FOR SALE:   1964 ALL Original Girls Schwinn Fair Lady posted by: Dee on 4/11/2007 at 1:59:23 PM
I was curious how I would go about selling this. Everything on it is original, including the tires (that still hold air), serial number L458575 which identifies it as the birth year for this model .... November 1964.

The condition is good to excellent with only a hint of rust under the wheel wells as well as minor wheel well dents.

Any advice you all may give would be greatly appreciated, as well as possible ways to find out it's value.

E-mail for pictures.



WANTED:   scooter tires posted by: bill lydecker on 4/10/2007 at 11:51:35 AM
Want one, or preferably, two semi-pneumatic tires (sealed unit, but has valve and stem), size 12 x 2.00, for pre-WWII child's scooter.

   RE:WANTED:   scooter tires posted by JimW. on 4/11/2007 at 7:35:13 AM
Grainger has 12 X 1.75" disc-style wheels with semi-pneumatic tires mounted.

What are called "semi-pneumatic" tires don't have stem and valve. If they did, they'd be called "pneumatic". Semi-pneumatic just means that the hard-rubber tires are hollow; so there's air inside, but it isn't under pressure.


   RE:WANTED:   scooter tires posted by Ken on 4/13/2007 at 10:58:01 AM
If it is a sealed unit with a valve it is called singletube- the kind that were in use before the balloon tire. Coker Tire carries them in the 28" size (I didn't look to see what else they might have). Expensive. Let us know if you find them please.

WANTED:   BENDIX 2 spd kickback hub, springer fork handlebar w/ crossbrace $$ or trade posted by: will on 4/9/2007 at 6:17:55 PM
I am looking for a good condition bendix 2 speed kick back hub w/coasterbrake. 36 holes and it going on a 26'' fat tire schwinn. Any one who has one at a fair price? Also wanted a pair of cruiser bars with the top cross brace . And a springer 26'' fork
I have a Giant reign 6'' travel mtn bike that Im going to part out. Frame and all parts are new or less than 10 miles. I am into trading too!! TOP OF THE LINE PARTS

My email:

Thanks all


FOR SALE:   70's Schwinn Bantam girl's bike posted by: Bonnie on 4/9/2007 at 3:53:55 PM
Really clean, old bike for sale $50. Located in Central Florida. E-mail for pics.

WANTED:   Winchester balloon tire bicycle posted by: John M. on 4/9/2007 at 12:55:54 PM
Restorable, mostly original women's