WANTED:   CHAMPION BMX posted by: ROC on 11/25/2007 at 3:21:34 PM
Looking for anything Champion. 20"/24"/26" Frames, Forks, Bars and pads. Let me know what you have...I have lot's to trade or just buy it out right.


MISC:   Iver Johnson help posted by: Doug on 11/25/2007 at 9:50:52 AM
Well I bought the Iver Johnson today and I hope someone can answer some of the questions I have.
Would anyone know the year?
The rims where painted silver by the guy who owned it since new and when I took the rag with the cleaner on the silver came right off. Should I take the silver paint off? The guy said the wheels looked like they would of been wood with a black stripe on them when new. (THE RIMS ARE NOT WOOD) The rims are metal.
The tires are 28 X 1 1/2. The bikes rides great and is fun to ride!!
Thanks for any help.

The pictures can be seen here - http://thecabe.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=1709

FOR SALE:   1965 Schwinn Breeze ladys bike posted by: Russ on 11/25/2007 at 8:37:53 AM
The tires/tubes are in great shape they have and hold air. They are 24x 1 3/8 to fit S-5 or S6 Tubular Rims. The rims are S-5 Tubular rims with the internally geared hub on the rear. Schwinn seat with the Schwinn tag and schwinn grips. All original!!! 150.00 Visit my site to see a picture of the bike and other bikes for sale.


WANTED:   Orange Firestone 500 and Ladies Sears Fleightliner aqua tank Wanted posted by: Doug on 11/24/2007 at 7:00:55 PM
I am still hunting for these tanks -

Firestone 500 - mens - orange

Sears Freightliner - ladies - all chrome frame - aqua color on end of forks and rear rack - need the tank for this

If you can help me out with either, please let me know.


MISC:   Age/value of 3-wheel Huffy posted by: Travis on 11/24/2007 at 1:06:26 PM
I have a 3-wheel Huffy from the 60's/70's and am trying to find out some information about it. All that I really know is the serial number on the neck (HC0853667) and the front tire size is 24 x 1.75 and the back tires are 24 x 2.125. Looks like the original color was light blue, but a previous owner seems to have painted over it.

Any help would be appreciated!

   RE:MISC: Age/value of 3-wheel Huffy posted by sean on 12/5/2007 at 8:15:33 AM
Well its not exactly rare.If you could get all of the new paint off and rveal the original paint that would be beast.But from the way you explain it,shes worth about $30 or less.1960's and 70's huffys have not yet became saught after yet.