FOR SALE:   rollfast springer posted by: tbody on 6/14/2007 at 11:59:28 AM
I have a rollfast sringer front end, not sure what year
rusted over but complete
Make offer! send email for pics

MISC:   Found old rusted Packard, JC Higgins, Roadmaster, and Western Flyer posted by: Chris on 6/13/2007 at 7:49:31 PM
Just found old Packard, totally rusted all over, but looks like it has all original parts, and a solid frame. Should I just keep it cause it looks cool, or should I try and get some rust off, etc? I don't think it's even close to ridable even if completely cleaned, but would love to find out. Thanks! I'll take a photo tomorrow and post it. Also found an old JC Higgins that looks fixable/cleanable etc. Also found an old roadmaster (early 50's or so) that has most all parts, but missing a few things, and seems like it might be worth fixing up to ridable, not too much rust on it, and not too many parts missing, and the guyu i got it from says he has the rest of the hardware and headlight cover/ring. Also a western flyer with fenders and most all parts, but need alot of work. Any ideas where to get started? I think the Roadmaster and JC Higgins are in best shape start a project with. Should I buy the vinatge bicycle repair kit they sell on this site? Is it discouraged to learn as you go on these projects with a book or written guide, or should I take those 2 to a bike shop for specific suggestions? Thank you'!!!!!!!

FOR SALE:   1976 Trek TX200 posted by: Eric Brandt on 6/13/2007 at 2:53:55 PM
Well I am posting this to get a little help unravelling a mystery. I am the new owner of a metallic flake blue 25.5 inch(64cm) TREK. I have owned many Treks my first fixed gear was a converted Trek. But, this bike is old. 1970s old. I think it may be a first year hand built TREK but the pieces are not adding up. I am not planning on keeping the bike for myself as it is just too large. Normally after about a week it would become a fixed gear and be adopted into the Brazen Cycleworks family. But this needs to go to a Trek collector and I need to raise some $$ for Toys for Tots for a benefit ride I am doing in August. So if you can provide the most help I would love to send you a Brazen Cycleworks polo shirt in L or XL, I think that is all I have left. I need to know how to market this bike accurately to get the Trek collectors what they are looking for and raise big bucks. Drop me a line if you think you can help. Here are some details and pictures. Head tube badge is not screwed on, typical of newer models Serial number is 5B6B38 size 25.5, model TX200, year 1976, month Feb but these are normally 7 digits, could be 38th frame and that is why missing last digit Builder stamp H Tubing Sticker is 022 Ishiwata Cro Mo double butted main tubes Comes from Vern's in Oshkosh, I would expect early Treks to originate from WI The headtube badge and tubing used are confusing as the 1976 catalog on seems to imply it would have been a TX500 with that tube set if it was in fact a 1976 bike Build kit seems consistent with bike assembled from frame up and does not fit specs on later bikes I will include a further spec sheet of components when I have more time. Thanks for your help. -Eric


WANTED:   Fender needed for 1935 Elgin posted by: Jack on 6/13/2007 at 11:08:40 AM
Looking for a front fender (or a set if you have it) for a prewar Elgin. Other makes and years of prewar "motorbike" bicycle fenders may fit, so if you have ANYTHING please send me an email. Thanks!

FOR SALE:   Nealeco Bianchi posted by: Doni` on 6/13/2007 at 7:40:24 AM
I have a Nealeco Bianchi Bicycle that I believe is a 1979?
I can not find much on the web about them does anyone have any info, or a suggested price for this particular bicyle, it would be greatly appreciated.