MISC:   Peugeot Bike posted by: Julie on 5/30/2006 at 2:32:33 AM
I have a Peugeot Bike, Iseran, (I think a 10 speed), purchased sometime between 1989 - 1994 in near mint condition and I wondered if anyone knew what it can be sold for now?

   RE:MISC:   Peugeot Bike posted by Ken on 5/30/2006 at 2:33:51 PM
That's not collectible but there is some value in the name. On ebay you could get more than garage-sale prices, but shipping would be close to the value of the item. Short answer, $25 - $75 depending on condition, components and luck.

WANTED:   Info posted by: Jennifer on 5/28/2006 at 7:01:33 PM
i just picked up this bike today and theres no indicatation on who makes it i couldnt even find the serial number the only thing on it is the letter AS on the post where the seat goes in. looks like the fenders arent original they look like they had to be bent to be fitted on the bike . any info would bbe great so i can know more about it and try restoring it


   RE:WANTED:   Info posted by bobalu on 5/31/2006 at 12:00:58 AM
AS on the seat post stands for Arnold Schwinn. These bolt stamps are somewhat rare and collectable.

   RE:WANTED:   Info posted by Ken on 5/31/2006 at 10:28:52 PM
specifically, Arnold, Schwinn and Company. Mr. Arnold was Mr. Schwinn's partner.
Other Schwinn ID marks can be found on the pedal crank and bearing retainers inside the bottom bracket. The crank assembly is trademark Schwinn, and the front fork looks Schwinn to me also.
Do you have more pictures of the bike? Especially the rear dropouts might be informative.
I spent a few minutes looking at Schwinn pictures on Nostalgic.net and didn't find that exact frame and fork, but the 50 Panther is pretty close. Check out nostalgic.net to get an idea of what the paint would have looked like.
Check under the bottom bracket for the serial number, bearing in mind that it appears to have been painted. If there's no sign there, try the left rear dropout, which would make it post-52. The rims look 50s to me. It's always possible that someone put this together from parts - a 'marriage' they call it- it had to be dismantled to be painted. The original fenders, by the way, would have had creases in them to fit the fork and truss rods in front, and that cut in the back to accomodate the chain guard.

WANTED:   BMX MOTOMAG RIMS posted by: scott woodward on 5/28/2006 at 5:21:51 PM
I am looking for a set of BMX mongoose motomag rims (front and back) description star with cris-cross insert, If you have any in good or decent shape even premo shape e mail me or call 480 577 2049 thanks scott

MISC:   Motobecane models? posted by: Chris on 5/28/2006 at 3:21:50 AM
I have recently become interested in mid 70's era Motobecane road machines and am hoping to clarify my understanding of the Motobecane model hierarchy. I believe the models in ascending order were the Mirage, Grand Touring, Sport Jubilee, Grand Jubilee, Grand Record, and Le Champion. Do I have this right? Were The Grand Record and Le Champion Campagnolo Super Record or Nuovo Record equipped? Are there other 70's era Motobecane road machines in the line? Can anyone recommend any books or other sources of historical info on Motobecanes from this era?
Thanks very much! -Chris

   RE:MISC: Motobecane models? posted by Evan on 5/31/2006 at 4:13:29 PM
I just picked up a Motobecane Le Champion from a garage sale and it's fully equipped with Campagnolo Nuovo Record components, aside from the TTT bar and stem and Universal brakes levers and calipers. Sheldon Brown's bicycle glossary confimred the originality of this set-up. Apparently the Le Champion was above the Grand Record, but below the Team Champion.

WANTED:   Schwinn tire posted by: Steve Breech on 5/28/2006 at 12:03:44 AM
Need a solid rubber 12" tire (does not inflate) for an older Schwinn Little Tyke 12" bike