FOR SALE:   Ballooners for sale!! posted by: Greg on 11/13/2007 at 8:05:43 AM
I just acquired a small collection of bicycles that I am selling off. Here is a list of what I have available. Please email for prices and pics.

Rambler (boys 26")- Prewar Westfield built with U.S. Royal Chain tires, Persons Reflecto headlight. This is a 1938 bike with great overall original paint. Tank displays well but is rusted from inside out due to battery leakage over the years. If a person found a replacement tnk in matching paint, this bike would be excellent.

Hawthorne (boys 26")- This is a 1946 Snyder built Hawthorne red and gray in color with springer fork, and fork mounted headlight. Wards Riverside Mate white wall tires. This bike is completely original and looks great.

Sherrell Classic (boys 26")- Not too knowledgable on the Sherrell's. I do know that they made right around 70 bikes and all are hand made. David Sherrell made his bikes around 1984/85 from what I have been told. The one I have is bright red with a nice white seat and white wall tires. If you want a bike that will turn heads and is unlike anyone elses? This is the bike!

Sam-Sco (boys 26") This bike is a 1939 and is loaded. Features long tank(same as prewar Rollfast long tanks models). Tank, rear carrier, and fork legs all have stainless steel trim pieces. Spring fork, chrome fender light, aluminum rear reflector housing with red glass, and front amber reflector. Bike is dark blue and silver with chrome trim. Very cool bike!!

J.C. Higgins (boys 26") 1956 black, red, and chrome. This bike has the beehive springer, chrome tank with fake air intakes. Cheese grader rear carrier, big headlight, chrome fenders, and nice All State white wall tires. This is a great original bike in very good condition.

Thanks, Greg


WANTED:   Huffy Pro Thuder posted by: Mike on 11/12/2007 at 10:25:57 PM
I am looking to buy an 80's Huffy Pro Thunder Bmx Bike. Chrome Frame, Red tires and I think they had red rims as well. Any help would be appreciated.

   RE:WANTED: Huffy Pro Thuder posted by sean on 11/13/2007 at 3:32:29 PM
I have a certifed huffy calanger 80's bmx if your interested in that

   RE:RE:WANTED: Huffy Pro Thuder posted by Mike on 11/13/2007 at 10:37:18 PM
Thanks for the response. Could you send me more info such as a pic and a price?
Thanks, Mike

   RE:WANTED: Huffy Pro Thuder posted by sean on 11/15/2007 at 5:35:31 AM
Send me your email adress and I will send you pics.Its a 20" it has a rear hub cap original fram pading.Its in fair shape.No where near perfect but not in bad shape rides ok...

   RE:RE:WANTED: Huffy Pro Thuder posted by mike on 11/16/2007 at 10:04:08 PM
my email is

FOR SALE:   Lenton Sports bike posted by: Liz on 11/12/2007 at 4:54:49 PM
i have an old Raleigh Lenton from the sixties in great shape. How much is it worth?

MISC:   The Famous James? posted by: Chris on 11/12/2007 at 1:18:54 PM
Can anyone point me in the right direction for info regarding The Famous James bikes? This is an english 3 speed I picked up recently. Seems to be in good shape, I'd guess for the late 60 judging by the 68 on the SA rear hub.

see some picutes here:

Thanks for any pointers.


WANTED:   Orange Firestone 500 tank & Sears Freightliner tank posted by: Doug on 11/11/2007 at 12:47:27 PM
I need some help finding these tanks -
Firestone 500 - mens - orange

Sears Freightliner - ladies - all chrome frame - aqua color on end of forks and rear rack - need the tank for this

If you can help me out with either, please let me know.