FOR SALE:   Brown Bros vintage lightweight cycling catalogues on CD posted by: Bruce Robbins on 6/9/2006 at 6:48:16 PM
Hello everybody,

I'm just doing a batch of these CDs for people on the CR list and thought I'd let you all know so that you can get your orders in now :-)

Brown Brothers was a massive wholesale cycling concern in the UK during the last century and these CDs contain their 1939 and 1952 catalogues.

There's more than 700 pages between the two catalogues all packed with great information about all the old lightweight component manufacturers. Simplex, Harden, GB, Bluemels, Brooks, Resilion, Airlite, Chater Lea, Williams-they're all there and lots more to boot.

There's far too much to go into here so the best thing to do is visit my Scottish framebuilders website: (Have a look at the rest of the website, too!)

The CDs are £10 each plus postage and are worth every penny. Please feel free to ask questions.



FOR SALE:   Two 50's balloon tire cruisers For Sale posted by: Erin Randolph on 6/9/2006 at 5:23:38 AM
For Sale: 50's Monark deluxe, Fresh repaint, new tires, overhaul. Comes with orig fenders and seat $185 FIRM.
50's Hawthorne Rat Rod Cruiser, Needs new crank, but somewhat rideable...Good for parts $50. Email for details. Prefer local pickup.


   RE:FOR SALE: Two 50's balloon tire cruisers For Sale posted by Erin Randolph on 6/9/2006 at 5:41:25 AM
P.S.- Im in Mpls, MN =)

FOR SALE:   60s Western Flyer Tandem posted by: Diane on 6/8/2006 at 11:41:22 PM
I have a 60ish Western Flyer Tandem that has been hanging in my garage for 7 years, before that it hung in my sister's garage for 8 years. It has come rust dots - everything is original. It is gold color. Before it rots off the wall - perhaps I should sell it. What is a good price?

   RE:FOR SALE: 60s Western Flyer Tandem posted by jeff on 6/11/2006 at 12:34:14 AM
i am located in upstate ny. do you have a photo?

MISC:   columbia pro am 12 posted by: Andrew on 6/8/2006 at 10:48:16 PM
Hi all I wonder if maybe someone can help me to find out what year my bike is
I'm looking for information regarding a columbia bike
on the frame it says PRO AM 12 it's like a racing bike
it also has 2 serials or i think so because i found numbers on the left and on the right side of the frame
On the right side it says: 1 039 0746
on the other side it says: 17720
the bike is in good conditions i dont think its really old...but still would be nice to know the year...i tried to look up into your serial number chart under comlumbia but i cant find any match maybe it's too recent?
please let me know if you have more info
thank you


   RE:MISC:   columbia pro am 12 posted by Jim on 6/25/2006 at 1:41:19 PM
I have the same bike with that model number and purchased mine new in 1981 so hope this information helps you.

FOR SALE:   F/S Purple Iverson "ROAD RUNNER" Chopper posted by: Joe Bowen on 6/8/2006 at 10:13:11 PM
This is the only one of these bikes I have ever owned. A must for the Mopar collector! George Barris designed some bikes for Iverson back in the '60's-'70's,,,,,,,,,,,$150. e mail or call me direct 908=996-0276 e mail for pics