FOR SALE:   Lepper Swiss Army leather saddle posted by: Stuart Laing on 2/26/2006 at 3:00:07 AM
I am selling a brand new Lepper Swiss Army leather saddle in which I have had kicking around for the last 15 years. It is honeycomb color. It does have the clamp on it and the rails are double. More than happy to send a picture via the computer to anyone intersted.
Asking $70 for it.
email me at

WANTED:   HUFFY (GOOD VIBRATIONS) posted by: Russell Leonhardt on 2/25/2006 at 8:15:23 PM
I am looking for a front fender for a huffy (good vibrations).Fender is fire engine red with two white pin stripes.Bike is dated around 1994 and fender needs to be in excellent condition.Thanks,Russell

WANTED:   Elgin Robin, Bluebird, Skylark or Twinbar wanted posted by: Dave on 2/24/2006 at 2:35:08 PM
Shoot me an email at , if you have any of these bikes or projects or parts available, thanks.

WANTED:   Raleigh Twenty folding bike posted by: Ben on 2/24/2006 at 2:32:11 PM
I'm looking for a Raleigh Twenty. Please email me with pics if you have one for sale (or happen to see one for sale). Thanks!

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh Twenty folding bike posted by Ed on 2/27/2006 at 3:03:32 AM
Would you consider other types of folding bicycles. I have an Italian bicycle tht folds like the Twenty and has a stiff frame. Raleigh is very limited in bottom bracket parts and is costly

MISC:   1896 our diamnond bicycle posted by: charlie on 2/24/2006 at 2:47:07 AM
I picked up an antique 1896 Our Diamond, by C.W. Hackett with wood rims a month ago at an estate sale. I have had it on ebay but no takers. Today I purchased the snow skis that belonged with it, (I overlooked them at the sale) of course had to pay dearly for them. I was wondering if anyone knew what the skis are really worth. they fit the bike and are in great condition. Any info would be greatly appreciated and thanks, Charlie