WANTED:   Vintage Schwinn information posted by: David Clement on 2/25/2007 at 1:50:32 PM
I recently purchased a 1971 Schwinn ladies 10sp Super Sport. The bike is mint, aluminum quick disconnect wheels are cool for 1971 as well as the eye scorching yellow (perfect) paint w/shiney chrome. The Super Sport rides incredible for a 36 year old bicycle (it's a real nice bike). I also own a mint condition powder blue 1973 ladies 10sp Schwinn Suburban and a dark blue 1978 ladies 10sp Schwinn Suburban in only good condition. I think it's a nice collection though I want to keep none of them. Problem is I'm finding it tough to get their values. I check E-Bay only to find no Super Sports (I can find no information on ladies Super Sports period) and rusty 5sp Suburbans (selling for big bucks ??). My question is where do I get more information on these bikes and determin a value ???? Plus how would you sell them ?? Last summer we sold a 1970 ladies Schwinn 3sp Breeze for $75.00 in one day !! I feel I sold to cheap and don't want to make that mistake again with the 10 speeds. Help me and thanks.


WANTED:   "Genuine English Lightweight" decal posted by: Ann Arader on 2/25/2007 at 10:28:20 AM
Hello - I am restoring a 1960's vintage Hercules bike... and the elaborate old colorful "coat of arms" style "Genuine English Lightweight" decal is about 75% gone.
Has anyone got either decals for sale of this beautiful decal - or - if they have one in good condition ... If they could kindly take a digital image of it and send to my email - - perhaps I could make a "close to spec" decal out of it with a little effort, and Photoshop.

Thanks very much in advance for any information related to how I may obtain - or get a good quality image to work with to restore this beautiful decal.

WANTED:   Battery can clamps posted by: Kevin on 2/25/2007 at 9:10:44 AM
Hello -- I'm looking for the two clamps that holds the battery can to the crossbar on a 1934 Schwinn B-10E Motorbike bicycle. The top clamps around the frame crossbar; the bottom clamps around the battery can. The can is slightly less than 3 inches in diameter. Thank you.

WANTED:   Western Flyer posted by: Darryl on 2/24/2007 at 6:24:16 PM
I am looking for a Western Flyer, but I don't know the model. It is an early 70's bike Electric Blue with double top tube, highrise handlebars and a black bananna seat with red strips...Does anyone know the model and has anyone see one around


FOR SALE:   first raleigh mt. bike posted by: mike on 2/24/2007 at 2:09:49 PM
Just acquired a 1985 raleigh mtn. bike i'm told it was one of the first they made. Absolutely perfect...looks like brand new...I would like to know how much its worth?
Serial num,ber 4Lt0604....model seneca.....thanks