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AGE / VALUE:   Electric bike popularity posted by: AviationMetalSmith on 6/6/2005 at 11:06:43 PM
This month's issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine has an article about
e-bikes in China. Here are the first few paragraphs for you reading


It's 8 a.m. and Shanghai is moving.

For the cars and trucks crammed together on the elevated highway
cutting through downtown, it's a slow crawl. On the smaller roads
below, traffic is rolling at a steady 10 to 15 kilometers per hour in
what looks like a more traditional Chinese street scene. Vying with
the cars and trucks for the same strip of pavement are a motley
assortment of two- and three-wheeled vehicles-everything from simple
steel-frame bikes and heavily laden pedal-powered carts to motorized

Hidden within this stream is an entirely novel, homegrown class of
commuter vehicle: electric bikes and scooters. There are an estimated
1 million electric two-wheelers on Shanghai's streets; yet to the
Western observer it is only what's missing that gives them away. Some
look like scooters, but they have no tailpipe spewing exhaust, no
sputtering engine. Some look like fanciful bicycles, but their pedals
are oddly still as riders relax and let the battery-powered electric
motor whisk them to work.

For all the talk of China's growing infatuation with automobiles, the
world's most populous nation continues to roll primarily on two
wheels-and, increasingly, an electric motor drives them. The China
Bicycle Association, a government-chartered industry group in
Beijing, estimates that last year manufacturers sold 7.5 million
electric bikes nationwide-nearly double the sales in 2003-and they
are likely to ship more than 10 million this year.

That's three times as many as the most optimistic projections for
auto sales in China. There's a powerful desire for motorized personal
transportation in China as its cities sprawl. The electric bicycle is
an attractive option for commuters, service people, and couriers. At
1500 to 3000 yuan (US $180 to $360), an electric bike is buyable at a
small fraction of the cost of an automobile. It is also exhilarating.
Hop on and crank the throttle, and an electric motor built into the
hub propels you to speeds of 20 km/h or more.

Despite the obvious appeal of electric bikes, some Chinese cities have
banned them altogether, alleging environmental drawbacks and concerns
about public safety. But that hasn't stopped millions from buying
electric two-wheelers in China-an astonishing development for
advocates who have struggled for a decade to build a market for
electric bikes in the United States and Europe.

"It is the dawn of a new era in electric bicycles," says Frank E.
Jamerson, a former leader in electric vehicle R&D at General Motors
Corp. whose Naples, Fla.-based consultancy recently completed a
worldwide review of developments in light electric vehicles. "The
electric bike is now a real player." Jamerson says China's electric
bicycles accounted for roughly three-quarters of the electric
vehicles (EVs) sold worldwide last year. "Courtesy of the Chinese
domestic market, we now have very cheap electric propulsion systems
that will move a human being," says Ed Benjamin, vice president of
the Light Transport Division at electric-propulsion-technology
firm WaveCrest Laboratories LLC, in Dulles, Va., and an authority on
electric-bicycle markets. "The question is: what are we going to do
with them? I'd say we don't know yet."


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by sam on 6/8/2005 at 2:53:08 PM
A couple of years ago I got to test ride a Wave-Crest bike.Interesting consept.They sell e-bikes to the army.They are really quite! Which makes sence.You can increase your ride miles by pedling and recharging on down hill glides.The civilian model is the same as the army only they eletronicly(conputer)govern it for a slower top speed.A computer whis-kid should be able to get around this.And also increase ride miles by adding a trailer battery pack---sam

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by AviationMetalSmith on 6/8/2005 at 4:12:09 PM
There is a hacker who has found a way to bypass the governor on the Wavecrest.
I don't like hackers in general, but at least what he's doing can't get on anyones computer.
The governed bike goes 20 mph and the ungoverned 35 mph.
Have you got any figures as to how many Wavecrest Tidalforce bikes are currently in Iraq?
The http://www.tidalforce.com site now shows the civilian version, whereas last year it showed the military version first.
The tidalforce battery is in the front hub. A reserve battery mounts somewhere on the frame. Not everyone likes the location of the battery. It's bad enough changing a rear tire with the wires coming out the end of the axle. The front has to have wires too, which makes tire changing,... well let's say you might have to call an electrician.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by Kurt K. on 6/13/2005 at 12:46:07 PM
O.T.: The popularized term "hacker" is, in a sense, incorrect for the generalized meaning it has currently. The true, and formerly indended definition for "hacker" is:

hack·er, n.:

"ne who is proficient at using or programming a computer; a computer buff."

The popularized definition of the term "hacker" though, actually belongs (or belonged, you could say - "hacker" is already implanted in the dictionary with this meaning as well) to the word "cracker":

crack·er, n.:

"One who makes unauthorized use of a computer, especially to tamper with data or programs."

Thought I'd make mention of that.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by AviationMetalSmith on 6/13/2005 at 5:35:23 PM
That being said, what the man did was, he re-wrote the software in the bike's electronic speed governor.
It is illegal to ride the Tidalforce unless the 20 mph software is installed.So now he goes 35 mph without a MC license.
I would say the man who did it is proficient at using a computer, and was also doing something illegal.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by Kurt K. on 6/18/2005 at 1:05:54 AM
You did not initially mention it was illigal to ride the Tidalforce at over 20 MPH. Incedentally, what level of goverment says it is illigal? State or Federal?

Something to think over: If Power Wheels had computer-regulated speed governors (not that they do, but let's put it in theory) that restricted speed to 5 mph, and a computer expert programmed it to go 10 mph, can he be arrested?

Of course not. Not unless there was an actual law in effect which banned such a modification. You failed to mention there is a law that bans such modifications on the Tidalforce.

P.S.: It's still "cracker", either way.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by AviationMetalSmith on 6/29/2005 at 5:20:51 PM
The federal law governs the manufacture of electric bicycles. HR 727/sr1156 says the CPSC (consumer products safety commision) shall have jurisdiction over the safety standards. Childrens scooters without pedals (such as the Fisher Price Power Wheels Harley Davidson) can go 15 MPH.
Electric bicycles with functioning pedals are allowed 20 mph. The rider can pedal it faster, but the power output is governed electrically through a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) So the motor won"t do more than 20 MPH worth of EFFORT.
It is posible to buy a hub motor conversion kit from wildernessenergy.com and forget to plug in the orange and green wire two prong plug for the speed governor.
Then your bike will go 35 MPH.
Likewise on my Giant Lafree Sport electric bicycle ,I could remove one of three magnets on the plastic disc on the rear wheel, and the bikes computer will think I'm doing 20 when I'm really doing 30.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Electric bike popularity posted by Kurt K. on 7/9/2005 at 11:36:34 PM
Ok - that makes sense now. Thanks for the info there.


   batteru sipplier posted by wensa on 9/15/2005 at 3:13:10 AM
we are a battery producer ,One of the largest manufacturer of sealed lead-acid battery in China. We produce 2V-36V series batteries with over 200types,rated volume:from 0.3 AH TO 3000 AH . Currently the annual production capacity has reached 600,000 KVAH.

AGE / VALUE:   bike laws posted by: malcolm on 5/30/2005 at 7:46:41 AM
What I'm asking you as bike people,, do you have a copy of any cycle laws you guys have in the USA..
Or can you inform me were on the net I should be looking..

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike laws posted by AviationMetalSmith on 5/31/2005 at 2:06:41 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE: bike laws posted by Rif on 6/1/2005 at 1:16:36 AM

AGE / VALUE:   John Deere Bicycle posted by: AviationMetalSmith on 5/26/2005 at 1:39:12 PM
In Locust Valley , Long Island, there is a John Deere bicycle for sale. It is in the front window of the Andrew Maier Gallery. Slight rust on the handlebars, reflectors crooked. Not restored. $375. That's right , Three Hundred Seventy Five dollars.
The tag on the handlebars says it's a rare John Deere bicycle, ideal for use as wall art or American art.

Someone was working on restoring one of these some months back. I don't know if I should tell him. $375 without restoring it sounds like you might ruin the value. It probably wasn't nearly that much new. I think it looks good in the window where it is now.
As for the theme of a tractor bike, you must know my daughter designed a Kenworth tractor bike, but that had a lot of fiberglass. The John Deere bicycle does not look like a tractor except that it's green and says "John Deere" on it.
Now we have two tractor inspired bikes in the same town.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   John Deere Bicycle posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 5/31/2005 at 9:37:17 AM
$375, eh? Interesting. I suppose it may sell for that much. I've seen them on Ebay from time to time and they do command a fair price but I don't recall them being that expensive.

It's worth what someone will pay for it I suppose... but as to the quality of the machine, I recall they are not of the lugged-frame variety and the rear hub I believe is the Shimano "333". Still, probably more valuable to someone that collects "John Deere" items than to someone that is a velocipede enthusiast.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   John Deere Bicycle posted by Kurt K. on 6/5/2005 at 12:43:27 AM
Seen these things before, know of one fellow who got a matched pair - one women's and one men's. No better then one of those cheapo Free Spirits - might as well have a bike made out of Coca-Cola cans bolted together.

At $375 he can let his Vintage Valuable Antique fade in the shop window for another 20 years. It's a $20 - wait - $10 garage sale item, always has been, always will be. Tell your friend not to waste his time and money restoring one - he'll kick the value down to $3.99.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: John Deere Bicycle posted by Tim S on 7/21/2005 at 5:05:14 PM
Sounds like the 1973 Women's 3 speed, can't say how much it is worth. I have a 1974ish 27 inch black men's 10 speed with lugged frame. Someday I might restore it but first I have to stop riding it. :)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   John Deere Bicycle posted by David on 8/8/2005 at 3:02:59 AM
Does anyone know where one can obtain John Deere Bike Decals [yellow with black trim]? Thank you.

WANTED:   20" RED ROSS BARRACUDA BOYS FRAME!!!!! posted by: j on 5/24/2005 at 5:55:46 PM
hey awhile back someone emailed me and they were selling a 20" red ross barracuda boys bike with trike axle, does anyone know who this was as I now need to contact them!
if anyone can help (or has ross biks or parts or iverson bikes and parts) please email me, thanks: weststreetbikes@hotmail.com

AGE / VALUE:   1994? harley-davidson bicycle posted by: Junior on 5/23/2005 at 3:11:35 AM
does anyone have any info on these kool looking bikes?


AGE / VALUE:   countdown to Abita posted by: sam on 5/21/2005 at 3:53:02 PM
Well we're in the countdown stage to another great Abita bike show.Use to we just all showed up and Abita just kinda was a happing,last year proved that wrong.Abita04 was good,but really showed us the need for planning.Kinda like doing kustom bikes,at first a chopper is just fun,easy to do modify a ray type.But as your skill improves ,planning becomes really nessary for a top notch job.So hope ya'll do your planning---and hope to see ya'll at Abita La. on father's day June19---sam

WANTED:   ROSS FENDERS AND SISSY BAR posted by: j on 5/17/2005 at 1:43:51 AM
hey, I'm looking for a set of 20" ross fenders and a ross sissy bar, if anyone's got anything please let me know, thanks, my email is:

CUSTOMS:   John Deere pic posted by: Dan on 5/16/2005 at 3:10:35 AM
Try 'n' try!


   RE:CUSTOMS:   John Deere pic posted by Dan on 6/4/2005 at 5:30:23 AM
This bike is being offered up on ebay if you want to take a "look-see" type in john deere bicycle or monark bicycle.

CUSTOMS:   Country Customs Monark/ Deere posted by: Dan on 5/16/2005 at 1:21:36 AM
I posted a few month's back about a ride I was working on, a John Deere themed custom. Here I hope is a picture of it in it's current state. Started with a 1957 Monark Speed Chief model bike, added vintage Wald Steering wheel handlebars, green Western Flyer grips, nos chrome bell, mirror plus a J.D. steering wheel spinner knob. New John Deere insignia seat by Nirve, new bent fork springer, new headset, bottom bearing set, '70's nos white pedals, nos axle wing nuts on rear, new chain being turned by a Schwinn Mag style crankset. If the picture doesn't appear I will try it again later(after I get HELP!) Dan


AGE / VALUE:   Larz Anderson Bicycle Show related event on May 22nd posted by: Peter Naiman on 5/14/2005 at 6:34:40 PM
As an early kick off for the Larz Anderson Bicycle Show at the Museum of Transortation on Sunday, August 14th, in Brookline, Massachusetts the Museum of Transportation is hosting it's annual Italian Car Day on Sunday May 22nd and is hosting a Concour of Vintage Italian bicycles and motorcycles as a part of this scheduled event. To find more information about this event please click on the link below to the events calendar for the Museum schedule of events.

Peter Naiman
Shorewood, WI


MISC:   INSANE PAINT WORKS posted by: mike on 5/14/2005 at 1:31:06 AM
new custom painting biz. www.insanepaintworks.5u.com


WANTED:   20" ross girls bike posted by: j on 5/10/2005 at 6:25:26 PM
hey I need a 20" ross girls bike...all I need is the frame and fenders and maybe the seat and sissy bar. doesn't have to be perfect.

wanna get this project done before the end of spring :)

   RE:RE:WANTED: 20 posted by AviationMetalSmith on 5/16/2005 at 1:28:46 PM
To email me, click on my name "AviationMetalSmith" or email me using my email address hotbike@hotmail.com

By "off list" I mean send a private email, not on this message board. (note: sometimes a message board is called a list.)

   RE:WANTED:   20 posted by j on 5/16/2005 at 7:09:55 PM
its gotta be a ross becuase one of my fav bikes that I built is a 20" ross girls frame that I tricked out, long story short I screwed up and now need a another frame with fenders and maybe a sissy bar, I like the shape of the frame and its kinda "sentimentle" (long story) which is why it has to be a ross.
personally I think the best vintage bikes were Iverson, Ross and schwinn, so far I'm not too sure about ross bikes having bad welds, you should see what me and my friends have done to ross bikes, lol. (but the one I'm looking for it just for cruising, nothing else)

   RE:WANTED:   20 posted by j on 5/16/2005 at 7:19:25 PM
its gotta be a ross becuase one of my fav bikes that I built is a 20" ross girls frame that I tricked out, long story short I screwed up and now need a another frame with fenders and maybe a sissy bar, I like the shape of the frame and its kinda "sentimentle" (long story) which is why it has to be a ross.
personally I think the best vintage bikes were Iverson, Ross and schwinn, so far I'm not too sure about ross bikes having bad welds, you should see what me and my friends have done to ross bikes, lol. (but the one I'm looking for it just for cruising, nothing else)
here's a pic of the bike that I need the frame for (you cant see whats wrong in the pic though)


   RE:WANTED:   20 posted by j on 5/16/2005 at 7:21:58 PM
its gotta be a ross becuase one of my fav bikes that I built is a 20" ross girls frame that I tricked out, long story short I screwed up and now need a another frame with fenders and maybe a sissy bar, I like the shape of the frame and its kinda "sentimentle" (long story) which is why it has to be a ross.
personally I think the best vintage bikes were Iverson, Ross and schwinn, so far I'm not too sure about ross bikes having bad welds, you should see what me and my friends have done to ross bikes, lol. (but the one I'm looking for it just for cruising, nothing else)
here's a pic of the bike that I need the frame for (you cant see whats wrong in the pic though)


   RE:WANTED:   20 posted by AviationMetalSmith on 5/11/2005 at 9:22:55 PM
why does it have to be a Ross? Ross never had good welds, and I think they're out of business.

I have a 20" girls Mongoose , purple, and I live right here on Long Island, 'bout 20 miles from you.
email me off list if you're interested.

   RE:WANTED: 20 posted by mike on 5/13/2005 at 12:49:01 AM
What does it mean to email someone off list?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   20 posted by j on 6/5/2005 at 12:46:57 AM
>why does it have to be a Ross?

"I like the shape of the frame and its kinda "sentimentle" (long story) which is why it has to be a ross."


   RE:WANTED:   20 posted by 80~S BIKE on 6/16/2005 at 8:51:31 PM

   what kind of ROSS bike did I find? posted by Robyn on 9/1/2005 at 8:44:32 PM
We found a small yellow Ross bicycle in the trash yesterday. We thought about re-doing for our grand daughter, but was curious about the history of it. it has a serial #0377147081 on it. it is a small bike yellow, with the banana style black seat. i can't get any info. any info would be helpful before we re do for the grand daughter. thanks for everything!

   My Childhood Sucked....sigh posted by Carmine53.. on 9/10/2005 at 6:05:03 PM
"who is that doggie in the window "? Not really but was a blue-green[as I recall Ross 26" Bicycle in the pepBoys window that my dad bought me..It had the streamers, tank, fancy chain guard,,pin striping [i recall] and it sold for $45.00 in the summer of 1961..It didn't last long as my older brother took it and wrecked it on the railroad tracks
so as I recall the result was I got a let down as the new replacement bike was a sears J.C Higgins which retailed for $29.95 if I recall..it was solid red and strong..but the feel of the straight gear and coaster brake was never the same as the Ross..which was below the Huffy of the neighbor kid..and the Schwinn kids father sold insurance and would shoot us off our bikes with a BB gun just to demonstrate we can fall and get hurt..[ oh just kidding]..anyone have photos of my wrecked Ross Bike..I know I could not afford a restored one today...thanks..Carmine53 richmond, Va I am at
cabosco53@yahoo.com when I am not ducking BB pellets..LoL

   RE:RE:WANTED: 20 posted by brad on 9/12/2005 at 4:15:39 AM
is this the 20" moto / muscle bike you are looking for? it matches your description...



MISC:   Next BR&K Due Soon? posted by: AviationMetalSmith on 5/4/2005 at 4:19:13 PM
This message board seems quiet.
Anyway, I hope the next bikerodnkustom appears soon.
Any word on it's production schedule?

My Electric Bicycle is doing great with a new battery.
People always told me "you should put a motor on that [bike]." I told them I would by the time I'm 40, when my legs give out. The new law in New York State requires riders to be at least 16 to have a motor on their bike.
Mellisa's Fiberglass Ladies Bicycle (click the thumbnail below) was practically the only bike built to carry an electric motor when it was built in 1994. Electric bicycles have been in full scale production in China since 2000. To date, over 4,000,000 Electric Bicycles have been built.
The Japan Cycle Press predicts that by the year 2020, there will be one billion (1,000,000,000) Electric Bicycles in the world, mostly in Asia, with niche markets in Europe and North America.

Want to see the latest 36 volt electric Schwinn Stingray and Giant Stiletto? copy and paste:


   RE:MISC:   Next BR&K Due Soon? posted by AviationMetalSmith on 5/4/2005 at 4:39:18 PM
whoops! there's two m's in "commuter":


   RE:MISC:   Next BR&K Due Soon? posted by sam on 5/7/2005 at 1:06:33 AM
I think the next Rodbike should be out late may or early june.Jim will be at Abita La. (The greatest Kustom show going!)on june 19th.So he should put out the next issue right before that.I think the Wife has him doing honey dos--sometimes we all got to step back into the real world!---see ya'll at Abita---sam

LOWRIDERS:   Cleaning posted by: Rowdy on 5/4/2005 at 4:29:24 PM
I'm doing a project for school and i was wondering if anyone knew what the best stuff to use was for cleaning in hard to reach places without taking it apart.
Rowdy(Lil Switch)

   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Cleaning posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 5/6/2005 at 12:16:51 AM
Depends on what you're trying to remove. If it's greasy stuff... brakeclean (aerosol spray available at most auto parts places) is good for blasting the stuff out... but is rather nasty stuff. Use in VERY well ventilated area.

Another must-have would be a (used or new) soft bristle TOOTHBRUSH! Dip it in soapy water, alcohol... again... it somewhat depends on what you're trying to remove.

As to getting at rust in the corners of chromed parts, a brass bristle parts cleaning brush works well.

Good luck with your project!



   RE:LOWRIDERS:   Cleaning posted by K LYONS on 5/13/2005 at 8:10:33 PM

MISC:    posted by: mike on 4/16/2005 at 7:04:47 PM
new site

   RE:MISC: posted by mike on 4/16/2005 at 7:31:21 PM
i just changed it, its