MISC:   forgot to mention posted by: Michael myers on 9/17/2005 at 3:35:48 PM
My columbia is just like the 1954 and 1955 pictured in this picture database, I dont know that that helps any.I would also like to find a book rack for that year. I,m only 27 and have nobody to ask on this kind of thing. Did montgomery ward have parts that would fit these bikes. I do beleive that they were made by the same company?????? I could be wrong, not the first time. Does columbia have any catologues with parts for the old bikes since they are still in buisiness.I have no bike shops close and the one that is wants to sell me schwinn fenders.They tried to tell me that they are all the same. I would love to find the paintable fenders for my bike. The sprocket on my bike also matches the ones in the pics on this data base.I also noticed there is no visible way to attach a chain guard. I also know that there is no visible signs of a serial number on the frame. Would there be one the sprocket any where??I do beleive that is the one place I havent checked and dont want to unless there is. I have bad luck at scraching the paint. Again I would appreciate any help, and thank you very much.

   RE:MISC:   forgot to mention posted by Gordon on 9/17/2005 at 10:11:24 PM
The serial number should be on the left rear drop out, just above the axle. I don't believe Wards ever sold bikes built by Columbia. The ones they were selling in 1954-55 were built by Cleveland Welding. I think your best chance of finding the parts you need are to advertize on this forum and other bike forums, i.e. www.thecabe, www.schwinnbikes.com, and watch on eBay. The fenders, chainguard and rack would be the same from a girls bike. If your bike was the top of the line, it would have had a tank, rear carrier, spring fork and fender light. I have basically the same bike but mine is badged as a Goodyear, but made by Columbia. I think there is a photo of a Goodyear in the database, you should look at that also.

WANTED:   fenders and chain guard and decals posted by: Michael myers on 9/17/2005 at 2:44:19 PM
I have a 1954 or a 1955 columbia mens 26 inch bike. I am looking for fenders and chain guard and maybe springer front fork. I have put alot of time and effort into fixing it up the way I want it. It may not be correct, but it is looking very good.What I like about it also is it is generating alot of interest in old bikes in my neighborhood.I also rebuilt an amf road master for the love of my life.Burgandy with an almond fade is the color on hers mine is blue with an almond fade. Thats why I say that my restoration isnt correct, because of the paint.All the pictures that I have seen, the paint isnt faded. It is what Ive noticed to be all straight lines. I half to sit back and wonder did the years I mentioned above did they tanks? I,ve found that it has a seat from about the 1960,s.Its black and white, and shockingly still comfortable.When I got the bike for mowing a yard, it had a smaller front tire than the back.Unfortunately I dont remember the sizes, because I was about ten years old when I got it. I have since lost them.Right now I have a new set of 26/2.125 tires on it.The white walls really set it off. That really gets me attention while riding.Old people remember when they see it.I cant wait to find what I need, so that my bike will be complete.I need the fenders, chain guard, and am thinking of adding a springer fork.Any help would be greatfull.Right now all I have to offer is an old stelber frame for a trade.I,m offering that because I cant find any information on it.I also have no room for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love have all of the stuff that may have been offered on my classic. thank you much for listening. If any one needs any information, please give me a replie. I,ll do my best to answer any questions as soon as possible. All the other web sites, no one answers , I hope this time there is some one that can. Sincerely Michael L Myers.

WANTED:   Raleigh 20 posted by: Kirsty Thomas on 9/17/2005 at 1:41:15 AM
Hi im kirsty,
I have just started restoring an old raleigh 20. I am after a raleigh 20 sticker for the frame. Even if anyone knows the font it would be much appreciated. Thanks

FOR SALE:   Fantastic 1964 Schwinn Jaguar F/A posted by: Ray on 9/16/2005 at 7:03:33 PM
Check out this bike. It is the nicest middleweight I have seen with all the bells and whistles.


FOR SALE:   Schwinn Corvette posted by: LM Ferreira on 9/14/2005 at 8:05:43 PM
I just found your site today- For sale to a good home. This 50something Schwinn Corvette has been been keeping us company for many years.
Boys, black single speed. Original parts: fenders are good as are handle bar grips. Chain guard is solid, can still read it butthe words are worn. The seat may not be original- but it is definately an OLD seat.
A bit rusty but definately ridable. Tires are good and so is the paint. A good one to start restoration on, I think, because overall the bike is in good shape for its age. (sounds like me!) I' guessing this bike is worth $100.00 to someone intrested. If that's you please respond. I live in Seattle but could also send a digital photo if you are out of area. Thanks