WANTED:   BADGE posted by: steve on 5/21/2007 at 2:19:40 PM

MISC:   Old Schwinn "Cruiser" ??? posted by: Tanya on 5/21/2007 at 10:39:40 AM
I am thinking of selling this bike. But I don't know what year etc. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.


FOR SALE:   several older 3 speeds et. al. posted by: Nick on 5/20/2007 at 10:50:57 PM
greetings, I have for your consideration before they make their way to ebay: several older 3 speed bicycles, and 10 speed or two.

I should say straight away that Nigerian scammers should not attempt to contact me, cash and carry in SE Michigan would be excellent if theres an interest. And all these bike need tires.

Schwinn breeze-3spd-yellow-good/decent chrome w/no tail reflector-ladies

schwinn varsity 10 speed-decent shape-ladies

western flyer-3spd-has been painted red-mens

sears-3spd-good shape-mens


oxford-3spd-purple, decent-ladies


I have serial numbers for these and pics available,
thanks for your time

FOR SALE:   muscle bikes f/s rare 1970s posted by: Joe on 5/20/2007 at 1:31:25 PM
Hey everyone, tonight I have two bicycles up for sale.
One is a Murray Kingkat with the 4-link style springer forks. This is a rider. This bike has original frame (which some one sprayed black), the original forks (some one sprayed the bottem bars black and the springs blue), it has the original handlebars (need a rechrome for show bike), original rear fender(sprayed black and cut down) and I believe the crank and sprocket assembly is correct. The rest of it is incorrect and the parts include a 20 in front wheel from a bmx bike with a rwl action tread tire (bald), a larger spoke rear coaster rim with a goodyear grasshopper slick (some dry-rot, tube is flat), a late 80s huffy chaingaurd, a pair of unknow grips, a frame mount sissy(dead), and a rider condition green huffy seat. This bike is a great restoration canidate or it has all of the parts to be a perfect rider as is. $125 plus shipping

The other bicycle is a Murray Eliminator MK II This is a rare 20x20 model in blue. You dont see this version of the bike in any condition very often. This bike is all original it has all of the correct fenders, midback sissy bar, grips, cranks, sprocket, wheels and tires 1 3/8 front tire and rim, both tires are redlines, original handlebars, but is missing the chaingaurd. the paint is pretty good, it has its share of nicks and scratches, and the chrome is geat on all parts ok, now for the few problems. 1) the seat is starting to peel and has a few cracks, but nothing too major. easy repair or swap out for an nos one. 2) it looks like someone may have gotten either overspray on the bike or someone tryed to touch up the paint because it has some light blue paint on it. I removed some with a spray paint remover product and It came off with just a little bit of elbow grease. and 3) the rear dropouts have been rewelded, professionally, but have not been painted. This bike is a great survivor bike and is a good rider as is, or could be a great bike with just a little bit of work. $225 plus shipping neg. (the picture of the bike is an older one when it had the chainguard on it still)

Also have: a purple raleigh chopper MK2 frame for sale at $20 plus shipping. this is the frame only and it needs a paintjob.
a repainted murray eliminator roller (frame, forks, gaurd, seat, and a set of bmx chrome rims and tires (both flat)). paint is plum purple with a pearl coat. $55 plus shipping I HAVE ALL OF THE REST OF THE PARTS TO MAKE THIS BIKE READY TO RIDE MINUS THE TUBES orig fenders, handle bars, a neck, grips, sissy bar, cranks and sprocket, etc.. $75 plus shipping for complete bike

If you are intrested, have any questions, or need pictures (I dont know ho to post pics on this site) email me at Twistedskull71@aol.com -Ill be happy to help out
thanks, -Joe

WANTED:   Humber Wheel Hub posted by: Robert on 5/20/2007 at 9:36:54 AM
I have a humber bicycle that I think use to be a 3 speed (I saw a pic of one in this database). It now has a different single speed rear hub. Anyone know where I can find a 3 speed hub for my Humber with 24 inch wheels (24 x 1 3/8)?

   RE:WANTED:   Humber Wheel Hub posted by robert on 5/20/2007 at 9:44:22 AM
The picture matches the 1962 Humber Pegasus in this database.

   RE:WANTED:   Humber Wheel Hub posted by Ken on 5/25/2007 at 7:10:36 AM
In a thousand years, what is now a bicycle junkyard will be a little pile of rust with a dozen fully functional, shiny Sturmey-Archer hubs at the bottom. They are as near to indestructible as any human creation.
Your LBS might have some in a box, or (assuming your bike no longer has its shifter, pulley and cable) you could buy a three-speed at the thrift store for parts. However, thrift store dreigangs are more commonly equipped with Shimano nowadays so you may need to decide whether you dare stray from the path.
Regardless, if your existing rim is good they should be able to build you a wheel.