WANTED:   Vintage Paramount Parts posted by: Joe on 6/28/2007 at 9:57:49 AM
I have a very nice 1971 gold Schwinn Paramount that was recently stolen and recovered but was damaged. I need a seat and right hand brake handlebar unit and the gold cloth handlebar tape.

MISC:   information posted by: Nathan Mancillas on 6/28/2007 at 9:25:54 AM
I have found a Goodyear HiWay Special female bicycle and it is in pretty good shape. I cleaned it up and it looks nice. Some rust on the tank area, but the bell still works.
Where can I find out more information on the bike and maybe someone interested in buying it?

WANTED:   vintage large wire basket for english 3 spd posted by: ann marie on 6/27/2007 at 8:35:31 AM
looking for a vintage larger wire basket for my Triumph 3 spd... have seen them everywhere but am having a hard time nailing one down.
It does have to be kind of wide- a 21 lb dog needs to fit in the front.
I've seen several larger ones like these- but most people tell me it just was on the bike when they purchased it or inherited it ! ;(
I appreciate it.


WANTED:   CCM Bicycle Wagon posted by: C. Roberts on 6/27/2007 at 7:41:10 AM
Hello all,
I am looking for parts for a CCM Bicycle Wagon.
Recently I found a spring brake for her but need a wheel for a No. 3 wagon that is burgundy in colour but also hub caps would be nice too.
Thank you.


WANTED:   70's Kent KMX-750 bicycle... ***PIC*** posted by: Art W on 6/27/2007 at 7:02:51 AM
I had one of these bikes as a kid and absolutely loved it.
Sure would be nice to have one again. Here is a pic of me leaning on my brand new KMX750 on an early Christmas morning, sometime in the mid-early 70's.
Please let me know what you have !
Thanks in advance !


   RE:WANTED:   70's Kent KMX-750 bicycle... ***PIC*** posted by ART on 6/27/2007 at 7:10:44 AM
Link not working for some reason...

   RE:RE:WANTED:   70's Kent KMX-750 bicycle... ***PIC*** posted by ART W on 6/27/2007 at 7:22:14 AM
Apparently the wavey/squiggle symbol in my link is not recognized by this board, and is substituted with a ' (hyphen) instead.
For a pic of this bike (brand new) just drop me an email instead.

   RE:WANTED:   70's Kent KMX-750 bicycle... ***PIC*** posted by Don on 10/20/2007 at 1:25:41 PM
HI, I have one of these in my shed, it's pretty much compleat. If you are still interested send me an email and I will send you some pics. I'm in warwick RI 02886