WANTED:   skip tooth chain and cog posted by: stef on 4/25/2007 at 12:00:40 PM
I'm looking for a skip tooth chain and a 22 tooth cog.



WANTED:   Raleigh Trade Bike posted by: Zak on 4/24/2007 at 2:23:07 AM
I am restoring an old 1940s raleigh trade bike and i am stuck on the mudguards. Raleigh 26" back and 20" front. Please help. email me at zak.fessas@cytanet.com.cy

FOR SALE:   CHOPPERS posted by: Mike Tebo on 4/23/2007 at 4:52:06 PM
Sachs 2 speed hubs for sale excellent condition
Slicks and wide rims(CHROME)20 x 2.125
And of course our line up of custom choppers


FOR SALE:   royal hunter 3 speed posted by: dave on 4/23/2007 at 11:27:18 AM
i have a 3 speed bikeall i can find on it is roya hunter sturne archer brakes hub says its a 1955 dont know much about it rides and shifts good no kickstand could e mail pics would like 65.00 or o.b.o.

   RE:FOR SALE: royal hunter 3 speed posted by charlie neuman on 5/8/2007 at 10:41:29 PM
can I see some pics please

MISC:   I need year of vintage Kawamura silvica girls bike posted by: Revrend Ralph Rogers on 4/22/2007 at 11:08:51 AM
I have a Kawamura bicycle that was brought here from Okanawa many years ago . I am trying to get the year of Mfg. serial # is D105776 .this Co. still exists in japan,