FOR SALE:   older raleigh posted by: steve on 7/14/2008 at 6:30:34 AM
I do't know anything about this bike can't find any info will sell it for 250.00 obo


   RE:FOR SALE: older raleigh posted by Chris on 7/14/2008 at 6:40:51 AM
do you have a picture or describe the type. What size are the tires? thank you for your reply.

WANTED:   looking for 1979 era columbia 10-speed posted by: wade on 7/13/2008 at 6:16:08 AM
hi- when i was 13 i bought a columbai 10 speed at a western auto store , i am not sure of the exact year around 1979 or model but bike had some unique features , cables were routed through inside of frame,it had front and center brake levers, i believe the brakes type/brand were diacompe center pulls,and it had a shimano group that would continue to rotate when you coasted and not stop when you stopped pedling.i would like to find and restore one of these bikes if posssible,even a frame to start from would be bike was tan in color with a tan sadle.anybody you could supply more accurate info would be a great help! THANKS WADE

   RE:WANTED:   looking for 1979 era columbia 10-speed posted by Smith on 7/15/2008 at 9:49:34 AM

Are you still in search of the columbai 10 speed?
I believe I have want you are looking for. I an e-mail you pictures.

FOR SALE:   1960`s Huffy cheater slick 4 sale posted by: john on 7/12/2008 at 4:02:07 PM
1960`s Huffy Cheater Slick 20" gold in color ,needs chain guard & fenders i have re-pop fenders on it now, also needs slick back tire, easy restore & very rare two top bars ,with wheelie bar $100 firm.

FOR SALE:   1969 ccm mustang charger 26" 3spd 4 sale posted by: john on 7/12/2008 at 3:55:19 PM
For sale is a 1969 CCM Mustang Charger 26" 3 speed all original but missing chain guard & shifter knob, candy apple red with checkered red and white banana seat a little faded & has two small cuts on right side,sturmey archer supershifter,nice bike for collector, easy restore $400 firm.

WANTED:   Raleigh DL-1 handlebars posted by: Mike on 7/12/2008 at 1:48:52 PM
Hi: I'm looking for a pair of Raleigh DL-1 handlebars, the earlier style as found on the 1930s-40s and 50s. The later ones have that forward sweep to the ends before they turn back to the handgrips (like on the "Tourists" of the 1970s). I'm looking for the ones that just go back.

Many thanks Mike