WANTED:   Skip Tooth Chain posted by: Marcy Bell on 8/27/2006 at 1:21:14 AM
Hello. I got an old bicycle this weekend that needs a skip tooth chain. I'd love to find one so that I can actually ride my new bike. I can't afford a lot of money right now, but if you have one, please let me know and I will do my best. I also make wool socks, so if you are interested I would trade 1 pair of custom made wool socks (made on my antique sock knitting machine from WWI) for one working chain. Oh, I'm also not a bike person, so I'm not sure if I need a certain length or not?

Marcy in OR

   RE:WANTED: Skip Tooth Chain posted by Marty Mullins on 8/27/2006 at 1:53:01 PM
I should be able to help.Contact me at (mart6159@wowway.com)
I will explain how to determine length.Marty

WANTED:   Cinelli Mountain Parts posted by: John on 8/27/2006 at 1:20:03 AM
Looking for any vintage Cinelli mountain bike forks and/or stems. Also interested in any Campagnolo Mountain bike parts.


WANTED:   WTB: Shelby truss rod style springer fork posted by: Grey on 8/27/2006 at 12:50:26 AM
I'm looking for a Truss rod style springer fork for a 30's Shelby bicycle. I belive the fork is called a "ShockEase" or is very similar to that fork. I'll also settle for a fork of similar design. Surface rust and poor chrome are fine as long as its in straight, restorable condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Grey

   RE:WANTED:   WTB: Shelby truss rod style springer fork posted by darren on 8/28/2006 at 9:23:51 PM
I may have the whole bike,but not sure if its right.

   RE:WANTED: WTB: Shelby truss rod style springer fork posted by Grey on 8/29/2006 at 5:03:00 AM
It looks like a regular truss rod fork, but pivots in the center and has a spring which runs inside the steering tube.

MISC:   Vintage Childs Tricycle posted by: chris on 8/26/2006 at 11:59:31 PM
Does this website cater to childrens tricycles at all. I have a tricycle that is missing the seat and wondered where to get replacement. Looks to be from the 1940's

MISC:   gambles drag duster posted by: george misner on 8/26/2006 at 5:17:41 AM
bought this bike when i was 12 years old looking to restore and need help with parts and decals big chaingaurd with a corbra snake on wheels with flames coming from the tires monkey handlebars anybody out had one of these as a kid or know where to get info or decals looked over the net and only found one picture thanks for any and all replys george

   RE:MISC: gambles drag duster posted by Marty on 8/27/2006 at 1:59:18 PM
There is a guy on ebay that may be able to help you?If you can get a decent photo of the decals you need.