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Archived: Customs, Lowriders, HPV, Recumbent, etc.

CUSTOMS:   BMX to Small Wheel Road Bike posted by: Oscar on 2/6/2001 at 1:27:04 PM
I've had this idea in my mind, and I was wondering if anyone here has done it. I would like to put a loooooong seatpost and stem on a BMX frame, and make wheels for a 20" road bike. I'm imagining that it would ride like a small wheel road bike, but maybe the geometry would be all wrong. Whaddyathink??

   RE:CUSTOMS:   BMX to Small Wheel Road Bike posted by Nick Nichols on 2/23/2001 at 1:35:43 PM
Oscar, Back in the late '80s the bicycle industry tried to introduce the kind of bike you are asking about. They called it F-1(Formula one). The BMX race organizations (ABA, NBA) organized a series of races to promote it. My partner and I raced in that series with a line of bikes available too. We were (and still are) Rockfish Products and were racing against Tinker Warez, Fast Freddy Marcum, etc. We did OK. I still have competition quality F-1 frames available with fork for $259. They were made for me by Cyclecraft using seamless 4130 cromoly. See http://leys.com/basic/rockfish/images/f-1_2001.jpg for photo of a built up bike. Nick Nichols

   RE:CUSTOMS:   BMX to Small Wheel Road Bike posted by JimW. on 2/6/2001 at 5:57:39 PM
It sounds pretty cool to me. I'm presuming drop bars and a 20" road fork. All-chrome, including the frame, would be pretty tasty-looking, too. The geometry might be a little strange, but it probably won't kill you. I understand that there are adapters for the BB. (BMX bikes usually have one-piece cranks.)

   E-Bay item# 1111082360 posted by Rob on 2/7/2001 at 10:31:36 AM
check out the Hutch HPV parking lot racer on E-Bay now..road bike wannabee bike....this sounds exactly like what you are after...maybe some usefull ideas there for you??...try not to fall off your chair when you see the price though..LOL...i do a lot of basic customs,and have used bmx frames succesfully......the last one i did was a Torker,and when it was done,most people wouldnt know the difference ...they think its an old schwinn...hehehe

   RE:E-Bay item# 1111082360 posted by A freind on 2/7/2001 at 2:53:44 PM
Hi Rob, I was wondering if you can submit a picture of your Kustom Torker to bikerodnkustom2.homestead.com This site specializes in Kustom buildiders and there work. When you have some time on your hands, check them out. Looking foward to seeing your work. Sounds interesting".

   RE:RE:E-Bay item# 1111082360 posted by Oscar on 2/8/2001 at 9:23:48 AM
I saw the Hutch. Funny how it's not what I had in mind, but a few ideas flew from the bike to my head.

   another bike is created posted by Rob on 2/8/2001 at 10:59:29 AM
then my mission is accomplished...thats what i was thinking,that you could get some ideas from that Hutch bike....too cool..did you choke when you saw the price???..okay..heres a few more ideas floating....you could use the chrome 5-speed rear wheels...these are common on huffy 5 speed 20 inch bikes..and those bikes are cheap to buy brand new,and use for parts....if you choose wisely,you can get a bike for around a 100,with v-brakes wheels and etc parts to re-use..(Ames seems to have a lot of bikes with usefull parts)....then i give the remains to the local needy kids...freewheel is threaded..then a front fork--well,i have two sets one is new/nos==they are curved forks,with mounts for either canti-lever brakes or v-brakes...chrome forks with mounts Designed FOR 20 inch rims...also,the headtubes are super long..very sweet!..will fit almost any bike....there are conversion kits for the bottom brackets.....the wheel covers are still kicking around,and i have bought several sets off Ebay......shimano-plus-minus shifter/brake levers seem to work the best for me.....i have a Mosh BMX setup for trails riding..5-speed...with those forks,front/rear brakes,and three piece cranks running single plate..make sure you check the bmx frame you are using to ensure the rear wheel isnt too wide!!BEFORE you build....i use rear deraulier,with thumb shifter....slight drop bars/cruiser...the bike weighs about 22lbs with deraulier set-up...very easy to get over jumps,logs etc...hope any of this info could help you in some way........thanx,cheers,Rob

CUSTOMS:   Hubs... posted by: Rif Addams on 1/31/2001 at 11:22:30 AM
Hey All!
I recently stumbled across a Shimano internally geared 3-spd drum brake hub. Unfortunately it was a display item and not for sale. Anyone know anything about these or where to get them?
What about shimano front drum hubs? Anyone know if these are still readily available?
Also, does anyone have info or opinions about the Nexus 7 hubs?
What is the general price of these items?

Also, the 'Phantasm' 1938 Elgin Twin-Bar Kustom I've been working on, is coming along nicely! I just recently found the forks I was looking for, and can now really get involved with this project!
I've been taking pic.s and documenting the buildup of this Kustom Moto-bike. I hope to have it ready for summer cruisin'!!!
Thanks in advance for any info you may have concerning these hubs.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Hubs... posted by A freind on 2/4/2001 at 6:05:13 PM
From what I seen on the Cruiser Seven 26" bike, they use the 7-speed Nexus internal hub. It wouldn't be fair to give you a personal opinion on the performance with this hub, so I won't. But Schwinn uses them, on there 1999 Kruiser Seven model.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   Hubs... posted by Brian on 3/15/2001 at 6:04:13 PM
I just installed a nexus 7 speed roller brake hub in a Kustom Dyno Roadster, and I can say that the performance in this application is great! I used the twist shifters rather than the thumb twilders. I replaced the Nexus 4 speed, low gear range is almost twice as low in the 7 speed. Have the 4 speed hub for sale with the trick thumb up button down shifter. Flange holes were drilled bigger for the 10g spokes

AGE / VALUE:   project chopper posted by: Michael Watson on 1/29/2001 at 5:28:06 PM
My latest project is based on a 24 inch wheel mountainbike
that I found in the garbage with it's frame cut in half. I
extended the forks 5 feet. The frame down tube was also extended
externally sleeved with a curved tube. The fork is a triple
tree and has 1 1/4 inch inner diameter tube extending down from the
steerer a brake bridge that joins the blades and the center
tube. The overall dimensions are 17 inch chainstays, 96 inch
wheelbase, approx. 37 degree head angle.

AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by: Rob on 1/26/2001 at 2:57:18 PM
as i sit here,relacing a shimano internal brake drum hub into another shimano rim,i am also reading your posts..i just had to put in my two cents worth..all i can say,is that YOU GUYS ROCK!!!.......so much cool info,and so many awesome bikes.....i had a lot of fun,reading and learning.....hope to have some customs ready soon...i have four custom bikes,but are created,and home built..(they are not worthy!!)..will post when painted and looking sweet....thanx for the great ideas and info......cheers,Rob

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by A freind on 1/28/2001 at 7:02:03 AM
Thats what it is, Welcome Rob". You know Rob, even though they are under construction, it is intresting to see ones imagination during creation. So if you have not taken pictures yet, do so. There is a web site who would like to see your work. Don't get me wrong, kustom paint is nice, but charactor is cool to! So try to assemble a start to finish process of your kustom bicycle prodjucts with photos. 4"x 3". Much sucess to you and your work. Have any questions, feel free to ask.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by Rob on 1/30/2001 at 4:43:03 PM
well,okay,but they are not as nice as you guys stuff....where do i send the pics???..........thanx,Rob.....and where do i get drum brake rims CHEAP??

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by A freind on 1/31/2001 at 6:13:33 AM
Eric, Its good to here you concidered sending some photos. We are looking foward in seeing your work. The people at Biker Rod N Kustom are one of the coolest web sites around. My personal experince with Jim Wilson The Editor of htt://bikerodnkustom2.homestead.com Has been a positive expereince. He's a busy man, so allow some time for a responce to your request. He will E-mail you as soon as he can. Or you can go to his web site, that I posted. Don't sweat the small stuff, like if your bike is up to par to another guys bike. Just make sure the Kustoms you build are "mechanically" ridable! Have a nice day.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by Rob on 1/31/2001 at 9:35:25 AM
thanx for the kind words Eric...i actually build my bikes as riders...now,i am NOT trying to piss people off,but i really cant stand to see a custom bike that you cant ride??!!...the cranks so low they cant even be pedaled!!! thats a joke...show bike???...and you cant ride it??? wow!! all that money,what a waste......everyone of my bikes are built as strong as possibile,and have awesome brakes too....they arent too pretty,but you can take them off curbs,jumps,and other road hazards without having to push the mangled remains back home....now i will have to get one painted up.....i have four serious bikes,all started life as banana seat bikes or choppers--which are anything from single speeds to 6 speeds....drum brakes,disc brakes etc.....i ride in the local parades every year,and actually made it on the news one year,with my raleigh chopper......we have about 5 people building customs in my town this year...summer is coming!!!!.......last but not least==i NEED 20 inch front drum brake rims...new old doesnt matter...just e-mail me....thanx,Rob

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by Catfoods Rob on 1/31/2001 at 12:44:11 PM
Hay ROB, YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANT HIDE!!!!!!!!Nice to see you up and running again, my mailbix seems so empty these days,. Did I send you the Dyno pics? Im constructing a serious custom for Billing 01,And weve unearthed The official worlds first musclebike....I kid you not ( well, maybe just a little) when its restored , it too will be at Billing ( a U.K.MuscleBike meet for the uninittiated) Ill post pictures with Jim at rob`n custom as soon as possible.
Cheers amigo.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by A freind on 1/31/2001 at 1:50:56 PM
Excuse me Rob, I posted your name by accident using Erics name. Correction Rob is the guy who I replied to. Thank you A freind.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by Rob on 1/31/2001 at 2:39:10 PM
DUDE!!! too cool to hear from you again...yes,as you know my PC was giving me problems for months...i finally ended up with a new harddrive,but i lost over 12oo people in my e-mails...i just got back on this past weekend too..............drop me a line real soon......for you guys who dont know Catfood Rob,hes a Very Cool bike guy over in Merry old England......bikes are almost twice as expensive over there......and locating parts is a small miracle......those guys got it tuff over there.....looked at a map,and saw that England is about the size of two or three of our smaller States!!!......it is quite the advantage we have over here in the USA....theres probably more bikes in our junkyards then there is in all of England!!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Thanx!! posted by CatfoodRob on 2/3/2001 at 4:28:27 AM
Incase any of our American cousins diddnt know, the Old bike scene is real big here in the U.K. also.There are a lot of vintage bike collectors, and the 70`s musclebike scene is strong (remember the RaleighChopper is an English bike) The custom/lowrider scene isnt so big, a few lowriders turn up at Custom/HotRod car shows, but not many.
Myself and a few friends are trying to put that right ,and at the Billing Musclebike Meeting this summer there should be quite a few customs mixing it with the Raleigh Chopper gang. We also recently imported some Dyno cruiser bikes, theres a dozen or so in the u.k. now.The looong Roadsters stop traffic whenever they appear.You guys are so lucky with the diversity of your old bikes, the diamond frame design used throughout the last centuary for english bike design, means a 1910 bike looks pretty much the same as a 1980 bike...the "public" cant see a differance...we had no 50`s cruisers or other cool bikes, and the Chopper was just about the only musclebike sold over here.Rob, I`ll mail you the latest pics.....also, any othger readers of this page who`d like info on the u.k. bikes, mail me also.

AGE / VALUE:   Important Information! posted by: BMC on 1/26/2001 at 8:17:57 AM
Whats up! This is BMC LowRider Bicycle Parts. BMC carries the largest selection of Lowrider Bicycle Parts and accessories at the best prices. If you find cheaper advertiized price, BMC will not only it, we will BASH IT! For your BMC catalog send $3.00 to: BMC. 146 E. Duarte Rd./Suite #998 Arcadia, California. 91006 Send orders or any letters to this address. Tel:(626)442-1581 or fax:(626)442-1639 visit us www.bashmailerorder.com

CUSTOMS:   Strange but TOTALLY TRUE posted by: Larry on 1/23/2001 at 10:36:51 AM
When I was a wee little boy I rode a STRANGE tricycle. It had a seat that raised and lowered as you pedaled. The handlebars were "T" shaped. I would be interested in possibly purchasing one if anyone can lead me to one.

MISC:   Schwin Plate Name Texas Special posted by: Donna McNeil on 1/19/2001 at 9:41:17 AM
I would like to find someone who has information regarding this bike.
It has a front wheel lock with a key in it. Girls bike with headlight and looks like a book carrier on back.

CUSTOMS:   Lowracers posted by: R.D. on 1/16/2001 at 11:50:06 PM
I wrote to VVVintage a while back and said that there was not a catagory for my bike. Well, now there is and here is the address to a picture of my Custom lowrider HPV Recumbent. I just call it a lowracer. http://www.wisil.recumbents.com/wisil/stockinger/alley_cat.htm

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Lowracers posted by BillG on 1/25/2001 at 6:30:40 AM
That's hot. Check it out, people!

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   Lowracers posted by A freind on 1/26/2001 at 9:52:18 AM
That it is! Looks like to much fun. Thanks for sharring.

CUSTOMS:   custom head badges posted by: Jeffrey Madden on 1/12/2001 at 8:21:08 PM
I have a 70's Sting Ray that I am doing the last touches on. I am making it into a lowrider that matches my 2000 Jetta. I have about $2500 into it now but would like to get a custom head badge made. Does anyone know where I can get one? I would like the badge to be a Volkswagon emblem. Thanks, Jeff

   RE:CUSTOMS:   custom head badges posted by JimW. on 1/13/2001 at 1:39:08 PM
You can make your own etched head badges pretty easily. Electronic parts sources such as Digi-Key sell 10-packs of a paper-like material which works in laser-printers of Xerox machines.
It's for making printed circuit etching masks. You print your design on the paper (backwards), then use an electric clothes iron to fuse the printout to the metal surface. It is then soaked in
water until the paper substrate comes off. The design remains on the metal surface, acting as a mask against the etchant chemical. You will need to apply some sort of resist to the back surface of the metal. Asphaltum, a tar-like paint is very good.If you use copper, ferric chloride PC board etchant will work well. This is available at electronic parts sources, including Radio Shack.
If you use aluminum, the etchant can be lye (Drano drain cleaner will work well). Bear in mind that your mask needs to be a negative. The etchant eats into the exposed metal surface. You can get a fairly deep etch with either process. After you've washed the etched metal and removed the resist, trim the headbadge to shape and drill the mounting holes. Then you can bend it to the desired
curve. You can apply paint into to the etched recesses, or use dyed or pigmented epoxy resin, which will give a thicker, durable coating.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   custom head badges posted by A freind on 1/26/2001 at 9:57:06 AM
Hellooooooo Mr. Wilson! The contribuating editor.

LOWRIDERS:   anyone know were to get posted by: doc on 1/10/2001 at 8:49:25 AM
anyone know where I can get gangsta tuff products for my lowrider

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   anyone know were to get posted by A freind on 1/26/2001 at 8:04:17 AM
Try Slam-Ride in Pico Rivera California. They may be able to help you with your needs. Phone # (562)801-9339

AGE / VALUE:   Happy New Year to All! posted by: Larry on 1/9/2001 at 6:02:26 AM
How's everybody doing? I am sure we will be hearing alot about new and unfinished prodjects from last year, and others to come. So the best to you, and your goals in Kustom building.

FOR SALE:   Parting out 1970 boys Schwinn 'ray frame, repro springer seat strut shocks, + more..... posted by: Tim P. on 1/2/2001 at 7:50:48 PM
This bike was originally a 1970 20" boys Schwinn Sting-ray. I traded a new reproduction blue Sting-ray for this ' 70, that was set up to be a Krate clone. It had an aftermarket springer fork, suspension seat strut, [sissy bar], two banana seats, 20" and 16" rims laced to aftermarket hubs, and had been painted with a spray can! I have stripped the bike and am selling everything off the frame. I will price items individually, or as a package. All items will sell for CHEAP!!! The rims are 16" -28 hole, 20" -36 hole. Have two sets of Schwinn one-piece cranks and chainring that the chrome is decent. Yes, the frame is for sale too for $40.00. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Parting out 1970 boys Schwinn 'ray frame, repro springer seat strut shocks, + more... posted by alex on 1/3/2001 at 7:13:50 PM
what kind of a chainguard do you have? is it the type that goes over the 5 point sprocket or the kind that goes over the lucky 7 sprocket?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Parting out 1970 boys Schwinn 'ray frame, repro springer seat strut shocks, + more... posted by Tim P. on 1/5/2001 at 8:53:07 PM
' 70 'ray frame,chainguard, and springer is sold. Other items listed plus some that are not listed are still for sale.

AGE / VALUE:   Jim Huntingtons Bike Show/ Monson, Mass posted by: Peter Naiman on 12/30/2000 at 5:08:14 PM
Jim Huntington is holding his show and swap in Monson, Mass on Rt. 32 at Memorial Hall on Main St. Set up time 7-8:00am
call Jim Huntington Days: 413-283-4113
Nights: 413-267-5230
If not in leave a message and Jim will call back/ Swap spaces $20.00 call early as this show will fill up fast. A Judged bike show will also be held with awards given.

LOWRIDERS:   never seen posted by: Sebastian on 12/19/2000 at 2:53:47 AM
Hey guys. Does ne1 of you know this kind of frame shown here: http://members.tripod.de/ss_ridaz/galerie/gidbike.htm ?

Sebastian °LowStylezHH°

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   never seen posted by Sebastian on 12/22/2000 at 1:00:42 AM
O.K., O.K. - I wrote an email to this guy. The Frame is Scratch-Built!!!!!! This Guy's amazing! :) Nice one!

Sebastian °LowStylezHH° ... http://www.lowriderbike.de

MISC:   original lowreider bike posted by: Brandon on 12/17/2000 at 9:24:54 PM
Hey guys,
What do you guys know about this? I read somewhere, I believe it to be a lowrider magazine, not positive, that George Barris created the first lowrider bicycle.....Seems he made a schwinn style frame by welding Chain links together and adding bike parts and a springer fork. It was for Eddie on the Munsters T.V show. Does anybody know where to get a picture of this bike? I saw one a long time ago. How heavy could this have been?

Also I would like to know if anyone has pictures/magazines with Custom Bicycles from the 70's.

   RE:MISC:   original lowreider bike posted by CatfoodRob on 2/3/2001 at 4:46:48 AM
Hay Brandon, I know nothing of the Munsters bike,but I also would like to know about it, no one has replied here,maybe you could hunt Munsters websites.....there must be some out there. Ive read plenty articles over the years about the Munsters vehicles, but recall no mention of the bike. A mystery indeed, and one that needs sorting out quick.Mail me if you have any news, I`m off tho yahoo to search for munsters stuff..............

   RE:MISC:   original lowreider bike posted by CATFOODROB on 2/7/2001 at 1:56:23 PM
Brandon..i posted messages on a heap of munster sites, but nio joy.Itrawled thru a picture archive 150 pages big.still no joy.However, on eddie munsters own page, you can purchase signed pictures of eddie, one of them is called "eddie on his famous chain bike" so it must exist.theres no picture though.( you have to buy it)
If Ican locate a picture, ill make a replica.....keep watching the skies......