WANTED:   Red ball-end grips posted by: Kevin C on 3/4/2007 at 2:42:07 PM
Wanted, for early 1930s bike -- a good used pair of RED ball-end grips. Please email pic and price. Thank you

WANTED:   24 x 1 3/8 narrow chrome rear fender posted by: mike on 3/4/2007 at 5:21:33 AM
i have a 1978 Schwinn Speedster that needs a rear fender to be complete. it need not be a Schwinn product just something that fits the narrow 24" tire

   RE:WANTED:   24 x 1 3/8 narrow chrome rear fender posted by Robert on 3/5/2007 at 6:58:36 PM
You might see what Harris Cyclery has.I believe there is a link here somewhere.

MISC:   Indian Scout 3 speed posted by: dean on 3/3/2007 at 11:09:01 PM
Bike in mint condition. Anyone have any idea on value? dean 714 469-3461

FOR SALE:   AMP Research B5 posted by: Judith on 3/3/2007 at 5:34:14 PM
Selling an AMP Research B5. May not be vintage (yet) but certainly has a future as a "collectible" or piece of design history especially for mountain bike or Mercedes history.

   RE:FOR SALE:   AMP Research B5 posted by Enrico on 3/17/2007 at 11:35:39 AM
If the bike is still available I have few questions:
What is the size?
how are the condition of the frame?
how are the condition of the parts?
any pictures?

FOR SALE:   Hello Everyone.... posted by: Loma on 3/3/2007 at 3:13:15 PM
I inherited an Texas Rangerette bicycle. My father had originally planned on having a bike repair workshop but passed away in 2000. ALthough it was/is in rough condition it is the only bike I kept (I am sentimental to the nth degree...). Due to it being bulky and needing refurbishing--I have kept it stored under a tarp. Though out of sight, out of mind, I have always wondered about it in regards to the make of it and year. It has only a very slight trace of paint on it, its frame is sturdy though rusty, it does actually pedal, and has its original seat (I think?) and has springers. I do realize with vintage bikes (and with anything vintage most times--I am a picker and collector of retro goods)that it is condition, condition, condition. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge, tips, info as to value and time period etc. Thank you