WANTED:   ROYCE UNION posted by: ADRIAN on 5/3/2006 at 2:45:29 AM

   RE:WANTED:   ROYCE UNION posted by andrew on 5/15/2006 at 1:39:29 AM
Though I do not have the cranks you are looking for, I did purchase a Royce Union road bike today at a flea market. I am curious as to the history of 'Royce Union.' So far I have heard that it is a Japanese company from the 70's and is now absolute garbage (sold at kmart), but the lugged frame has me stumped, for lugged frames are lighter and included on more upscale bicycles. I am also curious because I have seen German Royce-Union bikes online, but mine says that it is made in Italy. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


FOR SALE:    posted by: Mike on 5/2/2006 at 8:43:10 PM
What you see is what you get. original fenders, shifter, neck, cranks, guard, and front rim. fenders have peppering. paint has rust and scrapes. rear rim is a schwinn s2 laced to a bendix red line coaster brake. rear tire should be replaced but works for a rider. the forks are bent at the top, (looks like vise marks from back in the day) asking $40 neg. or trade for or towards original paint muscle bikes or parts. email for pics at sickcycles@optonline.net


   RE:FOR SALE: posted by mike on 5/2/2006 at 8:45:04 PM
sorry, its an early iverson charger muscle bike

FOR SALE:   2 Raleigh bikes, Lambert, Sunshine ++ posted by: CAlvin on 5/2/2006 at 12:32:48 PM
I have a 1950 woman's Superbe rod brake bike with rear dyno hub (rebuilt, overhauled and wheels respoked) $250, 1969 womans gold 'Sports' bike with grip shifts $150, 1950's Sunshine tricycle (which someone has repainted orange $90, 1967 woman's CCM Centennial 2 speed $150.
I haven't decided yet but I have a late 60's male Peugeot AO8 (fantastic shape!) and a male '70s Lambert 'Grand Prix'.
I can email pictures when requested.
As to prices, I do accept PayPal and pick up is preferred.

   RE:FOR SALE:   2 Raleigh bikes, Lambert, Sunshine ++ posted by Ken on 5/2/2006 at 2:19:20 PM
Pickup is a good thing. What's your location, approximately?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   2 Raleigh bikes, Lambert, Sunshine ++ posted by Calvin on 5/3/2006 at 4:54:42 PM
Southern Ontario

WANTED:   Mudgaurds for 28x1&1/2 wheels posted by: Marty on 5/1/2006 at 11:29:45 PM
I need a front mudguard for a Raleigh 28x1&1/2 wheels please.The fender is a wide one with a thin gold pin stripe.Thanks Marty

WANTED:   Tires and tubes for Rollfast bike posted by: Vincent Mase on 5/1/2006 at 4:07:05 PM
wherew can I get tires and tubes for a RollFast bike?