WANTED:Sears 1960s era 10-speed bike posted by: john on 3/25/2007 at 9:54:12 PM
I am looking for a 60s-70s era Sears 10-speed bike. 27 in. wheels. I believe they were made by Puch/Daimler in Austria, and were sold under the Sears name. They were red or gold, depending on the model. 531 Reynolds tubing, Weinemann brakes, etc. Please help, thanks.

   RE:WANTED:Sears 1960s era 10-speed bike posted by sean on 3/27/2007 at 7:39:04 PM
I have a J.C penny's and a sears the J.c penny's has rear disk and the sears is just standerd 10 spd 27"send me a email if your intersted.revelution_resto@yahoo.com

FOR SALE:sears 1960s era 10 speed posted by: john on 3/25/2007 at 9:50:23 PM
I am looking for a 60s-70s Sears 10 speed. I believe they were built in Austria by Puch/Daimler and sold under the Sears name. I believe they came in a red and a gold color, depending on the model. Please help. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE: sears 1960s era 10 speed posted by Steve Holder on 3/28/2007 at 6:21:37 PM
Hi John, My bike is blue with "Sears and Roebuck Made in Australia" decal. Weinmann 750 brakes, Suntour components. It has "31-100 Gear Ratio" decaled on the inside of the frame. "Sport 10 Racer" decaled on the top tube. Middle of bottom bracket to top of seat tube measures 57cm. New wheels, chain, cables and handlebar tape. The rest is original. The cable for the rear brake runs into and through the top tube. It is a nice riding bike. I have done a little research myself and I believe you are correct in that it was made by Puch/Daimler for Sears. Hope this interests you, talk to you later, Steve.

MISC:Chechoslavakian Bicycle posted by: Ben on 3/25/2007 at 9:40:22 PM
O.K updating my other message, the bike from Czechoslavakia has white wall tyres made by Baruin. the frame however has no stickers except one saying made in czechoslavakia so if anyone knows any bikes made in this country please post the names. Many Regards

   RE:MISC:Chechoslavakian Bicycle posted by Brian on 3/27/2007 at 5:24:36 PM
In the 70's I used to sell a line of 3-5-10 speeds made Czechoslovakia called Favorit. They were a lower end bicycle, kind of reminded me of a VW, did the job well and had nice, bright paint. I think they were affilitated with the auto manufacturer Skoda.

WANTED:   24" Starlet ballooner parts wanted posted by: Basil (Nick) Nichols on 3/25/2007 at 6:04:24 PM
I'm a newbie to this stuff but it seems that the 24" parts are harder to find than the 26" models (duh!). I still need a lot of stuff but right now I'm trying to find the Phantom style chain guard for it. I'll probably be looking for the crank and sprocket next and then the wheels and fenders. I'm building it for my Wife to ride not for show. Any tips would also be welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

   RE:WANTED:   24 posted by Gordon on 3/26/2007 at 5:34:16 AM
I have a 24 inch Schwinn girls bike that I would part out. It has chrome fenders that would need some cleaning up and the 24 inch S7 wheels. The wheels are rusty, but I believe they would be salvagable. It has the crank and chainring, but the chainguard is not the Phantom type.

MISC:need info on an old schwinn posted by: b on 3/25/2007 at 4:01:21 PM
I have an old Schwinn bike with the three wheel conversion kit. I think it is from the 60s or 70s and I am restoring it to sell. Does anyone know much about these? Pics available.