FOR SALE:   For Sale/Huffy Customliner 26" mens posted by: Gus McFarland on 5/8/2006 at 10:26:50 AM
I have just acquired a 55 model Huffy, It has sit in a corncirb for the last 40 years and the paint is faded and rusty. But it is all there and complete. What is this bike worth to you. I don't need a lot for it so don't be afraid to offer me something. It will make a great restoration project. Its a one owner and I know him. Let me know.........thanks for looking at this ad


   RE:FOR SALE:   For Sale/Huffy Customliner 26 posted by Scott on 8/26/2006 at 11:47:15 PM
what a thief!! and a Liar!! don't any one buty anything from this crook I bought thids bike and never got it!

WANTED:   information posted by: violet lee on 5/7/2006 at 6:25:19 AM
i have two folding raleigh fixed gear bikes one green and one redish maybe in the 1970 or older . wondering what would the price e on these bikes

FOR SALE:   Mike Dominguez Strike Zone (diamondback) posted by: Ian on 5/7/2006 at 12:54:57 AM
This is a Mike Dominguez Strike Zone (diamondback). It has an acs gyro, acs mags, diacomp nippon front brake, super rare roller cam rear brake, and tiaoga crank. The bike is in amazing condition it has, original brakepads and the diamondback signature is still stamped in black on the mags. I know that this bike is a nice find. I would like it to go to a good home make me an offer for the bike.

I can send as many pictures as you want, just send me an e-mail and i can send you ten picture right off of the bat.

   RE:FOR SALE: Mike Dominguez Strike Zone (diamondback) posted by Jacy on 5/23/2006 at 11:27:05 PM
Yeah send some pics. I don't know much about the bike but depending what shape it's in name a price. We'll go from there. Later.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Mike Dominguez Strike Zone (diamondback) posted by Joe Walsh on 5/28/2006 at 2:33:15 AM
Send some pics please. I am interested. What kind of price are you looking to get? Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Mike Dominguez Strike Zone (diamondback) posted by Gavin on 6/6/2006 at 3:16:15 PM
Hi,i am interested in your bike, please can you send me some more pics, and let me know how much you are looking for.I am a collector and already have several of DBs bikes from this era.
many thanks

FOR SALE:   1974 Peugeot Nouveau Folding Bike posted by: Shannon Reynolds on 5/6/2006 at 4:48:19 PM
Bike is almost all original. Bell and front light are stamped with Peugeot emblem. Wheels are 22" and have been converted from presta to schrader valve holes. Rear tire is a 70's vintage Michelin replacment in great shape, the front tire is original but could use replacing as well as the tube. Simplex derailuer has one idler wheel replaced with a vintage 70's Falcon modified to fit the french sizing. The rear light is missing the lense but the base is still there. The bikes paint and emblems are still in great shape as is the seat and the original folding mechanism. The bike has a lift cap on the upper frame tubing for installation of what I believe to be a fork lock but it was never installed as far as I can tell.The bike overall is in really great shape considering it's age. Please see the link below for a picture. Asking price is $75. For more info or pictures please email me.


   RE:FOR SALE: 1974 Peugeot Nouveau Folding Bike posted by gert on 5/10/2006 at 3:46:57 PM
hi, where are you located?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE: 1974 Peugeot Nouveau Folding Bike posted by Shannon Reynolds on 5/11/2006 at 6:23:56 PM
I am located in Sharon TN. Please email me for more info.

WANTED:   Will Trade Parts For Some of my Stash posted by: Pat on 5/6/2006 at 3:15:05 AM
I'm looking for a set of Plain or Black Finish DK Iron Cross Pedals or a set of Primo's. MUST BE LIKE NEW OR NEW.
I'm also looking for a set of the rear Fender grates/grills from a J.C. Higgins Bike. They can be rusty as long as they are solid, not completely crumbling apart. If they need a little work I can deal with that. I'm good with sheet metal.
I have lots of odds and ends to trade, cables, crank gears, seats, seat posts, seat clamps, brakes, rims, hubs, Forks, a whole Western Flyer Girls 3 Speed I'm Parting out. Plus A Whole Raleigh Super Record I no long ride. You get the idea I've got lots of stuff. If anyone is interested in what I have I'll send you pics if you want. I have 10 years worth of parts I stashed away. I'm located just outside of Philadelphia if you want to look for yourself.
Thanks Pat

   RE:WANTED:   Will Trade Parts For Some of my Stash posted by Jason on 5/11/2006 at 7:06:11 AM
What size is the Raleigh? Depending on size and condition I would be interested in it. I am also looking for pre-1980 racing parts for a Raleigh Grand Prix. Top of the line stuff in like new condition. Alloy cranks, aero parts everything.