MISC:   year of bike? posted by: becca on 8/4/2007 at 3:42:16 PM
I have an old schwinn I picked up at a tag sale. I can't seem to figure out what year it is-the vin # looks like b5a?4?71. any ideas?


   RE:MISC:   year of bike? posted by Jim on 8/6/2007 at 4:39:30 PM
Are you sure the bike is a Schwinn? That serial number doesn't look like a Schwinn number. 1948-57 serial numbers don't have a pattern ,but normally have a letter followed by 6 digits. 1958-64 serial numbers have a letter followed by 6 digits, where the first digit is the year of production. 1965 on numbers have 2 letters followed by six digits (the first letter is month, the second letter is the year). Where is the serial number located, under the bottom bracket (crank hanger) or on the left rear dropout?

FOR SALE:   Mustang Marauder 1769? posted by: rhonda on 8/1/2007 at 4:13:30 PM
I have a Mustang Marauder that I think is a 1969 or 70. It is orange and is in very good shape. It looks all original but I'm not sure as I am not an expert. Not sure what it's worth either. Make me an offer.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Mustang Marauder 1769? posted by Doug on 8/4/2007 at 6:05:16 PM
I'm interested in this bike, but your email address is not working. Please send me pictures if you can!


FOR SALE:   1954 Norman 3 Speed Bicycle posted by: Staci on 7/31/2007 at 5:00:04 PM
I posted about this bicycle out on your discussion forum for english roadsters. If anyone is interested in purchasing this bike, please email me. A picture is attached on the discussion forum. Look back to early July discussions.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1954 Norman 3 Speed Bicycle posted by jim ringate on 8/6/2007 at 7:25:22 AM
still for sale? contact jim at 612-743-4420

FOR SALE:   1978 Kawasaki BX200 posted by: Art Ringel on 7/30/2007 at 7:48:48 PM
I am original owner. Bike purchased in Michigan in Sept. 1978. All polished aluminum frame w/ dual rear shocks.
All original. Missing the kick stand. Pictures are available. Please use email. Go thru the spam blocker & be persistent. Not on email everyday.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1978 Kawasaki BX200 posted by Art on 8/9/2007 at 3:44:23 PM
email address aringel@earthlink.net
according to THIS website, bike should sell for $1000.00
contact for details and pix.

WANTED:   springs for rod pull brake levers (Raleigh Roadster) posted by: Ed on 7/29/2007 at 10:04:05 PM
HELP!!..looking for springs for my rod pull brake levers...Raleigh Roadster model...thanks!