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MISC:   WebSite Hosting posted by: Jimmy on 3/30/2002 at 10:09:08 PM
Does anyoone know of any websites that offer free website doomain names. I went to Findmyfreehost.com , but when I type the web address in it says I havent started buildiing my site, I tryed homepad and there site wont come up, does any one know???Please reply if you do.I really need one for my lowrider site. www.geocities.com/jimmyjohnson3008//lowriderbicycle.html

   RE:MISC:   WebSite Hosting posted by Stacey on 3/31/2002 at 2:52:44 AM
Try www.freeservers.com they work well for me, you can get multiple sites if you need more space. Downside is you can pnly use their "Filemanager" to load your page. Gots to pay to use FTP

   RE:RE:MISC:   WebSite Hosting posted by Stacey on 4/6/2002 at 12:52:05 AM
You're Welcome Jimmy...... Don't mention it

CUSTOMS:   Bike pics posted by: butnut on 3/28/2002 at 11:12:40 AM
Jim at Bikerodnkustom let me know the new issue/page is up! It's especially exciting for me because I sent in some of my bike pics. He did a killer layout of my bikes as well as other kool rides. That chopper is awesome and I'm itchin' to build one for myself. I'm sure most here know of this site, for those who don't, it's the ultimate kustom bike builers site.
Jim, sorry if you wanted to break the news of your new issue first...I'm up way too late and just excited to see the bikes. Aloha Brian Mikami

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Bike pics posted by JimW. on 3/28/2002 at 8:53:24 PM
No problemo, Brian. Glad you like it. It's well worth a look, everybody.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Bike pics posted by James Donohue on 4/5/2002 at 3:54:27 PM
Yes! The new Bikerodnkustom is Fantastic.
There are several new bikes I've never seen before.
The one that's a model of the Golden Gate Bridge is totally artistic.
My only complaint about BR&K is the main page loads so slow because it is large
and has many embedded graphics.
It's fine on a computer with Cablevision supplying the bandwidth. Im' really complaining about dial up.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   Bike pics posted by Stacey on 4/6/2002 at 12:57:28 AM
Well James, you could always set your browser NOT to load images. LOL Though it would kinda defeat the purpose, eh? I feel for you bro' I run a three station LAN through a 33.6 dial-up myself. I just start the page loading, go grab a coffee and by the time I get back the page is mostly loaded.

Kinda reminds me of that old song... "The Things We Do For Love"

In the wind,

LOWRIDERS:   ATTENTION ALL! posted by: Jimmy on 3/27/2002 at 12:15:40 AM
EVERYONE!!! I added four more new pictures to my site, and three pictures of my lowrider bicycle models, go check it out!!! I think everyone is pleased after they viit my site, it has a hot to build a lowrider bicycle frame section, picture section, and a place for anyone who wants to send in their pics to be posted. New changes are being made everyday. I will continue to add more pics, but please send some pics to add for me, or I will just have to go find them myself(BORING!) I want to see new stuff, you can send in a sketch of a bike, and I will post it. I plan on making a place for bicycle designs if I get about 10 sketches. Any suggestions will be heplful. PLEASE send in 1 picture!!! Send to jimmy3008@hotmail.com and I WILL post picture. I want to fill everyspace. I have unlimited space so send in lots!!!!!!!Any thing that has to do with lowriders will work for this project.If you like I can add your name to picture. Thanks

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   ATTENTION ALL! posted by Jimmy on 3/27/2002 at 12:25:28 AM
Oh yeah, the website address is http://www.geocities.com/jimmyjohnson3008//lowriderbicycle.html Go there and chack out new updates and send in picture while your there.

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   ATTENTION ALL! posted by Catfood Rob on 3/28/2002 at 6:31:18 PM
For goodness sake go buy yourself a www.xxxxx.com name for your site... make it easy for us to visit. They are only about $20 for two years... go for it.. plus you get e-mails in its name...do it!

AGE / VALUE:   Straightening plastic wheels posted by: Dale on 3/26/2002 at 1:47:35 PM
So I have this 14" scooter wheel that's crooked at the rim. (The hub turns nice and true.) It's rideable, since it has a drum brake so the rim doesn't need to be straight for a caliper brake.

How do I go about straigtening it? A long pipe? Heat? Leave it as it is, for fear of breaking it? Spoked wheels I understand, plastic is new to me.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Straightening plastic wheels posted by Kim on 3/26/2002 at 2:28:57 PM
I've heard that freezing them works. You put the rim in the freezer for a couple days, then take it out. As it thaws out it re-gains it's original shape.

Never tried this myself..

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Straightening plastic wheels posted by clayton on 4/1/2002 at 4:01:15 PM
yea shove em in the freezer but it only works on certain ones like i got on my standard

LOWRIDERS:   MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by: JIMMY on 3/25/2002 at 2:10:46 AM


   RE:LOWRIDERS: MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by Sebastian on 3/25/2002 at 8:39:38 AM
helluva sweet ride! Did U paint it yourself? Can't wait t osee it finished. Maybe you'll try to get some higher-quality Pics. Thanks.

btw: my parts finally arrived from aztlanbicycle (after 3 Months of waiting (!)) Seems they don't like to ship overseas. Right now I'm preping the frame for paint. ave to hurry up, 'cause the weather is getting better over here and I can't see the parts standing around. I WANT TO RIDE THAT BABY! ;)

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C. Hamburg, Germany°

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS: MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by jimmy on 3/26/2002 at 2:08:06 AM
The pics are bad because I was in a hurry with my webcam and I wanted every one to see it because I was wanting eveyone to see it. But you can still see the pictures allright, there not as bad as some other I have seen.

   RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS: MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by JimW. on 4/3/2002 at 10:53:20 AM
So, you work six months or whatever on building and painting a great bike, and then you shoot pictures of it with a "camera" that's barely adequate for people to watch each other masturbate in video chat rooms? I would have been perfectly willing to wait for some decent photos. "Not as bad as some I've seen" isn't much of a goal to shoot for. I presume that wasn't the attitude you took when you were painting it. What was the big rush?

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by James Donohue on 4/5/2002 at 4:06:01 PM
None of the photos showed up on my computer.
But the text was interesting.

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by Vindicator on 4/6/2002 at 1:02:38 AM
"Jimmy's" page dosen't work with Netscape James. It's obvious looking at his code that it was done with a "Builder" applet on the hosts site. He needs to learn to write HTML and code a nice lean page... and take some decent pix, properly sized so the load quickly too. Honestly, his page is a waste of time... amaturish.

   RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   MY NEW WEBPAGE posted by JimW. on 4/6/2002 at 3:59:30 AM
I was using I Explorer last time I checked, prior to my previous post. It was all "X"s then. I'd like to stress that I'm not setting out to trash Jimmy. I'm using him as an example of what we should all avoid.

You bust your hump building the bike. Don't blow your first chance at showing it off by putting up crappy pix and posting an all-caps invitation to come look at it. Take the time to do decent photos. People will not come back to your site to see if you've added real pictures. If they don't see them in the first visit, they will never come back.

On the other hand, Jimmy, if you get some decent shots of the thing, we will be glad to add it to the BR&K Gallery.

MISC:   schwinn frames posted by: metlhed on 3/24/2002 at 10:58:07 PM
lots of you guys probably already know but,
has schwinn full size frames for $50 each!!!!

   RE:MISC:   schwinn frames posted by metlhed on 3/24/2002 at 11:02:35 PM
junior stingray frames-$40
full size stingray frames-$50

LOWRIDERS:   My first time building a lowrider posted by: Nick on 3/24/2002 at 4:03:44 AM
Hey this is my first time building a lowrider can anyone help me? I need any info I can get like tips/tricks and an idea of how much I'm gonna spend. Please help!!

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   My first time building a lowrider posted by metlhed on 3/24/2002 at 6:29:58 PM
i just started mine and i have spent about $200

   RE:LOWRIDERS: Lowrider for sale posted by Bob on 3/24/2002 at 9:46:44 PM
Complete custom lowrider. Black wrinkle paint finish, 16 inch 60 spoke rims, custom forks,seat,sissy bar with flames.
Crushed velvet backrest with studs. Red fringe on seat and pedal covers. 35 to 40 spikes on various places. Aluminum dice on axle nuts and kickstand foot. White wall tires. Studded mud flaps. Mirrors, lights velvet covered chain guard. Must sell, way too many bikes. $600.00 or best. Live in metro Detroit Area.

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   My first time building a lowrider posted by clayton on 3/29/2002 at 2:00:41 PM
hey man the skyes the limit myself i bought a ertle bike awesome fenders but it allready had ape hangers on it i spent 10 bucks on flames and i the front fork welded instead of a springer that costed 10 if i were u i woulld get on ebay

MISC:   My new webpage posted by: jimmy on 3/23/2002 at 7:53:51 PM
Hello,I JUST finished my lowrider page,Right now it has the steps of building a lowrider bicycle frame, I hope to add pictures of my bike in the process.It dosent look bad actually,visit it at: http://www.geocities.com/jimmyjohnson3008//lowriderbicycle.html tell me what you think!


   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by JimW. on 3/24/2002 at 6:43:18 AM
Thank you, Jimmy. It's very good for us all, when you share your experience. Please keep doing it.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 3/24/2002 at 9:36:40 AM
Hey Jimmy. That's a nice build up page you set up. Yes, do add some pics in. I prefer lacquer when shooting Candy with the base coat method you describe. It drys fast and flash time between coats is about 5 minutes. You have more control and can build the desired intensity of color with multiple coats of lacquer. NAPA used to sell Martin Senor (automotive) Candy in the spray can with lacquer gold and silver base. The clear spray lacquer was also nice quality which you could build up and later buff out. Enamel is OK but it's hard to get that candy transparancy and it takes forever to dry. I had good results using NAPA ratle cans..now I use an HVLP spray gun and compressor for all my painting. I still only use lacquer paint for solids, candy and metalflake. A specilty lacquer compatible high-gloss urethane (with or with out pearls) is my clear coat of choice. It's liquid glass with no buffing. Keep it low!

   RE:RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by jimmy on 3/24/2002 at 5:56:35 PM
Yes, some may prefer laquer over enamel but I prefer enamel because of the thousands of colors Arnolds Motor Supply and SUGHY sells, combined they have over 2000 colors, plus you can custom match any color needed, and create new colors, but laquer is still pretty good to use, it does dry faster, and thats good if your in a bind that you need the bike done for a show in a couple days, but enamel is harder to get right, but I have more experience with enamel than laquer, so I just reccommended it on my site.
Thanks for checking it out, i'll be sure to add some pics of my bike and you can send a picture of your bike if you like to jimmy3008@hotmail.com and I will be sure to post it.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 3/24/2002 at 9:15:20 PM
Hey Jimmy. Enamel is much more available to the public and I am impressed as to how much colors is available to you. I have even seen the 'chameleon' 3 step paint in rattle can. I belive auto painters pay over $400.00 a gallon for this trick paint. Changes color everytime you move. Also, I think lacquer is illegal to spray in Cali. (don't know if this applys to spray can)..but it has way to much solvents released. It may go the way of the dinosaur. Waterbased paints are what lots of painters are using now. Especially the airbrush artists. I just love the smell of fresh paint in the morning! :)

   RE:RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by jimmy on 3/25/2002 at 2:08:53 AM
I on the other hand have seen tons of this "MIRAGE" paint in the ares, O'Riellys auto parts sells it, among many other automotive places. And enamel only cost 400.00 if you buy the House of Color or a chromlusion color, but you only need 1 pint to do the whole bike, not a gallon, Im sorry to say but I think everything you have posted in this message was untrue.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 3/25/2002 at 5:24:17 AM

   RE:RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by JimW. on 3/25/2002 at 6:20:06 AM
The last time I was working in Burbank, the Fire Department inspectors came around. They wanted to be sure that we were only using spray cans. They didn't check the cans for their contents, so I presume we could have been using spray-can lacquer. I like lacquer, but I have to do my painting indoors, so I stick with the enamel in spray cans. That's bad enough. For my neighbors and family. Personally, I could develop a nasty lacquer-vapor habit. I think it smells great.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 3/25/2002 at 8:48:18 AM
I would like to know the name of the paint manufacturer who will CUSTOM match any color, CREATE a new color IN A SPRAY CAN for the average walk in customer. That's amazing. Also, the name of the paint manufacturer who makes the CLEAR with pearl, metallic and metalflake IN A SPRAY CAN. I must have been under a rock...Enamel IMO, has too much solids to be used as a true candy application. You use a silver or gold base and spray enamel over that, by the time you get even coverage, the base color is covered up. Lacquer, with it's transparent fast dying properties, allow you to build top color while allowing the base color to show through. House of KOLOR, is one of the finest paints I have used (not in a spray can silly). It does cost more but quality always does. I have painted bikes, models etc since the 1960's using spray cans so I am very familiar with it and get great results. I used a conventional spray gun and HVLP over 10 years ago professionally...getting paid to paint. I have sprayed just about every type of product, automotive, furniture and polyester (surfboard finish). I have my own atomotive paint touch up business now. Do i know anything about paints? If you don't think so, that's fine by me. But give me the names of the paint can company who makes these products so I can use them on smaller projects without having to drag out my compressor, spray gun hose, mixing containers yada yada....I'm really interested. Say hey Jim W.! I did'nt think spray cans of any kind would be illegal...now I know. Ask any auto paint shop though...I believe only HVLP guns are allowed as conventional creates too much overspray vapors. After painting (without a mask) for so many years, I have to use a mask even with minor use of a rattle can...my chest hurts badly. Use a mask always...even enamel is not as harmless as many think. Lungs have no filters! Lacquer does have a 'sweet' smell...hehe...it's 'kills' me now :)...take care man.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 3/27/2002 at 8:00:16 AM
Cough! (butnut clears his throat to get Jimmy's attention)... :)

   RE:RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by JimW. on 4/2/2002 at 9:13:06 PM
I've found one outfit http://www.towerpaint.com/customcans.html
that claims they'll put any kind of paint you want in a spray can. I've never actually dealt with them, as stock colors have done it for me, so far. Worth checking out their site. There may be other sources out there, but Tower was the only one I could find a couple of years ago.

   RE:MISC:   My new webpage posted by butnut on 4/3/2002 at 7:27:39 AM
Well I'll be jiggered! That's damn kool Jim. I have seen some real nice automotive colors lately and that would be the way to go. I'll talk to those folks to learn more . I do know I have to pay an ungodly 'hazardous materials' handling fee for any paint I bring in. I'll see if the costs of doing it that way vs me just spraying the old fashoned way will save me money. Maybe I'm just getting lazy in my old age. Factory paint in a rattle can...thanks for following up on my question. I guess the 'other guy' could'nt give me an answer.

LOWRIDERS:   hey posted by: jimmy on 3/21/2002 at 12:45:46 AM
wheres everyone,what you been up to,or building?peace out II * :-X

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   hey posted by Sebastian on 3/21/2002 at 8:21:45 PM
still nothing new over here.

I'm still workin' on the Schwinn-Cruizer called "TequilaSunrize", that has to be repainted, cause the clear messed up the paint.
Still have the Euro-Style-Lowriderbike called "EazyOrange" at the welders shop. Hope to get it back soon.
And have started a 12inch Bike that I will build as a MuscleCar-like KidsBike. Will have some 5Spoke wheels, painted flat-lightblue with glossy-white stripe and maybe glossy-lightblue ghostflames. Plus thousands of wicked ideas in mind but no time to think about 'em.

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C. Hamburg, Germany°

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   hey posted by metlhed on 3/21/2002 at 9:53:55 PM
i just ordered my new parts from lovely lowrider, they should be here around next wednesday. my bike is going to look good. i am trying to think of a good name for it, it is metallic blue, the only name i have thought of but sounds to bland is "lowad dreemz". i have a second bike started which is a girls bike(both are 20 inch) and i am tryin to think of a creative name for it with something involving "princes?" thanx

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   hey posted by metlhed on 3/21/2002 at 9:59:32 PM
sorry i ment to say prinses i can think of how to spell it right now but you should get the idea

   RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   hey posted by metlhed on 3/21/2002 at 9:59:49 PM
sorry i ment to say prinses i can think of how to spell it right now but you should get the idea

MISC:   ?!?!?!?! posted by: metlhed on 3/17/2002 at 9:51:46 PM

   RE:MISC:   ?!?!?!?! posted by JimW. on 3/19/2002 at 6:54:13 AM
Thanks for the wake-up call, metlhed, it was getting kind of dull around here. Let's all take his reminder to heart. We're loud, proud, and whatever rhymes with those other two.
Moto means bizness! Word up, Yo!

AGE / VALUE:   Powder Coating Frames posted by: Patrick on 3/15/2002 at 4:17:35 AM
I saw an interesting powder coating system for sale in a recent Eastwood Company catalog and immediately thought of the potential for restoring bicycle frames and even older painted wheel sets. There are a few limitations though which may make it prohibitive to the average guy. 1) You either need to buy their very expensive heat lamp system to get the powder to liquify and spread at 400 degrees or else find some very large industrial oven large enough to hold a frame. 2) Is 400 degrees a heat which would damage the frame or espescially thinner parts like fenders or wheels? 3) I have no experience with preparing metal for this system. Anyone else ever done this? Thanks in advance for any and all advice or help. Patrick

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Powder Coating Frames posted by butnut on 3/15/2002 at 7:41:24 AM
That is a very reasonably priced powder coat system and I would love to have it. I don't do much resto work now and usually work with the Schwinn resto lacquers anyway. Powder coating (done by pro shops) has gone way down in price from when it first came out. You need to sandblast all parts to be coated. Do it youself if you have the set up, take it to a sandblast facility, or the powder coat place. It is an additional expense. 400 degrees won't harm much...have yet to see a cookie sheet warp. Unless you plan to do a lot of PC or do side jobs to help off set the costs, it's probably cheaper to have a shop do it. It does look like a lot of fun and I'd probably PC everything in sight. The huge advantage over conventional spraying is no nasty paint fumes or overspray (well, maybe very little)...I used to make my neighbors choke when I sprayed lacquer and later urethane clear coat. I don't do it at home any more. I hope I did'nt discourage you, just giving some options...I'd love to have a blast cabinet and PC system...I've got enough equipment invested in my hobby right now, money goes into the house and high cost of living here. Good luck.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Powder Coating Frames posted by sam on 3/22/2002 at 4:24:16 AM
Some time back there was a good articet in Lowrider Mag on PC. They recomended to buy as a club project because of cost and also could be used for smaller parts and use an old electric oven.

MISC:   Free to a good home posted by: Dale on 3/13/2002 at 5:49:07 PM
I have an expander bolt and wedge for a '60s vintage Schwinn super-long seatpost. I think they used these on the Stingray series. The bolt is about 18" long and is in good condition. It's just taking up space in my garage and some restorer out there might be able to use it. You can have it for the cost of shipping. Pls. email me if interested.

   RE:MISC:   Free to a good home posted by metlhed on 3/16/2002 at 1:56:24 AM
try posting this in the muscle bike discussion

CUSTOMS:   Headset Conversions posted by: Patrick on 3/13/2002 at 4:53:16 AM
I have a few custom buildup projects stalled now until I can either find some advice or parts. I am trying to find or build special headset bearing cups to fit a 1.125" shock fork to a Schwinn Typhoon and a Schwinn Stingray, both designed for a 1" steerer fork. I know that the 1.125 bearing cups are too large to fit inside the frame - but what about a custom set that fits to the outside of the frame so there is enough clearance to mount the larger diameter fork and bearing cups? Has anyone out there done this? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Headset Conversions posted by mike on 3/14/2002 at 10:08:22 PM
Have you tried a BMX headset? That may be the size.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   Headset Conversions posted by JimW. on 3/16/2002 at 6:33:44 PM
I've never tried it, but if I were going to, I'd have a machinist make a pair of adapters machined to accept the larger bearing cups, with an inner bore corresponding to the outside diameter of the head tube. Then I'd weld it in place. The drawback is that those are a couple of substantial chunks of steel they're made from. Might be tough to find. It might be easier to adapt the fork's steerer tube and bearing cones to the smaller diameter.

CUSTOMS:   Schrogg-Bikes Customs posted by: Sebastian on 3/11/2002 at 9:57:22 AM
Hi Folx, I just got some pictures from Schrogg-Bikes from a small town near Halle, Germany. These guys build Custom Cruisers and make their BodyMods from WOOD! You can see pictures of some of their rides @ http://www.lowriderbike.de -> Cruisers -> Schrogg-Bikes

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C. Hamburg, Germany°

AGE / VALUE:   Dear Jim W posted by: Fast Eddie on 3/6/2002 at 6:04:18 PM
Jim W. Just so you know, if I do the buy the Monarch Silverking I am not going to customize it. I want it to look as close as possible to the way it did when it rolled off the line. I have a race ready gravity bike and a show bike that is still in the making but I dont have a cool cruiser and the Monarch is the coolest looking cruiser I have ever seen. By the way, you didn't answer my question, how much is a fair price to offer the guy for the bike? He is anxious to sell but I hesitant to make an purchase if I am ignorant of the items worth.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Dear Jim W posted by Joel on 3/6/2002 at 10:55:35 PM
There are several Silverking models and the value will depend on the model and condition.

A standard girl's model in fair condition may sell for less than $100 and a girl's Wingbar in excellent condition just sold on Ebay for $3000+.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Dear Jim W posted by JimW. on 3/7/2002 at 3:27:25 AM
Sorry, I was away from the computer for a couple of days. I'm not a good person to give you pricing info. Joel sounds like he knows the score. Try the guy for a hundred I would think it would be fair. Girl's bikes are definitely cheaper.
Of course, the guy may think that anything old and interesting is worth a fortune. We have a couple of Silver King Hot Rods in the BikeRod&Kustom Gallery by Andrea Burchell at http://mywilson.homestead.com/gallery18.html
Leon Dixon has a good article on Silver Kings at