and there are a few scratches here and there, and a wrinkle in the rear fender, but it shines like new and will make a great daily rider for someone)

10 - 1915? COLUMBIA - “Junior Roadster”, green........250.00 (The only original parts missing from this bicycle are the grips, the front fender, the rear stand [which has been replaced with a later one bolted under the bottom bracket], and of course the original tires, unless the seat has been changed; the paint is original and the original decals are all visible and readable, and the last date on one of the decals is 1915, which makes it’s year of manufacture 1915 or later)

11 - 1950? CONVERT-O - tricycle, All cast aluminum (one pedal missing, and the end of that crank-arm is broken off) - (Converts to 2-wheel bike),aluminum........80.00

12 - 196? BIANCHI - “Gran Sport” 10-spd., blue.......50.00 (This one is rough, but save-able, the bike has had a head-on collision some time in the past and the frame is bent, but can be straightened by an experienced technician, there is some rust, but the original decals are still visible for reference; the fork is a chrome replacement; the front hub is probably a replacement; components are mostly Campagnolo Gran Sport with Universal brakes and Ambrosio bar & stem)

13 - 196? BIANCHI - “Record” 10-spd., green.......35.00 (This one came from the original owner, who unfortunately didn’t know not to leave a bicycle outside in the weather, thus there is lots of rust & the original decals, although in sad condition, are still complete & visible for reference; the frame & fork chrome
is rust pitted, but will probably polish up OK; the rims are steel & very rusty; a good candidate for restoration, and a good example of an early 60’s cheaper model Bianchi)

14 - 198? BIANCHI - unknown model, 10-spd., 58cm 10/12-spd., celeste............45.00 (Similar to an ‘82 “Nuova Racing” that I had, but slightly older (?), the paint has been chipped and touched up many times, so this is also a candidate for restoration, or just
a repaint, polish, & overhaul)

15 - 1961 PEUGEOT - 10-spd., lime-green/red........100.00 (This has to be a ‘61, and maybe later, by virtue of it’s steel “juy 61” Simplex rear derailleur which was reportedly made one year before the company changed to the infamous “Delrin” plastic derailleurs; it also has Nervex lugs; I am told that this is one of the better model bikes in the Peugeot line of the time, but I don’t know much about it)

16 - 19?? PUCH - “Waffenrad” (sp?) 28x1-5/8", 3-spd., coaster, w/rod-brake (fr.), black.......100.00 (This is one cool bike, it is basically a police bike, made in Austria, it has a 3-spd.-coaster-brake, through-the-fender puck-type rod-brake, fully enclosed chain, original paint and decals, 28” white wall tires, and matching green and gold pin-stripes on the fenders and black rims)

17 - 1972? AMERICAN EAGLE - “Semi-Pro”23", 10-spd., yellow........30.00 (This is pretty much an original bike, with original paint & decals, but it has been ridden alot, and will require replacement of many worn-out parts; it’s significance is that it preceded Nishiki in name, but was changed due to legalities shortly after being introduced to the market)

18 - 1980? MIYATA - “912" 21" 12-spd., silver.........100.00 (This is a very nice entry level racing bike which has had many parts changed by it’s previous owner in an obvious effort to uprgade his bicycle; The paint and decals are original, and in pretty good condition; I have some parts that are close to the
originals if desired, but it’s already a rider with a little air in the tires)

19 - 1978? SCHWINN - “Super Le Tour 12.2", 19", 10-spd., red........50.00 (As purchased in a yard sale, it’s previous owner obviously left this one out in the weather, and it needs some T.L.C.; this is a very light Japanese built Schwinn lightweight, and would make a great daily rider for someone who can see beyond the present condition; I wouldn’t own it if it wasn’t save-able and worth saving)

20 - 1973 NISHIKI - “Olympic” 19", 10-spd., green........50.00 (99% original throughout, some scratches, but otherwise in very good original condition, and ready to ride)

21 - 197? SCHWINN - “Suburban” 24", 10-spd., “Opaque Blue”........50.00 (Another 100% original bicycle, and in great condition, this one’s for a tall person though; it’s got fenders so it will make a good bike for around town trips)

22 - 194? PHILLIPS - 28x1-5/8" 3-spd., Rod brake, green........100.00 (I am told by it’s last owner that it was changed to a 3-spd. in the late 70’s, and was previously a single-spd., original paint and decals, 28” tires, rod brakes, fenders, etc.)

23 - 1952 DUNELT - Mens, 4-spd., black........75.00
(Used but all there - it says Dunelt on the chainring, the leather saddle, the pedals, as-well-as the frame and chain-guard, and I think on it’s leather tool bag; the gold decals are still visible, but could use some restoration; an overhaul will make it a daily rider)

24 - 1954 SCHWINN - “Varsity” ladies, 3-spd., blue........75.00 (Yes, you read it correct. This is a rare, original, Varsity 3-spd. Before they were 10-spd’s, they were 8-spd’s, and before that they were 3-spd’s. Add air in the tires and take it for a ride, I have.)

25 - 1939? RUDGE - men’s 3-spd. derail., black......100.00 (This one is rough, and in the condition I received it in, but very restorable; I’m not sure the rims are correct, but it looks complete; it could use a good cleaning, but I haven’t had the time, and I need to free up some space, so it goes with the rest)

26 - 1973 SCHWINN - “Jr. Stingray”, red w/chrome aftermarket spring fork..........285.00 (The only significant difference between this and a regular Sting-ray is the 28-spoke, 20 x 1-3/4” rear wheel, rather than a 36-spoke; It has a new chrome chainguard, and a new imported chrome 20” spring fork; there are plenty of scratches, but the paint still holds it’s color & brightness for what it’s worth)


   RE:FOR SALE:   26 Used Bicycles For Sale... posted by Jim on 10/4/2005 at 12:17:54 AM
Interested in the Peugeot PR-10 you have, if still available. Would like to see whatever pics you have. Is it definitely a 25" frame? Thanks.


   RE:FOR SALE:   26 Used Bicycles For Sale... posted by August on 10/17/2005 at 2:55:47 AM
Jim: I'm interested in #22--the Phillips--especially if you have a picture and more details--such as frame size and rust condition, if any--I'm particularly interested in a description of the sprocket, chain guard, fenders and the badge. August