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MISC:   Bike Lanes posted by: AviationMetalSmith on 3/29/2004 at 4:44:04 PM
What's the difference between a bike route and a bike lane?
A bike route is marked with signs, green signs with a white bike and the words:"BIKE ROUTE".
A bike lane is marked by white lines on the pavement.
A bike way is a separate paved path, separated from a road by curbs, foliage and trees, OR follows the abandoned railroad tracks and i9s nowhere near any roads.

   RE:MISC:   Bike Lanes posted by Aviation Metal Smith on 3/29/2004 at 5:10:41 PM
typo: There's no 9 in "is" ,not "i9s".

Anyway, this weekend I rode 20 miles. I feel great. I worked up a big appetite and ate lots of oatmeal, frankfurters, egg noodles with gravy, grilled cheese sndwiches, etc.
They say the human body burns 1600 calories an hour while riding a bicycle.
So I was riding my bicycle southbound on a BIKE ROUTE to the traffic light where it ends, I made the left turn onto a road with an unofficial bike lane. the Edge of the road has TWO white lines. There's a white line four feet from the curb and another six feet from the curb. There's a two foot wide "BIKE LANE" between the two lines.
The Police had a radar trap set up. As I was going past them I rang my bell and said"I'm using these white lines as a bike lane. The Police said "That's a good idea!"
The other officers said it was a good idea and one of them said to the others "We should keep an eye out to see what he means."
So there you have it. The police are watching with radars guns. The BIKE LANE is the safest place to ride.

WANTED:   CCM Moto-cross posted by: Steve on 3/21/2004 at 8:47:13 AM
Hey there...I'm new to the whole vintage bike collecting scene. I would like to find a late '70's/early'80's motocross bike. I had an old CCM when I was a kid. It had the wide plastic tank, fenders and number plate. I've been looking for awhile now with no luck...anyone have any info...? Thanx...

   RE:WANTED:   CCM Moto-cross posted by ziggy on 3/22/2004 at 1:20:41 AM
Try ebay, or post this message in the "wanted" section

CUSTOMS:   STOLEN FULLY CHROMED DYNO ROADSTER posted by: Daniel Rann on 3/4/2004 at 8:09:13 PM
Last nite my fully chromed custom 2002 Dyno Roadster (go to www.palmcycle.com to see pic) was stolen from my apartment in West Hollywood CA. It has a black harley seat with chrome studs and a thin red trim around the saddle. The chainguard is completely chromed. 144-spoke wheels. U shaped handlebars, motorcyle mirrors, bullet air tips. I'm offering a $200 reward if it is returned. Call me at (310) 770-1753 or email me.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   STOLEN FULLY CHROMED DYNO ROADSTER posted by AviationMetalSmith on 3/10/2004 at 5:41:40 PM
That is a sad story. I too had one of my best bikes stolen so I know how you feel. You know, back in the old days when horses were the main means of getting around, the penalty for stealing a horse was hanging (by the neck untill dead). That's how I feel about bicycle thieves. They should be hanged.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   STOLEN FULLY CHROMED DYNO ROADSTER posted by ziggy on 3/10/2004 at 10:05:59 PM
I agree.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   STOLEN FULLY CHROMED DYNO ROADSTER posted by Nick on 3/13/2004 at 12:12:51 PM
and casterated!

   RE:RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   STOLEN FULLY CHROMED DYNO ROADSTER posted by snabby on 3/17/2004 at 2:51:26 AM
You mean "castrated".

AGE / VALUE:   EisbeinKruise'04-DVD ... OUT NOW! posted by: Sebastian on 3/1/2004 at 8:20:39 AM
Hi all,

just wanted you to know that the official EisbeinKruise-DVD is out.

Order your copy at http://www.customcruiser.de

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C.,Germany°

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Scott on 2/25/2004 at 12:25:39 AM
does anyone no of any sites that have custom rims for lowrider bikes

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by metlhed on 2/25/2004 at 8:45:39 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by ziggy on 2/25/2004 at 9:35:28 PM
www.coastairbrush.com. Look under vintage choppers.

CUSTOMS:   my chopper posted by: snabby on 2/24/2004 at 9:12:20 PM
Awesome! The two choppers with the wide rear tires were really cool! Hopefully I will send pics of my custom chopper for the next issue. It should be done by april or early may. I can assure you that it will blow everyone away.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   my chopper posted by snabby on 2/24/2004 at 9:17:26 PM
oops, this message was a reply to the person who posted the bikerodnkustom message.

CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by: JimW. on 2/23/2004 at 4:10:53 PM

   RE:CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by metlhed on 2/24/2004 at 12:32:22 AM
hey jim, the new issue looks awesome! keep up the good work! oh yeah, when are we gonna see more of Mr. Moto?? keep up the great work!

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by JimW. on 2/24/2004 at 5:31:32 AM
Thanks; glad you liked it.

Mr. Moto's frame is on a shelf, his engine is under a workbench. He's been put on the back burner for a while, in favor of another moto project. The fourth of our Z4 frames is going to have a 1980 Honda Elsinore air-cooled 250cc 2-stroke shoehorned into it, with those WWW billet wheels with the hole pattern, as seen on the new Editor page, fitted to it. It'll be the most outrageous motorbike ever, and way too fast. Since I acquired a mint-condition Orline bike engine about a year ago, I've been thinking Mr. Moto may end up as a different vintage-style motorbike. We'll see.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by Sebastian on 2/24/2004 at 5:34:31 PM
Another GREAT issue! Love your work Jim - keep it up! Hope to make it in the next issue with my new stretch and my girls cruiser.

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C., Germany°

   A euro-theme would be cool posted by sam on 2/27/2004 at 12:49:38 AM
Sebastian kinda started the euro-bike kustom,a piece on his work/including his club's work would make good reading inaddition to seein cool bikes from Germany--sam

   RE:CUSTOMS: The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by Rif on 2/27/2004 at 2:15:57 AM
Yet another GREAT issue! Up to the standard that we have come to expect as well. Keep it rolling Jim you're doing good things in making the world aware of Kustom bikes, and raising the bar for builders! I still FIRMLY believe that BR&K is directly responsible for all the Kustom goodies being made available to us now, and it keeps growing!
What's funny is NOW some of the bigger manufacturing companies are finally starting to see the light and make kustom goodies.
Also, a question concerning KANDIRU-
The use of CrMO tubing for weight savings is great, but how is it strength-wise when used for something that has a lot of hard road stress such as a long distance, hard ridden moto-bike capable of speeds of 60+ MPH?
I'm still learning about the properties of metals (tubing) in this type application.
Again thanks for another great issue, keep it up!

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS: The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by JimW. on 2/28/2004 at 6:25:43 AM
The CrMo itself is incredibly tough; just bending it smoothly requires major effort and very gradual manipulation. However, brazed joints, as we used on Kandiru, may not make it for powered vehicles. Dave asked a serious pro welder neighbor of his about it, and the guy told him that brazing doesn't stand up very well to continuous vibration as well as welding does. It gets brittle under those stresses. So, CrMo works best for motos if it's TIG welded. Therefore, when we do the Honda 250-powered moto Z4 frame, it'll be TIG welded. I wouldn't try to use MIG welding or stick-arc welding on the thin-walled .030 tubing we used on Kandiru. (Actually, I did try it, which is why we went with brazing-it'll burn-through like Kleenex.) But, for un-powered bike frames, it's tough to beat brazing to do the job, and the incredible lightness of .030 CrMo makes a huge difference in the weight of a kustom bike frame.

   RE:RE:RE:CUSTOMS: The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by JimW. on 2/28/2004 at 7:42:20 AM
PS: I should also point out that CrMo is the metal of choice for home aircraft builders. As a matter of fact, we bought our metal stock from an aircraft source(http://aircraftspruce.com) DIY aircraft builders commonly use gas welders to join the tubing in a metal aircraft frame. The same torch I used for brazing could have been used for welding the thinwall CrMo we used, however, it had been 30 years since I'd used that welding method, so I went with brazing instead. With practice, though, you can torch-weld thinwall CrMo very well. There are some low-pressure torches available which make it even simpler.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:CUSTOMS: The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by ziggy on 3/10/2004 at 10:07:00 PM

   RE:RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by john phillips on 5/26/2004 at 5:45:03 PM
is it still available forsale?

   RE:CUSTOMS:   The New BikeRod&Kustom Is Up posted by Rod on 7/1/2005 at 3:46:02 PM
Hey Jim, this is one hell of a site! The chopper builders are very creative, but I myself prefer Schwinn's classic cantilever geometry, and after viewing Martin Wagner's Phantom and girlfriend's B-6, i've been given another reason to keep that 'old school vibe' with a twist of Daytons on my '66 Heavy Duti; like the late Tupac Shakur once said, "IT AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE OLD SCHOOL!!!"

WANTED:   Need Info posted by: Jesse on 2/21/2004 at 7:45:26 PM
Hey there,
I've Got an old CCM Marauder but i dont know what its worth. It's Got Original Everything except for the color of the frame, pedals, the rims and tires.

   RE:WANTED:   Need Info posted by ziggy on 2/21/2004 at 11:52:16 PM
Try the section on this website. Or wait until someone writes back with some info.

   RE:WANTED:   Need Info posted by MUTZ on 3/6/2004 at 4:07:53 PM
DO you have a pic of this bike or know what year it might be......thankx MUTZ

   RE:WANTED:   Need Info posted by Mike on 4/3/2004 at 9:11:55 PM
I think it would be hard enough to give away since it a
Canadian bike and not very well known. It's a VERY cool bike
though, inovative use of sheet metal, elevated chain stays
and super nice styled. I saw a mint one on Ebay and the guy
was asking $50 cdn and I'm not sure he got it.

AGE / VALUE:   EisbeinKruise'04 - pictures are up! posted by: Sebastian on 2/12/2004 at 4:40:28 PM
Hi all,

sorry for "not posting" in a long time. Had to much to take care of lately.

We had our first Cruise last weekend. The "EisbeinKruise'04" - hardcore cruizing for all the HARDCORE cruisers!
It's been cold (about 7°C) and it's been raining but this couldn't stop us from taking over the city of Hannover/Germany. 41 bikes rushed downtown for a 10kilometers cruise to "Mel's Diner" for a cold one and some burgers. After another 10km cruise back to the city we all met at the "BikersBase" a local bike shop for a little party.

THANKS to everyone who came and made this a cruise to remember.

Pictures are at http://www.customcruiser.de

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C., Germany°

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   EisbeinKruise'04 - pictures are up! posted by sam on 2/21/2004 at 3:28:29 AM
Took the day off work,so had time to check out the German Kustoms.Keep up the good work,Sebastian,Wow what a BLAST!---sam

WANTED:   NEED info on ......PYRAMID posted by: mario MUTZ morello on 2/6/2004 at 8:17:16 PM
Does anybody know where or how to get info of their parts list.....I am working on a older ccm mustang thankx in advance...........mutz

   RE:WANTED:   NEED info on ......PYRAMID posted by JimW. on 2/10/2004 at 8:36:29 PM
Carries pretty much the whole Pyramid line.
BPUSA is a great source of bike parts. I use them a lot, because they have almost anything I ever need, and their prices are reasonable.

To answer a previous enquiry below- the new BikeRod&Kustom is in the works, and will probably be up in about a week.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   NEED info on ......PYRAMID posted by MUTZ on 3/6/2004 at 4:09:55 PM

CUSTOMS:   raking, tanking posted by: metlhed on 2/5/2004 at 8:29:49 PM
hey everyone....

i was wondering, now that i know how to weld...i want to rake the headtube on my bike...26" jc higgins...how owuld i go about doing this, and when i do, should i tig weld it back together?? also, i was wondering, i want to put a tank and skirts on it, but how exactly do i do this...when iput them on, do i MIG or TIG weld them on??

also, what does every one think about powdercoating...i have been thinking about getting my frame done, and buying a kit to do it at home, for small stuff, like hardware and fenders

also, i have an idea for a spinner in my frame...my project is based on a harley davidson, so i will have my brother machine me a pice that says H-D, and i will cut out a section of the seat tube and weld in roller skate berring, and then bolt in the H-D piece so it will spin on the berrings....

when is the new BRnK gonna be out??????

   RE:CUSTOMS:   raking, tanking posted by ziggy on 2/6/2004 at 10:43:03 PM
Tall order. To rake the head tube, cut the top and down tubes behind the head tube. Grind away at the top tube until you acheive the rake you wan't. Be sure that you don't rake it too much otherwise the forks will bend. It doesn't matter which welding machine you use. However TIG welding is better suited to alluminum. MIG welding is easier because you are using a "gun" style welder, but the choice is yours. Make sure the welds are good welds and not sloppy. Also be sure to reinforce the neck area with a gusset that spans the gap between the top tube and the bottom tube near the headtube with a piece of sheet metal cut to shape. To weld on a tank and skirts, TIG welding will make a cleaner weld, but use small tack welds. If you weld for too long on sheet metal you will burn through and you will have to start over. Set your welder accordingly! Powdercoating leaves a clean,smooth eye catching finish, but it isn't kind on your wallet. If you have $500 or more to burn, than go for it. Careful spray painting can look awesome if it is done right. Plus it is cheap. DON'T powdercoat or paint hardware! It won't fit right a hole because of the coating. It will also just cover the threads and will have to be ground off or cleaned off with a dye making the coating useless. If nuts are coated, the threads would have to be cleaned out with a tap. covered holes on the frame would have to be tapped clean also if they are threaded. If not, then they will have to be cleaned out with a drill.

   RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   raking, tanking posted by metlhed on 2/7/2004 at 10:54:05 PM
hey, thanks alot! i never actually thought of putting a gusset inside the tank, but now that you say it, i relized it will help alot! i talked to a local powdercoating shop, and they told me they would do my frame for about $150, but probably less, cause the sandblasting wont take as long, because it has already been done and primered only once.

   RE:RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   raking, tanking posted by sam on 2/8/2004 at 5:32:50 PM
I do agree with ziggy,and would add power coating also limits greatly your paint style.With spray you can mask,blend,fade,add decals,clear coat--well you get the idea.With power you get a great one color frame.---sam PS get several old Huffy frames and try the rake/welding till you get it right--then go for the real thing on your kustom.

   RE:CUSTOMS:   raking, tanking posted by ziggy on 2/10/2004 at 8:51:04 PM
One more thing. Be sure to choose good fork tubes. If you choose to go with the "cheap chopper" fork method, fine. Just be sure to reinforce the entire assembly with good welds on joints. The cheap chopper method involves adding junk tubing or crossbars from another bike frame to a pair of existing forks. This method is OK, but it isn't nearly as strong as single forks. I would go with one 1'' mild steel tubing or larger. It costs about 2$ a foot, but you are only going to need eight to ten feet of it anyway. Solid stock is even better and stronger but more expensive and nearly impossible to bend unless it is bent in a hydraulically equipped bender. for the ends, weld on some pre-made dropouts or make some from 1/4'' plate. Make sure they are PERFECTLY straight or the wheel will be crooked. Great deal on the powdercoat! Usually it costs a lot more than that!

FOR SALE:   Custom motorized lowrider bicycles! posted by: Jeremy on 1/27/2004 at 4:21:17 AM

Visit www.calicruzer.com for complete motorized bicycles, and motor kits. Complete motorized bicycles built using 48cc gas 2 stroke motor kits that make 2 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 30 mph. These motorized bicycles are chain driven, and have a manual clutch for that real motorcycle feel. Cali Cruzer now offers custom motorized lowrider bicycles!

For more details, visit www.calicruzer.com

FOR SALE:   St.Louis Swap Meet posted by: AviationMetalSmith on 1/23/2004 at 6:24:27 PM
The third annual St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federations Bike Swap Meet will take place on Sunday , February 15, from 12:00 to 3:30 PM , at the old KMart in Deer Creek Center, 3200 Laclede Station Road in Maplewood. Admission is $3. An Early Bird admission of $10 will get you in the doors at 11:00 AM.
SHOW YOUR BIKE: $5 per entry in one of three catagories; Stingrays, Pre1944War, and 1945 to 1975.
Contact Dan Schmitz 636-271-2600 or dan@elabelinc.com for more information

LOWRIDERS:   FIRST BORN posted by: NICK on 1/23/2004 at 1:44:11 AM
Just bought a new 26" bike frame, good cond. I'm new to this new LOWRIDER thing and I need help customizing....I have several ideas but don't know how to put them to play....I'm open to suggestions. I'm stationed in Japan Email me GARCIAN@KITTY-HAWK.NAVY.MIL...THANKS.

WANTED:   fake gas tanks posted by: snabby on 1/22/2004 at 12:00:53 AM
Does anyone know where I can get fake gas tanks? I'm looking for the sportster or "peanut" type tank found on old choppers. A good example of what I mean can be found on a chopper bike at wildwheelwerks.com. The bike is white and there are three photos of it. The www crew weren't very helpful when I asked. If you know how to make a tank from foam or wood, please please please tell me! I am not interested in tanks with a lip on the bottom like the Calicruzer motorized bikes or a Warlord cycles coffin tank.

   RE:WANTED:   fake gas tanks posted by AviationMetalSmith on 1/23/2004 at 6:23:04 PM
You want to know how to make one out of foam? Go to a lumber yard and get a 2'x8' board of the colored styrofoam (not the white stuff- the white is made of little beads and they come apart as you sand it). You may get one inch or two inch thickness, but you will probably want to glue pieces together to make the tank three or four inches wide.
Use EPOXY to glue the styrofoam. You can get epoxy at a hobby shop that sells Radio Control (RC) Aircraft.
Carve the foam into the shape of a gas tank so it fits the bike frame. Use epoxy to laminate the shape with some FIBERGLASS. (Other experts recommend using spandex, since it will conform to the shape easier, and it's not really going to demand high strength.)
When using epoxy make sure you MIX THOROUGHLY and in the exact ratio recommended. Most epoxy resins are 1:1 ratio resin to hardener. If you use three ounces of resin(part A) use EXACTLY three ounces of hardener(part B). Failure to mix epoxy correctly will leave you with chemical glop that will never harden. You only have twenty minutes to work with epoxy from the time you mix it till it gets too sticky to work with (Called"pot-life"). WEAR disposable LATEX GLOVES so you don't get any epoxy on your fingers.
I mix my epoxy in a tray designed for paint rollers, as in painting a room in your house. This makes it so much easier to get your gloved hands in than a bucket.

   RE:WANTED:   fake gas tanks posted by David on 2/13/2004 at 10:08:06 PM
Snabby- Check out Coast Airbrush on the web it is under Vintage Choppers, they should have everything you need for a chopper. Perfect tanks for 100 bucks, all types and they seem to have a smooth line at the bottom. The best I have found on the web. Better looking choppers than Warlord.