MISC:   Columbia Built VIntage Bike posted by: Jennifer on 1/11/2007 at 12:06:59 PM
I have a Columbia Ladies Bike from the 1950's and I want to sell it. It is in okay shape, never been repainted or fixed up. Does anyone have ideas on the best place to do sell it and what price I should ask for it. I saw a similar bike on this website that was listed at $855.00 but it looked like it was in very nice condition. Thanks!

WANTED:   Road bike okay for 5'3" height! posted by: Crystal L. on 1/11/2007 at 10:57:44 AM

I'm in search for a good road bike (if it needs a fix it thats okay), preferably steel that is about 50-53 cm. Show me what you have.

FOR SALE:   santana visa for rebuild posted by: steve kemm on 1/10/2007 at 5:36:06 PM
I also have a neglected Santana Visa road tandem that I have taken apart, but not yet rebuilt. Straight wheelset, deore and xt components. Anyone interested? The bike is in NW Ohio. Some corrosion, but could be nice again.

FOR SALE:   vintage bike literature posted by: steve kemm on 1/10/2007 at 5:31:42 PM
I'm selling all my vintage cycling literature on ebay right now - seller name is stekemm - rivendell, bridgestone, bicycling magazines, mountain bike mag., bike mag., bicycle guides, etc - take a look - lots of interesting retro stuff.

MISC:   old bicycle/help identify ???? posted by: casi on 1/8/2007 at 6:45:12 PM
I have found an old blue bicycle in storage. it seems to have original seat , has 2 speed rear hub - fenders, chain guard etc. all in tact. serial#729z2 id code.505451331 i havent a clue what make or model. any identification help or tips will be appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   old bicycle/help identify ???? posted by ken on 1/10/2007 at 10:44:51 AM
This is what they call a FAQ. Certain features give a starting point; for example, if your two-speed rear hub is a Bendix Automatic ('kickback'), that gets you within about ten years right there. Please note that that is the only descriptive info you included in your post; what size are tires? Coaster brake? Any tank, lights, spring fork?

What you do is look at pictures of known models until you find a strong resemblance. Some frame features can be revealing, and cranks and chainwheels nearly always are. There are lots of pictures in the picture database on this site, and a huge collection, arranged mostly by model year, on nostalgic.net.

Take some pictures of your bike and tell us how to access them. We'll try to help.
You can also get professional help from experienced evaluators. Read Leon Dixon's advice at
http://NBHAA.com/FAQs.htm ( including, approximately, "on the internet, everybody is an expert").

   RE:MISC: old bicycle/help identify ???? posted by kc8adu on 1/12/2007 at 6:51:24 AM
sounds like a sears model number.
i remember a 20" i had as a kid that was a stingray lookalike with a 2 sp kickback.