FOR SALE:   tell me what they are worth posted by: chris stringfield on 9/20/2005 at 12:13:33 AM
im trying to find out what tyey are worth or can you tell me about them

   RE:FOR SALE: tell me what they are worth posted by scott on 9/21/2005 at 9:35:38 AM
yup, they are definitely worth that much!!! could be a little more or a little less depending on the other stuff. the first thing to do is determine what they are and then you'll be able to go from there. I would try to get at least half of double the regular price.
hope this helps.

FOR SALE:   Firestone Pilot posted by: Dudley Warner on 9/19/2005 at 11:44:12 PM
I have a circa 1945 Firestone Pilot, ladies bike, with working horn. I have restored to working condition. Most of the bike is original. It has the ususal wear and tear of a 50 year old. What is the value of this bike? I plan to sell after a few more rides.

   RE:FOR SALE: Firestone Pilot posted by Scott on 9/20/2005 at 7:03:31 AM
I'm guessing you don't have a bike from 1945 since that would put it right in the middle of the war years, and not many bikes were made then. I have a few Firestones myself and even one Pilot. mine is a 1941. if you send a pic to me maybe I can help you.
thanx. Scott

FOR SALE:   1962 schwinn posted by: don on 9/19/2005 at 8:07:52 PM
1962 schwinn chicago girls serial# ep507112 in exelent condition all orignail

FOR SALE:   16 old bicycles for sale posted by: Dean HIBBS on 9/19/2005 at 12:11:52 PM
Ihave aquired 16 old bicycles from a large collection here in Tennessee. What is the best way to sell these? I have photos of all. There are western flyers, shelbys, a firestone, j.c. higgins and others. All are in need of some restoration.

   RE:FOR SALE:   16 old bicycles for sale posted by bear on 10/25/2005 at 6:29:53 AM
what do you have ,how much$ get me some pictures .Thanks

FOR SALE:   1962 schwinn in mint ccndition posted by: don on 9/19/2005 at 6:42:01 AM
I am looking to sell my 1962 schwinn it is in excelent condition has all stickers all origional allinexelent condition please e-mail me at