WANTED:   Huffy Galaxie Boys Bike headlight posted by: Steve Danielson on 8/20/2008 at 5:24:06 AM
I need to locate a headlight assembly for a 1960s 26 inch Huffy Galaxie boys bike. I am willing to buy the whole bike, but only need the headlight (even if it needs to be rechromed).

WANTED:   Iver Johnson posted by: Bill Clay on 8/19/2008 at 5:32:50 PM
Searching for a late 1920's to 1930 Iver Johnson 26'' Boys bicycle. My father received one for his 10th birthday in 1930. I believe it was a Super Mobicycle very much like the one pictured in the picture in this website

FOR SALE:   Vintage Gardin posted by: Vince on 8/19/2008 at 10:50:42 AM
I've got what looks to be a late 80's or 90's vintage Gardin road bike. Yellow and Blue. Newer seat and tubes. Need to sell inorder to upgrade to a new bike...wife's rules! E-mail me for pic's and we can discuss $$$

Happy Trails

FOR SALE:   serial number posted by: Jane on 8/19/2008 at 8:45:21 AM
I have a schwinn racer serial number CA01780 is this March 1965. If so I am looking in the price guide but I do not see a racer. It is a 3 speed On the rim axle it says england sturmey a.w. archer 65 5. Can some one give me a value. Thank you

   RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by dan on 8/19/2008 at 11:45:19 AM
hi, i want to post a question about my bike that i can find no information about. how do you post a question? thanks alot, dan

   RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by Gordon on 8/19/2008 at 4:27:15 PM
Hi Jane, think about the amount of information you have given us. If I said I have a Chevrolet car that is a 1965 what is it worth, do you think I could get an accurate appraisal? There is a lot of difference between a Corvette and a BelAir. What we need to know about your bike 1) is it a mens or a womens 2)is it complete 3) does it have original paint, and if so, what condition, 4) is it a single speed or multiple speed 5)is iit rideable as is or does it need work? There are probably more questions, but you get the idea.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by Gordon on 8/19/2008 at 4:31:09 PM
Sorry, I see that you did say it was a 3 speed, but we still need more details to establish a value.

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by Jane on 8/20/2008 at 9:48:48 AM
I am sorry you are so correct. It is a mens. The paint is original and in good condition. It is black with white stripes. Has a mirror, fenders, rideable as is, 3 speed. The tires are nylon schwinn straight side sports touring, 26x1 3/8.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by Gordon on 8/20/2008 at 4:41:46 PM
Okay, much better. I looked at completed auctions on ebay for Racers that seemed to be on par with your description, and they sold from $100 to just over $200.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by ken on 8/21/2008 at 10:22:01 AM
dan, it's the box at the top that says new message, with the word Post in big blue letters next to it...

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   serial number posted by Jane on 8/22/2008 at 11:39:08 AM
Thank you very much.

FOR SALE:   Murrary Mark II Eleminator posted by: Jesse on 8/19/2008 at 5:38:27 AM
VHTF Murrary Mark II Eleminator now for sale on ebay...


Item number: 110281134518

Serious offers only to end early for local sale please.