FOR SALE:   folding raleigh 3 speed posted by: Steve on 11/9/2006 at 9:21:13 PM
I think this bike is from the 1960's. It is white and in really good condition. I have no idea what it is worth and I want to sell it. Does anyone have an idea of the value?


FOR SALE:   old bikes posted by: giles akins on 11/8/2006 at 8:45:38 PM
have servial bikes like to seal 2 huffy red hots top tube in fram is 2 small tubs not 1 largeone
schwinn corsair good shape
next is a western flyer it and the schwinn are big bikes 26 in ithink can send photos if ya email me the photos are large pixls to big for here i am in west central illinois
red hots $125.00 each others $150.00 for pair obo

   RE:FOR SALE:   old bikes posted by Ed. Torbeck on 11/26/2006 at 10:46:03 PM
Could you send a picture of the Schwinn consair?



MISC:   memory lanes posted by: jimmy on 11/8/2006 at 6:15:28 PM
i was wondering if anyone knew the phone number to memory lanes they are out of ohio i think because i had a magazine and lost it so if anyone could help me out i would really appeciate it thank you

   RE:MISC:   memory lanes posted by Brian on 11/8/2006 at 6:29:11 PM

   RE:MISC: memory lanes posted by Glenn on 11/10/2006 at 10:52:30 AM
Phone Number 419-832-3040 or 419-832-1342

FOR SALE:   Pretty nice Raleigh posted by: Robert on 11/7/2006 at 6:31:12 AM

FOR SALE:   pin stripeing posted by: l rogers on 11/6/2006 at 11:54:02 PM
HELP.Ive searched my butt off and can not find a pin stripe kit for my metal fenders im re doing.Ive done the ebay search and came up empty handed.Anyone who knows where to find them please email me at YOU SO MUCH