WANTED:   1982 Peugeot front fork posted by: H. Delle on 6/13/2006 at 2:40:55 PM
I need a front fork (4" head tube)for my 1982 12 Vitesses Peugeot road bike. It is the pearlized white with squares, and orange decals. Quick release front hub. My frame size is 20"/50cm. If you have other original parts, I'm interested!

   RE:WANTED:   1982 Peugeot front fork posted by mike on 6/19/2006 at 7:13:25 PM
i might have it send me a pic via email and i will search my shop dose it have a blade front or a tupe it should be a light tube


FOR SALE:   67 Raliegh posted by: Phil on 6/13/2006 at 2:47:14 AM
I have ,what I believe to be a 1967, Raliegh Superbe in terrific condition that i would like to sell. If you are interested please e-mail me.The Bike has many extras.

FOR SALE:   Vintage Raleigh Mountain Tour Crested Butte posted by: Harry G on 6/12/2006 at 9:28:32 PM
My father wants to sell this vintage Raleigh Mountain bike from the early or mid 80s. My uncle bought it then never used it -- we found it in a box -- so it has extremely low mileage. It has a brass rear sprocket.

I'm not sure what this worth. Any offers? Or where else should I go to sell this?

See pictures posted here:


   RE:FOR SALE:   Vintage Raleigh Mountain Tour Crested Butte posted by kelly on 6/28/2006 at 3:57:59 AM
Hello is the bike still around? and where are you located. do you have a telephone number that you can give me so we can talk? thanks Kelly

FOR SALE:   1973 schwinn speedster , men's, serial # dj550808 posted by: jennifer garcia on 6/12/2006 at 5:24:10 PM
hi! i have a , men's , green , schwinn speedster, for sale, it has original parts, sturmey archer 3spd hub,working front and rear hand brakes, motion generated front and rear headlight/taillight (needs new bulbs) , chainguard, rear fender ,(front fender missing) has original, green ,solid rubber handgrips, original seat (needs to be re-covered, springs ,etc. are fine) . needs new rear tire but tube is perfect. everything is in great shape, nothing bent or broken, paintjob needs some work, i am currently removing rust on chrome parts, only superficial damage from rust.
basically, this bike was obviously well maintained, oh, its kind of interesting , this speedster has bicycle license decals (2), dated , 1976 and 1977! sort of a conversation starter!
i have personally ridden this bicycle up and down my block several times this past week and i will tell you, this has got to be the most comfortable , most enjoyable, bike, i have ever had the pleasure of riding! it has a really easy, smooth ride, its fast too ! (probably the reason it was named " SPEEDSTER"! [grin!] )
this one is rare! they don't make em' like they used to! (actually schwinn has maintained a great level of quality products over the years! gotta love em'!!)
if anyone is interested in this vintage speedster, feel free to email me or call me at (951) 530-1149. leave a message if no one answers, i'll get right back to you! i live in Riverside, California. i am asking $175.00, o.b.o.
i can email photos! i can also ship to you!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1973 schwinn speedster , men's, serial # dj550808 posted by ben gomez on 6/12/2006 at 8:21:09 PM
send me pics

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1973 schwinn speedster , men's, serial # dj550808 posted by jennifer garcia on 6/13/2006 at 4:50:37 PM
hi! i have photos but can't seem to get one added to the photo section. if you'd like , i can email them to you right away, i just need your email address. thanks !

FOR SALE:   50's Monark PRICE REDUCED! posted by: Erin R. on 6/12/2006 at 5:09:14 AM
For Sale: 50's Monark deluxe cruiser. bike comes with orig fenders/seat/hubs/chainguard. Recent paint resto, wheels, tires, and overhaul. Price reflects what I have into parts only. Email lexluthier72@yahoo.com for details. $145