FOR SALE:   vintage miami sun deluxe posted by: karen on 7/7/2007 at 5:01:41 PM
I purchased a fantastic vintage Miami Sun Deluxe model tricycle made by the Miami Bicycle and Supply Company, Miami Florida. It is rusted, but has the original labels, seat (a bit dryrotted), basket, tires(dryrotted), bell, mirror (bent but there).... I loved the trike and because of its shape was going to use it in the garden to be honest, but if someone loves to restore these beauties, I would be willing to sell so that she could be brought back to her original beauty. Let me know if you are interested and any information you can provide.l... What a find!!!

WANTED:   Need Vintage Schwinn Parts posted by: Joe on 7/7/2007 at 5:37:37 AM
I need parts to repair my 1971 Paramount. The parts can come from any Schwinn road bike within 5 years of date.
I need; seat, light brown cloth handlebar tape, handlebar brake actuater mechanism. I'd even buy a whole bike to use as parts.

WANTED:   Yoder's Bicycle Fender Mud Flap posted by: Matt on 7/6/2007 at 7:10:14 PM
I am interested in purchasing a Yoder's Fender Mud Flap. Red rubber with molded diamond pattern and reflector. Thanks

WANTED:   info on schwinn varsity posted by: Alan on 7/6/2007 at 4:53:58 PM
I just picked up a Schwinn Varsity.I would appreciate any info I can get on this bike.The serial# is GK510332.
I picked up the bike on the side of the road,somebody was just throwing it away.I tore it down and greased it up.The tires were dry rotted so I replaced the tires and tubes.
Other than that everything is original and I ride it everyday.Again any info I can get would be greatly appreciated.And if you do reply THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

   RE:WANTED:   info on schwinn varsity posted by ken on 7/10/2007 at 6:35:19 AM

FOR SALE:   flash "schwinn" boys bike 1936 \ 1941 posted by: david on 7/6/2007 at 10:33:16 AM
bike has new departure hubs coaster brake "flash' head badge frame is red rims are white as well as seat has skip tooth sprockets 18 front 8 rear

   RE:FOR SALE:   flash posted by marc on 7/6/2007 at 11:04:22 AM
Can you send some pics?
What are you doing? Looking for info? Selling?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   flash posted by david on 7/6/2007 at 11:29:58 AM
No pics as of yet just obtained bike need info