FOR SALE:   columbia commuter 3 3speed mens 26inch bicycle posted by: john on 7/8/2008 at 2:46:44 PM
foundthis bike thought it was to neat to let it get scrapped,i listed it on ebay might be a nice collector for someone,anyone who knows age of it id appreciate the info

WANTED:   Rigida Chrolux 28 x 1 5/8 posted by: Legend on 7/8/2008 at 12:29:59 AM
Hello, looking hardly for Rigida Chrolux 28 x 1 5/8. Can you help me please?

WANTED:   Shimano 3-speed w coaster brake posted by: Bob on 7/7/2008 at 5:53:21 PM
I recently came home with a 1975 Schwinn Town and Country trike. It is a complete blue trike. I took it to my local repair place to find out why it doesn't go when you push on the pedals. He told me that the rear hub needs replaced. Now my search is on to find a Shimano 3 speed with coaster brake to get my trike up and riding. Any and all help in either finding a replacement rear hub or somewhere to get it rebuilt would be greatly apperciated. Thanks Bob

   RE:WANTED:   Shimano 3-speed w coaster brake posted by Bob on 7/8/2008 at 1:17:22 PM
Just a quick line to tell all that I got my trike up and riding. No rear hub rebuild or replacement, just a roll pin in the rear axle. It's hard to beleive that my local repair guys missed something as simple as that. Sometimes the simple things that are the hardest to see. Thanks Bob

FOR SALE:   WTB: Front rack for MAFAC brakes posted by: Daniel on 7/7/2008 at 12:06:01 PM
I'm looking for a front rack for my MAFAC Racer-equipped bike. If you have one, please contact me with how much you want for it.

I'm also interested in other front racks.


FOR SALE:   1970s Schwinn Continental Men's - Silver posted by: J on 7/7/2008 at 8:19:09 AM
I've got a silver/gray 1970s era (probably 1973-4) men's Schwinn Continental 10-speed for sale. Pictures available via e-mail.

The frame measures 24" from the pedal crank to the seat tube top, and is in good shape. The rubber is no doubt in need of replacement, and it's missing one brake cable.

I've heard many different opinions on what this bike is "worth" and the variance is too much for my simple cave-brain to process. So please make me your best offer if you're interested.

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