MISC:   1973 Motobecane posted by: Paul on 7/8/2006 at 3:21:50 PM
I have an old 1973 Root Beer colored Motobecane Mirage (all original). I was wondering what something like this would be worth? Any suggestions on where to find out? Thanks

FOR SALE:   1964 mattel chrome bicycle posted by: Terry on 7/8/2006 at 2:49:55 PM
I have a mattel chrome bicycle that was given to my brother and he would like to sell it.The frame has shocks and tail pipes,the seat has the mattel logo made into it.The pedals are somewhat rusty ,the back tire looks to be the original but flat and it has the orininal back fender.The frame, seat and handlebars are in great shape . There are a pair of TONY THE TIGER Handlebar grips on the bike.I don't believe they came with the bike.......but I think that they are old

   RE:FOR SALE: 1964 mattel chrome bicycle posted by Don on 7/26/2006 at 4:29:28 AM
I am interested in your bike. Do you have any pictures.


WANTED:   Sachs Huret front derailleur mid 80's posted by: J. Birch on 7/8/2006 at 6:23:09 AM
I am searching a Sachs Huret front derailleur for TRIPLE chainrings from the mid 80's. It is to replace one that broke on my 15 geared Gitane tandem from that era. I can e-mail a picture of the broken one for comparison if you think you have the right component.

Best Regards, Jens Birch

FOR SALE:    ALL POSTED OF,RL,DB,TORKER..?? posted by: DONALD RAY on 7/8/2006 at 6:48:31 AM

FOR SALE:   Two Schwinn bicycles posted by: T.A. Read on 7/7/2006 at 9:01:58 PM
·I have two Vintage Adult Size Schwinn 3 Speed Bikes, one is a Mens Speedster and the other a Ladies Breeze that I wish to sell. Sales Price for the Mens Speedster is $10.00 and the Ladies Breeze is $50.00. These are perfect bicycles for any Schwinn collector and/or rider.

The Speedster (its black) was purchased in December of '77 and is in fair condition, the Breeze (its a great red color) purchased after that and is in very good condition. The Breeze, in very good condition, wheels freely, the tires and gears move without a problem, both the front hand brake and the rear brake work well, all 3 speeds work well and the tires sre in good shape. The Speedster, in fair condition, wheels freely, tires and gears move without a problem although the front tire won't hold air long (probably needs a patch) and all 3 speeds work well. This model has a rear wheel hand brake of which the cable needs replacing. These bikes are perfect for restoration, or ride as is to have that vintage Schwinn bicycle.
I live in Memphis, Tennessee. Please drop by to see them. Contact me for additional information. Email at tpread@midsouth.rr.com. Email for pics.