WANTED:   lower end speedometer attachment posted by: chris on 4/24/2006 at 4:03:18 PM
I apologize for my ignorance and lack of key terms regarding this. I looked in the glossary but did not find what specifically it is referred to.

I am looking for the lower end to a Schwinn speedometer (the metallic part that bolts onto the fork that spins - I guess I would call it a speedometer plate housing).

I have the actual speedometer, its housing, the speedo cable and its housing, but am missing the bottom part.

Is anyone willing to sell me the bottom half of it or refer me to a place I could purchase one?

Thanks in advance.

WANTED:   colored 27 inch tires, maybe blue? posted by: Todd on 4/24/2006 at 5:35:48 AM
Has anyone ever seen 27 inch tires in different colors than just black? I just acquired an old Motobecane road bike with an orange frame that would look great with blue tires.

WANTED:   Columbia parts wanted posted by: Barry on 4/23/2006 at 4:02:05 PM
Hello bicycle people.
This is my first time using this forum, and I'm hoping it will be successful.
I have acquired two Columbia girl's bikes (saved them from going to the dump) and I would like to fix them up just enough to make them nice riders.
The first is a 24" Rambler, I believe 1971 vintage, in a teal color. For that one, I need a rear fender. I am hoping to find an original, in the same color. Of course, it also needs tires and tubes. Does anybody make a tire with the dual white pinstripe sidewall anymore? They look really sharp.
The second bike is a 26" Torpedo, 1960 or 1961, in blue. That one needs more work, but I really like the looks of the bike, so I would like to see it fixed up some. The chrome is bad, so it will need wheels, handlebars, and gooseneck. I could live with the paint on the frame the way it is, but the fenders and chainguard have substantial surface rust. I don't know if I would be better off to try to find originals to replace these parts, or have these refinished. I would just hate to lose the original chainguard decal, as it is one of the styling details that I like about this bike. The fender braces also need to be replaced. And, again, this one will need tires and tubes. These should be easier to find though, because they're just blackwalls. They have a nice tread pattern that sort of looks like bricks. I would like to stick with that design if possible.
The tires on both bikes presently are made by Trelleborg. Any idea if they are still around?
Most of you experienced folks are probably thinking that I should have just let both of these junks go to the big sidewalk in the sky. I know that neither one is a valuable bike, but I didn't think that it would cost a fortune to make them presentable.
If anybody can help me out at all, with parts or even just advice, I would really appreciate it!
Thank you much!

MISC:   Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback posted by: Rich on 4/22/2006 at 7:06:10 PM
I have a Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback in orange. I would consider it in Excellent condition. It has the large center shift and the front chrome spring coil shocks. It appears to be all original. The only thing as I see as negatives are: seat has a slit in it, it may be missing it's front fender, and it is missing the cable to the speedometer. Other than that it is rust and damage free and looks fast standing still. What is something like this worth?

FOR SALE:   1970 girls columbia playbike posted by: carl on 4/22/2006 at 4:15:14 PM
pinkish purple bike in #8 condition, good chrome,nice seat,all original.or use parts for boys frame. pick up in massachusetts. 35.00