FOR SALE:   f/s 1950's style beach cruiser (costome) posted by: sean on 8/18/2007 at 7:41:20 PM
up for sale beautiful custom beach cruiser in grate shape.Purple with silver forks chrome finders,chrome rims,nice Duro classic tared tiers,bendex coaster brakes,nice black spring seat.This is a huffy.the year is unknowen.The previouse owners purchesed this bicycle in 1977 at a second hand store.possibly mid 60's-mid 70's.would make a nice moped or ride as is.$350.00obo

   RE:FOR SALE: f/s 1950's style beach cruiser (costome) posted by sean on 8/21/2007 at 6:27:27 PM
any one wanna trade for a pre war project.

FOR SALE:   Schwin Orange Crate posted by: george on 8/18/2007 at 6:01:04 AM
nice orange crate for sale.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwin Orange Crate posted by Mike on 8/20/2007 at 10:49:49 AM

Do you have pics? What year? How much are you asking? Thanks....Mike

FOR SALE:   1971 Raliegh Chopper MK1 Green posted by: david simonelli on 8/18/2007 at 12:17:27 AM
I have an ALL original and COMPLETE Raliegh Chopper MK1, light green, 5-speed split console shifter, Union Front and rear light's(made in England as well) with dis-engageable rear wheel generator, completely original and complete down to the original red stripe Raliegh tire's that have absolutly no wear on the tread(some dry cracking, but hold air just fine)! The decal's are peeling on the chain guard from storage in the attic, but other than that, there are no dent's, ding's, deep scratches or rust that is visible to me(see pic's) and the original seat has no rips,holes, blemishes that I can see(see photo's). I acquired this from a buddy of mine who owed me some cash and had this in his attic for 20 plus years, and he acquired it from the original owner whom had purchased it for his son's 5th or 6th birthday, but his son was unfortunatly diagnosed with MS and NEVER Rode the bike, nor did the dad, nor did my friend, and neither have I!! So, virtually the bike is unused, from 1970 or 1971?!


WANTED:   INFO on Price posted by: Nelson on 8/17/2007 at 8:39:10 PM
I have a 1971 Mercier road bike...I'm org. owner...what is going price on this bike. Good conditon some minor rust corrs.

FOR SALE:   (2) Mint Schwinn Travelers and Cannondale Crit for sale. posted by: John Bozman on 8/17/2007 at 7:15:01 PM
I have (2) Schwinn Travelers that are in near mint
condition. Both bike have hardly any miles on them
and were kept in the house for 25 years. Both bikes
have Chicago Schwinn on the badge on the head tube.

One is blue, and the other is green. If anyone has
interest in one or both, feel free to e-mail me. The
Cannondale Criterium,is early 80's, white, and in
exc cond.

Thanks everyone,

I was a Pro bike mechanic and raced for many years.
I love my vintage bikes, but due to illness, must sell.

   RE:FOR SALE:   (2) Mint Schwinn Travelers and Cannondale Crit for sale. posted by Danny K on 8/25/2007 at 11:19:09 AM
size and price for cannodale and travellers