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LOWRIDERS:   Schwinn Lowrider posted by: jimmy on 12/4/2001 at 12:11:12 AM
Did schwinn ever come out with a lowrider version of the sting ray?On ebay there are auctions that list there bikes as "original schwinn stingray lowrider",and they are selling for lots of money.And,has anybody seen a AMF roadbike,the ones with the tank?I want to make a lowrider out of one.Also,today I seen a krate that was made into a tow-cycle,had two wheels in back and had 26 inch tires on back and 16 inch on front so it looked really low in front.A tow cycle tows other bikes.Thanks,bye.

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Schwinn Lowrider posted by JimW. on 12/4/2001 at 1:34:21 AM
I think they just mean that they're lowriders made from Schwinns. I never heard of Schwinn making anything they called a lowrider.

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Schwinn Lowrider posted by A friend on 12/4/2001 at 1:40:22 AM
Hi Jimmy,
Schwinn did not make a Lowrider Sting-Ray". The fad originated in So, California. The younger crowd who had been influenced by the Lowrider Car Clubs in East Los Angeles.

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Schwinn Lowrider posted by Annette on 12/5/2001 at 8:31:15 PM
This bike is most likely a schwinn frame used to build a lowrider bicycle from. They usually run in a higher market because they have the original schwinn frame instead of a reproduction imported from Taiwan. Send me some pics and I can help you determine what is original and what isn't on the bike.

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Schwinn Lowrider posted by Jimmy on 12/7/2001 at 12:09:39 AM
I can tell just by the welds,on schwinns the welds are smooth,and on repos the welds are straight on,and the shape is incorrect,on the bar that starts on the bottom bracket and goes up to the seat poll and back down to the bottom front bar is not bent right,too big of a bend.I can tell the difference but i just thought that they may have made one afterr the lowrider craze began.Thanks!bye.

AGE / VALUE:   Lowrider bikes posted by: Jimmy on 12/2/2001 at 2:03:08 AM
hello,I want to build a motorcycle bicycle.I want it to look just like a custom harley like one of Jesse James' bikes.Does anyone know where or how I could get a big fat rear tire?would a real tire work?I also need to know what the frame looks like.I know how i would make the fork.X-steel bike at bike rod and kustom is like that,thanks bye.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lowrider bikes posted by Kim on 12/2/2001 at 3:42:46 PM
Use a moped rear wheel. It will probably have a drum brake, too!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lowrider bikes posted by JimW. on 12/3/2001 at 6:08:47 AM
You might also consider just putting on a fatter than normal tire. Dyno's Fireball Slicks call themselves "4X6".
I'm not sure what those numbers mean, but it's definitely fatter looking than normal. See them at: http://kustomkruiser.com
The new issue of BikeRodnKustom is coming out soon, and half the new bikes in it look like motorcycles.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lowrider bikes posted by Jimmy on 12/4/2001 at 12:10:14 AM
Hello,those fireball 4*6's would look good on my flamed out lowrider,I can get to the for sale page but how do I order some?I have been looking for some tires like that.Thanks,bye.

LOWRIDERS:   need identification help posted by: julianna on 12/1/2001 at 6:38:18 AM
i have a frame only. burgundy. serial number 94090146j. on the front head stem there is sticker - lowrider collection - and the "o" in collection is a pool eight ball. i believe the frame is 3-5 yrs old. it has gold accents on the pedal attachment area and head stem. any info will be appreciated. i know nothing about bikes. jules

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   need identification help posted by jimmy on 12/1/2001 at 8:07:38 PM
hello,i believe you have a lowrider bicycle frame,its not really a schwinn,i think lovelylowrider made this frame.They are modeled after sting rays,but not as high quality.They have been making them since 1991.Its frome the lowrider collection.Thanks Bye.

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   need identification help posted by Annette on 12/5/2001 at 8:29:03 PM
Actually the frame i question is a schwinn replica made in Taiwan and distributed in the United States. The lowrider insignia was added by the distribution company for marketing purposes. The value of which is between $25-$50.

AGE / VALUE:   Masa Slingshot posted by: Johan on 12/1/2001 at 12:36:05 AM
I'm looking for information, prices ect on the MASA Slingshot. I believe it was made in the early 70's in California. Any help appreciated. Please email me with whatever you have/can find. TIA

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Masa Slingshot posted by ryan on 12/16/2001 at 11:25:23 PM
sorry, cant help with any info, but i would love a pic for my website if thats alright. cheers!

AGE / VALUE:   ChromePlating posted by: Sebastian on 11/27/2001 at 1:04:25 PM
Does ne1 here know how/where to chrome-plate Plastic-Parts cheap? I want some 7-Spoke-BMX-Plastic-Wheels to be chrome-plated but it'll take some $160 per wheel (!) over here in Germany to get them dipped. Thats about the price to get some Gold-Plated-144-Spokes - guess what ...!?!



   RE:AGE / VALUE:   ChromePlating posted by JimW. on 11/30/2001 at 4:37:58 PM
Bad news, Sebastian. Plating plastic wheels is an extremely hi-tech process, called vacuum-metallization. Since it's so specialized, there's not much competition for business. I doubt that you'll find a cheaper price.

There's another process, which I use for smaller plastic objects. It's the old bronzed baby-shoe trick. You coat the
object with varnish, and while it's still tacky, you dust the surface with graphite and rub it all over the surface. This makes the surface electrically conductive, and allows it to be copper plated. From there, it can be plated with chrome, gold, or whatever. Unfortunately, an object the size of a bike wheel would require so much electric current
that a mains power supply of adequate capacity would be hard to find. An auto battery might do the job, though. The copper-plating electrolyte bath consists of sulfuric acid, copper sulphate, and water. If you want, I can scan an old how-to article for you, which gives the information on the process.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   ChromePlating posted by Jimmy on 11/30/2001 at 9:40:09 PM
Hey Sabastin,there are some bicycle wheel manufactures that specialize in those wheels,the one that comes to mind is BOYDS custom wheels.I remember seeing some at a car show.They make car wheels also,but they might have original collection and one where you digign them.The bike called EURO G has these on it,its in the summer issue of LRB.Thses wheels are very expensive.I was considering puting thses on my bike also,but I didnt know what to do so i did spokes.Thanks Bye.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   ChromePlating posted by jimmy on 11/30/2001 at 9:47:03 PM
Oh yea,theres this one place in my dads scale auto that dipps plastic model parts in gold and chrome,but i dont know if that chrome would be safe if you where to ride it.it is not that hard to chip it off.I know there is a place also that can dip stuff in chrome just like you do when you dip metal,and there are metal 5,6,7,8, and 10 spoke wheels like on the bmx bikes.

FOR SALE:   Sell or swap posted by: mark on 11/25/2001 at 5:10:48 AM
I came across a couple of springer forks. one is straight and a 26/27 inch and the other is bent forward as an extended fork. both are in good condition! I would swap them for a couple of 20 inch wheels with alloy rims for my recumbent trike. anything BUT steel rims! Also looking for other parts for recumbent bikes and am interested in a 1970's PPV! that would be nice to find! I want to fix it up as a multi speed vehicle.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Sell or swap posted by sam on 11/28/2001 at 1:28:53 AM
Mark , I looked and I have two alloy 20" wheels but they are both front wheels--they don't match--and they are 48 spoke wheels.If they will help I'll trade for the straight springer---sam

   RE:FOR SALE:   Sell or swap posted by Bob on 2/15/2002 at 4:42:08 AM
I know I'm to late? Do you still have the springer forks?

LOWRIDERS:   All done posted by: Jimmy on 11/24/2001 at 3:04:48 PM
Hey,im going to get my bike today.I am also going to get my seat.The bike is cinnamon candy orange with mettalic green flames,I am going to pistrip the outline of the flames in a flourecent blue.The seat is all tan leather,with flames stitches in it.I will post pictures soon,it will be only the frame because i dont got any parts yet.Thanks!bye.

LOWRIDERS:   chameleon paint job posted by: chris on 11/23/2001 at 7:27:31 PM
yo whats up, i havent posted anything up lately,but i already have my one bike finished and got my other bike like 1/4 of tha way done, i got my seat,frame, sissy bar,seat,crank,and some other stuff, i was wonderin how much a chameleon paint job would cost on it, its bondod,im either gettin a chameleon paint job or black with gold metallic flake, someone give me a good estimate on what that would cost

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   chameleon paint job posted by Jimmy on 11/24/2001 at 12:37:55 AM
PPG Chromalusion paint will be $18.00 for one ounce,it would take about 5 to paint a bike.Other comanys like House of Kolor will be about $50.00 for one ounce.Other companys have it for around $30.00 for an ounce.I recommend you do it black,with gold metal flake in the clear.If you put too much of that paint on a bike it would look ugly,andit would look bare without a mural or some graphics,but do what you think is best.

LOWRIDERS:   Trailer posted by: Jimmy on 11/22/2001 at 5:41:10 PM
My trailer has two tailight on back that the wires run inside to a car battery.A stereo system that runs from 2 car batterys,and neon lights underneath that run from a car battery.The taillights and neons lights both turn on with a flip switch.the system turns on when you push on.the cd face for it is hidden behind the pull up license plate.antenna on each side.molded in fenders with molded in skirts.74 spoke 16" rims.and a truck hitch to pull it.on my bike there is a bar bent in a U shape.that connect to the axel.and the ball hitch is connested and the bend.cinnamon candy orange with flipflop flames.Bye!

AGE / VALUE:   What kind of bike do I have? posted by: Jimmy Cavalieri on 11/21/2001 at 11:27:19 PM
I bought a frame off ebay and built a bmx style cruiser. The person who sold it to me said it is a Columbia. The badge is gone and the only marking I find is a R under the bottom bracket. I have two pictures of it at http://members.home.net/jimmy1702/ Press the cruiser buttons to see it. Can someone help me identify it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What kind of bike do I have? posted by sam on 11/22/2001 at 11:00:27 PM
The photos only loaded to half of the bike--but from what I saw it looked Columbia--Has the Columbia style of frame where the stays come together before they connect to the seat tub.Wish I could see the sprocket.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   What kind of bike do I have? posted by Puerco on 12/22/2001 at 12:58:26 AM

LOWRIDERS:   my trailer posted by: Jimmy on 11/19/2001 at 1:59:58 AM
Hey.I got some more good ideas for my bike trailer!Number 1: a trunk with a little door handle that turns and opens.Number 2: a lock with key.Number3:old fenders with skirts welded on the sides.Number 4:(not my idea)a little door on the back that opens and displays the control face of the cd player,which would have a license plate that covers for disguise!Number 5:taillights that turn on with a flip of a switch,which would also turn on the neon lighting underneath.Number 6:a little pull out drawer on the front bottom that would hide the key to the trunk and other keys,and cds.Well those are just some of the thousands of ideas that I have thought about,some really outrageuos,some real simple,but these ideas listed ill probaly use.Any other ideas you have would be considered.Thanks!!

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   my trailer posted by sam on 11/21/2001 at 3:02:40 AM
When we made trailers for M/C we used a swivel socket from sears on the trailer tongue so the bike would lean in coners.

LOWRIDERS:   parts in europe (germany) posted by: buck on 11/18/2001 at 8:08:49 PM
where could i buy in europe (germany) parts for lowriders bikes 26" (bent spring fork 26")

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   parts in europe (germany) posted by JimW. on 11/19/2001 at 4:58:59 AM
Sebastian's Lowrider site has an ad for a German LRB source.
Bet you could find it there. http://www.lowriderbike.de

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   parts in europe (germany) posted by Sebastian on 11/19/2001 at 5:49:22 PM
yep Jim - that's right.
Or just ask Knut from "BigTimeHydros" (http://www.bigtimehydros.de) Phone: +49 (0)40 - 890 19 540.
He's my LowriderBikeParts-Dealer as well. Right now I know of three people here (including myself) asking him to get some 26inch-Bent-SpringerForks.


LOWRIDERS:   parts in europe (germany) posted by: Buck on 11/18/2001 at 8:08:49 PM
where could i

LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by: Jimmy on 11/17/2001 at 3:19:27 AM
Hey guys,I found this really good stereo system at walmart and some neon lights there too.To start off,I am considering to make a trailer out of sheetmetel,like the very small trailer houses of the 50's and 60's,put 16" wheels on it with molded in fenders and skirts,with neon lighting under it with a removable top to showcase the system.What kinds of lighting systems do they make,one I know is cigarett plug in ones,how would I do that?maybe get an old cigarette lighter from a junk yard and connect a battery?Then for the sound system,a car battery?or motorcycle battery?or anything else.I also want to put an antanna on each side of the rear end of it,like tho 60 impalas.Then finnaly,I want to put working taillights on it,ones where I can put the brakes on and they will light.Come on,I know you guys got some good ideas,so please help me make my dream bike!!!!Thanks!!

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by A friend on 11/17/2001 at 4:30:50 PM
Jimmy, sounds like you are going all out here, Jimmy! Thats just good o'l healty thinking. I bet you don't sleep much at night". Your too busy thinking about some other idea to come up with for your bike.Thats worth loosing sleep over. As for starters, you can go to your local Radio Shack too buy any kind of lights,switches and wiring you need to do this job. Tell them what you are doing, and if you get a guy who knows what your talking about you should be all hooked up for a reasonal price. Remember, thats their buisness. They have all kinds of stuff to choose on those walls. Let us know how your trailer turns out aswell. Have fun Jimmy, its the #1 rule for kustom building".

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by Stacey on 11/18/2001 at 11:36:35 AM
Soooo cool, Jimmy! A motorcycle battery should work just fine for this... unless you're going to run some big amps too :-)

Some things to think about Jimmy, sealing the battery compartment from the rest of the electronics and good venting for the battery area. The hydrogen build up from the battery could make for some interesting pyrotechnic displays, but would be detrimental to the health of your project.

Also, BMW (motorcycles) have an accessory battery charger with a real slick Q/D plug on the end. No unsightly aligator clips. The last I looked the charger was rather pricey... $150.00 or so. Now the good news! They also have available in the parts department Just the plug ends (male and feemale) that you'd need. Put the Female plug on through the outer wall of the trailer (Behind the fold down "license plate" perhaps)and the male plug on your current battery charger. It even comes with a nice little cover for the socket to keep the munge out of it!

Pictures, PLEASE! Pictures!

In the wind,

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by christian on 11/20/2001 at 7:12:07 PM
heck, i once put a 200 watt stereo system on a 1985 honda big red (slightly customized!!). when i had my motorcycle shop, we used to use it to tow our float with my nephews on it. so a stereo on a lowrider bike is an even kooler idea!!! make sure you post pics. later, jc.

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by christian on 11/21/2001 at 3:39:16 AM
p.s. (to the southerners!!) a big red is a three wheel atv.

   RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Lighting and sounds. posted by JimW. on 12/3/2001 at 6:24:30 AM
Herbach & Rademan is a good source of rechargeable battery packs and chargers. The new issue of BikeRodnKustom will have an article on high-power lighting and associated battery supplies. H&R has a 24 amp-hour battery which will power just about anything, for a good long while.

LOWRIDERS:   New Look - old friends posted by: Sebastian on 11/14/2001 at 7:33:07 PM
Hi friends - wasn't here 4 a long time but I'm back. :) .... just wanted U to know that I gave http://www.lowriderbike.de a new design and put some sweet customs, lows and cruizers online.

I'm in the making of another lowriderbike called "EasyOrange" done up in "Euro-Style" which will feature some oldschool-BMX-plastic-7-spoke-wheels wrapped in chrome, removed seatpost, molded in tank, rear fender, seat and skirts and an orange paintjob with goldflakes and lightblue pinstripin. Maybe I'll also put a hydraulic-setup on, when I find a pump that's small enough.

I will also redo "SilvaBullet-tres" during the winter. It will feature some frame-mods including shaving and lowering it.

My other bike "MeanGreen" now features a custom upholstered seat and I gave it another 10coats of clear lately. But that's all for that bike now. Highest priority: "EasyOrange".

c'ya - Sebastian °LowStylez B.C., Hamburg, Germany°

   The site!!! posted by sam on 11/14/2001 at 8:18:01 PM

   RE:The site!!!2 posted by JimW. on 11/16/2001 at 8:24:25 PM
Nice work on the site rebuild. Also, really nice work on the bikes. You guys are doing great stuff over there.