WANTED:   Western Flyer posted by: Pappy on 5/6/2006 at 1:00:48 AM
Does anyone know where I can find the orig. decals for my 70's "Western Flyer" bike?

FOR SALE:   anyone heard of a german bike by the name of "Kolbe"? posted by: Butch Anthony on 5/5/2006 at 11:04:14 PM
picked up an old bike at a yardsale (1970s?) with the name of "Kolbe" anyone have any info on them or know if it's worth anything?

MISC:   Pk Ripper 1983 posted by: Chuck on 5/5/2006 at 6:05:56 PM
Just trying to find out the value of a 1983 Pk Ripper.

WANTED:   Air pump wanted posted by: Michael Athas on 5/4/2006 at 1:04:57 AM

The air pump off my 1962 Raleigh 3 speed was swiped the other day and I wondered if you either have or know of anyone who might have one for sale. I will pay top dollar for one.

Thank you,
Michael Athas

FOR SALE:    posted by: Jonathan on 5/3/2006 at 3:30:12 AM
Hey, I'm looking for some schwinn tires. I need some S-6, 27x 1-1/2's. I'm not that big on the whole bike buying business but it seems these are hard to find. If someone could email me a website or something where they sell these, it would be most appreciated. God bless!

   RE:FOR SALE:    posted by Ken on 5/5/2006 at 7:15:21 PM
It's the 1-1/2, not the 27", that's hard to get. The rim designation isn't a different size in this instance; a 27" tire is a 630mm bead diameter. (In 26" tires it's a different ball game.) You will find 27x1-3/8 wherever cross bikes are sold, or you can save $15 a tire and go to 1-1/4.