MISC:   Wards Hawthorne - ID HELP posted by: Tai on 7/4/2008 at 1:06:19 AM
I just inherited - I would love to know specifically what it is...also it desperately need tires - any recommendations?


   RE:MISC:   Wards Hawthorne - ID HELP posted by jj on 7/4/2008 at 4:51:38 AM
That is one strange bike!
The frame is from around the 1940s. The fork is original, as is the front wheel.
But the derailleur and drum brakes front and back... Somebody had some free time on their hands.
Look in the picture database here to try to determine the exact year and model.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Wards Hawthorne - ID HELP posted by ken on 7/4/2008 at 6:41:00 PM
I see nothing strange about it- it's a classic 'city bike' custom job in the style of the early mountain bikes. The leather saddle is a nice touch, and so are the drum brakes. What make are the hubs? The stem, derailleur, and shift and brake levers are perhaps from the 70s.
You appear to have standard ISO 559 wheels, that is 26x1.75 or 2.125, which gives you all the choices in the world. If you're going to ride it on pavement, some 26x1.5 slicks would be great. Or there are vintage-looking whitewall balloon tires, or knobbies if you want to hit the trail.
The assertion that the front wheel is original, followed by the (no doubt correct) implication that the hubs aren't, puzzles me. Possibly jj meant the rim appears to be in the correct paint.

WANTED:   Basic Bike Company Parts and King liberty Parts posted by: Ed Preston on 7/3/2008 at 7:52:54 AM
Hi guys,

I am trying to restore my first proper bmx bike a Basic Bikes Small Town Hick I have had since 1996 and was wondering if anyone had any parts I could buy from this company to help me out.

The parts they sold back in the day and I would like to buy are;

Sluggo frame

Small Town Hick Frame

Big City Bastard Frame

Forks (with and without 990 mounts and with and without peg bosses)

Silencer pegs

Whammy bars

Seat posts

Maple Leaf Sprockets

and anything else I don't know of e.g. t-shirts, caps, etc.

I am also after a King Liberty Frame/Fork/Stem/Sprocket set as this was the frame I wanted BITD when I bought the Basic. I know these parts are super rare but if you could help me out I'd be very grateful.

Also if anyone has any pictures of these parts please post them. I would particularly like pictures of the fork decals.

Warm regards



WANTED:   Racycle Crank Screws posted by: Ron on 7/2/2008 at 8:04:10 AM
I recently bought an old Racycle and its missing 2 of the 6 "lug" screws on the non-drive crank arm. They look very special as they have a large, tapered shank that seems to both align the crank arm and provide increased surface area to prevent loosening. Let me know if you have a couple you could part with.

   RE:WANTED:   Racycle Crank Screws posted by Ron on 7/2/2008 at 3:54:13 PM
Here's a link to my flickr account where there are a few pictures of the bike and the missing crank screws.


MISC:   1949 Shwinn New World Marty Jones Special posted by: Philip Petty on 7/1/2008 at 9:45:06 PM
I have this bike and I dont know much about it. I am wondering if any of you might. It has a 3 or 4 speed shifter and the handel bars lock at a 45 degree angle. It has the key and looks to be in ok condition. Fenders and chain guard also. it is brownish in color. Thanks :)

   RE:MISC:   1949 Shwinn New World Marty Jones Special posted by ken on 7/4/2008 at 6:48:40 PM
It's an early "lightweight" and may take an unusual tire size. Is it an internal hub? Sturmey-Archer? 4-speed?

FOR SALE:   GrafTek posted by: Louise Simmons on 7/1/2008 at 4:09:40 PM
I have a old/vintage? GrafTek bike that is in good shape. I know nothing about value. Any ideas?
Pedals say Shimano, handlebars have Giro d'Italia imprinted in the metal at the front, Scott 'armrests', Vetta Italia seat. It was custom painted in Colorado and I was told it is quite rare and would appeal to collectors. It has to be over 10 years old. I would appreciate any info on the bike.