FOR SALE:   Vintage Boys Schwinn posted by: TJ on 4/18/2007 at 6:51:40 AM
There's a great boys bike for sale on ebay. The item number is 200101173514. Check it out!

WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by: grant on 4/17/2007 at 8:30:05 AM
some 10 speeds in the 70's / 80's had a front freewheel system. i think i saw a picture of one made by panasonic (i didn't even know they made bikes...). other websites mention a shimano front freewheel system for some of the older 10 speeds. i have a raleigh grand prix (approx 1975) which i would like to convert to front freewheel. does anybody have advice or parts for sale? any help will be truly appreciated.

thanks, grant

   RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by Ken on 4/17/2007 at 10:29:24 AM
Shimano made them for Ashtabula cranksets and for three-piece cranks. The three-piece ones are rare in my experience, probably because people who care about the extra weight didn't feel the need for this technology. The only benefit, if it benefits, is the ability to change gears while coasting. (Sheldon says coasting is a pernicious habit.) A lot of the one-piece versions appeared on low-end Schwinns.
Apart from that, no doubt you are aware you'll also need a gear cluster that doesn't freewheel. Be sure it's included when you buy the parts...

   RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by Scott on 4/17/2007 at 11:46:08 AM
I had one of those years back.I didn't find any benefits from it.If anything, the problem is if something goes wrong with the drive system(derailler hangs up,chain comes off)it is quite catastrophic.That's what happened to mine.Something got caught in the derailler and it just munched itself.Literally destroyed the back wheel.In my opinion,it's not worth your while.It's unique but that's it.

   RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by theCCMguy on 4/17/2007 at 2:20:03 PM
....and don't get a pant leg caught in the chain.Oh boy!

   RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by grant on 4/17/2007 at 4:25:43 PM
thanks for the info, gentlemen. i've read elsewhere about the dangers of a pant leg in the chain with this type of setup, but the mashed up rear wheel is something i hadn't considered.

ccmguy...r u canadian?


   RE:RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by TheCCMguy on 4/18/2007 at 12:47:36 PM
Born and raised in Ottawa.Now live in the boonies south of Kemptville.You?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   front freewheel system posted by Rion Mora on 4/26/2007 at 8:07:46 AM
I have a front freewheal that I would sell off a panasonic. send me an offer if your interested. I would also probly have to ship b/c I am in Philadelphia.


WANTED:   Pedals for 1952 Firestone Super Cruiser posted by: Bob on 4/16/2007 at 9:19:33 AM
Looking for pedals which have the word "Firestone" stamped into the medal strip on both sides of the pedal and a round red reflector in the outer end of the pedal. Please contact me if you either have or know where I can locate these pedals. Thanks

FOR SALE:   OLD BUKES posted by: WILL on 4/16/2007 at 9:03:50 AM
I have several old bikes for sale if any collectors are interested. I have
Huffy (Lil Gypsy) Girls -- Serial Number --> 00400246
Executive Boys -- Serial Number --> 88108

Firestone (Speedcruiser) Girls -- Serial Number --> J354852

Higgins Girls -- Serial Number --> 502-46571-228181
Grantsport (Aquarius) 10-Speed Girls
Ross - Eurotour 3-Speed Boys -- Serial Number --> 0479570288

Kent (Americana) Girls -- Serial Number --> B16042 If any one is interested I can sent you pictures. My e-mail is

Thank you for your time, Will.


MISC:   copake auctions posted by: scott on 4/15/2007 at 7:04:17 PM
Is anyone going to the lame ass copake swap meet?