MISC:   Information on pricing posted by: JoAnn on 7/29/2007 at 4:37:09 PM
We have a Schwinn and it says Shelby Airflo tires are 26 2.125 it is in Ok shape not great. Just wondering what type of price we could get for it.
We also have a Deluxe Derby and a Huffy Mainliner any price ideas these are in same kind of shape. Thanks for any info.

   RE:MISC:   Information on pricing posted by ken on 7/30/2007 at 10:33:53 AM
Something wrong here: Schwinn/Shelby. Can you send me a picture please?

   RE:RE:MISC:   Information on pricing posted by JoAnn on 7/30/2007 at 9:37:11 PM
It is a shelby airflo. I can send you a picture missing the tank and some other small thing.

   RE:MISC:   Information on pricing posted by Victor Perez on 8/6/2007 at 9:14:11 AM
i have to sale a collectiopn of antiques bicycles, can you see in page www.cyclesvictor.unlugar.com, Victor Perez, Argentina

FOR SALE:   pre ww 2 Durkopp posted by: George on 7/28/2007 at 1:12:36 PM
I have a old Durkopp bike. Generator in front . Light in front and back. Has spring holder over back tire

tire on it is 29 x 1 5/8/ x 1 1/4? Anyone have a clue to worth. I rode it the other day. I have a picture I can e mail you

FOR SALE:   Heidemann Werke folding bicycle posted by: Eladio Garza on 7/28/2007 at 10:36:22 AM
Here is a folding bike made by Heidemann Werke in Einbeck Germany. I bought it from the original owner who bought it from a VW dealership in Germany in 1963. it folds up and fits in the trunk of a beetle. It is all original. It has a working headlight and taillight and both the front and rear brakes work great.


   RE:FOR SALE:   Heidemann Werke folding bicycle posted by ken on 7/30/2007 at 10:21:50 AM
Very nice.
The best beer I ever tasted, in a long and dedicated career of tasting beers, was from Einbeck.

FOR SALE:   vintage spiderman bike posted by: Peggy on 7/26/2007 at 5:21:17 PM
I have a 16" AMF Roadmaster Jr. Spiderman Bike. It looks like it might be from the 70s. It has a yellow banana seat with the webbing design. There is some rust but the wheels move freely. I did notice a small slice in the seat. Can anyone tell me the value of this bike?

WANTED:   Austrian Sears Cottered Crank Assembly posted by: Aaron on 7/26/2007 at 8:56:43 AM
I just bought an Austrian built Sears 3 speed, and it has the 3 piece cottered crank and arms...The pedals were both loose and I bought new cotters and tightened the left pedal, but the right was a no-go, so I welded it (yeah, I'm a hillbilly, and a car guy generally). Anyway, I'd like to have a new crank/sprocket/pedal arms on hand for it...where might I find a set without breaking the bank...it doesn't have to be totally original either...just want it to work! Thanks!


   RE:WANTED:   Austrian Sears Cottered Crank Assembly posted by ken on 7/26/2007 at 9:43:22 AM
To replace it you'll have to either unweld it or remove and replace the fixed cup. I'd look for another bike, either for parts or as replacement- three speeds that era are usually cheap.

   RE:WANTED:   Austrian Sears Cottered Crank Assembly posted by Aaron on 7/27/2007 at 6:19:42 PM
Well, I got the whole mess apart and bought a new axle (cottered) so I could just keep my old pedals...don't want to spend much on this thing, even though I now have more in it than I want! Thanks for the help...I'm new to old bikes; glad to have this page as a resource!