FOR SALE:   1930s "The Sterling" bicycle - Westfield Mass posted by: Pete on 1/26/2006 at 7:04:05 PM
hey...I have a cool old bike kicking around and Im not sure what to do with it - its from the 1930s I think....its called "The Sterling" and it was made by the Westfield Manufacturing Company (I think they made Columbia bicycles as well)....anyways..its blue...paint is pretty has the old fashioned drop kickstand..old tires...even a weird little Springfield Mass liscence tag on the rear fender....I was thinking ebay..but...its way too hard to consider shipping a bike - email me ( if you would like to see pictures - I wouldnt mind trading for some of the random junk I like to collect ( cans.....weird old tools.....books)....I live in Westfield if anybody wants to check it out

   RE:FOR SALE:   1930s posted by nate on 1/27/2006 at 4:25:40 PM
Can you post some pictures of it?
The guys at oldroads talked about 1930-something Sterling on TV last year.

FOR SALE:   Harry Quinn Frame posted by: Jeff on 1/26/2006 at 6:53:21 PM
I am selling a 1977 or 1979 Harry Quinn "team" frame.
E-mail for details and pics.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Harry Quinn Frame posted by Jeff Phillips on 2/13/2006 at 4:51:33 PM
Sold this frame 2/10/06. Still have some Campy parts.

FOR SALE:   original murray firecat chopper posted by: brendon on 1/25/2006 at 8:18:23 PM
i have a very nice.original firecat for sale with the hard to find flamed and paint are both very for a pic.

WANTED:   Green Bicycle Rain Cover posted by: job on 1/25/2006 at 4:12:26 PM
Hello, I have to store my bicycle outdoors now and I need a good protective cover, the only problem is I want one in green and the stores only sell black or clear. Anybody know who's selling?

   RE:WANTED:   Green Bicycle Rain Cover posted by Spike on 1/25/2006 at 7:25:46 PM
I checked ebay there are a number of different covers but no green.If you are storing for the winter months how about one of those cheap tarps from Harbor Freight or Mr Seconds.If your not too proud I think it would be drier than the covers I saw because you could comepletely inclose the bike.Some are green too.Cut to size with a couple of grommets added and a couple of bungie cords you would have a water tight cover.Lay it on the ground roll the bike on fold it over the bike and fasten with the bungies.I cover 10 or 12 bikes in the back yard under one cover. Cover and bikes are holding up well here in the north east over the last couple of years.

FOR SALE:   I have Vintage Racing bikes for sale! posted by: John on 1/23/2006 at 8:14:40 PM
80's Colnago, '85 Peugeot Carbon Fibre, and 1966 Bottecchia.

Tell me what you want the most.


   RE:FOR SALE:   I have Vintage Racing bikes for sale! posted by rick on 2/7/2006 at 5:33:16 PM
Tell me more about the bottechia, send pics if poss.