WANTED:   Lenton Sports or equal posted by: Thom on 2/21/2006 at 11:18:14 PM
I'm definately bitten by the old bike bug. Have a fine old Raleigh Sports that I use for around town and am currently restoring an older Univega 12 speed road bike that I'll probably give back to my son-in-law. What I'm now searching for is an old "Lenton Sports" type bike. I have no real comcept about how rare they are these days or if it's worth even searching for one. Any help or info from you all would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance, Thom.

WANTED:   BSA bicycle. posted by: Steven-Alick on 2/21/2006 at 9:05:56 PM
Hallo! Looking for a BSA bicycle. Original, and mostly complete would be nice. Steve

WANTED:   BSA Winged Wheel posted by: Steven-Alick on 2/21/2006 at 9:02:21 PM
Hello. I am looking for a BSA Winged Wheel. A 2-stroke gas powered rear wheel made by,...... BSA. Dead or Alive.
Steve [Don't be shy Dig it out!!!]

WANTED:   hawthorne bike posted by: donald Simon on 2/20/2006 at 10:57:16 PM
I have a Hawthore- Wards 24x2.125 lades bike ser.no.H62249 and I would like to know when it was mfg. ?

   RE:WANTED: hawthorne bike posted by Scott on 2/22/2006 at 2:04:46 AM
the best way I know is by looking at the bike, as certain predictable changes were made as time went on and you can usually get pretty close that way. can you post or send pictures?

WANTED:   full fender's posted by: Tom on 2/20/2006 at 11:47:31 AM
I'm looking for a full fender for an old tricycle, shop type, with three mounting bracket's it is for a bigger tire size and has solid drive axle's.