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Archived: Vintage Lightweights

AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by: Nat on 8/23/2001 at 8:30:54 AM
I bought a sweet old 70's A-D racing frame at Larz this Sunday. Paid $100, which seemed pretty reasonable...my understanding is that A-D's make great riders but aren't popular with collectors, which is fine by me. The bike has been repainted (another reason to ride it rather than store it), so I don't know what model it is. It's all 531, chrome for w/ Campy ends (may not be orig.) and Campy dropouts. Possibly a Super Leicht? Any info appreciated. Thanks!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by Nat on 8/23/2001 at 10:27:57 AM
I should also mention there is chrome on the chainstays ;)

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by Tom Faust on 8/23/2001 at 8:55:23 PM
You can find out more at Cyucles D'oro site. They have a page on AD. Super Leicht is German for Super Light, that is the SL in Mercedes roadsters, i.e. 450SL. My LBS was a dealer and says the SL frame was $600.00 new. Perhaps.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by hynie on 8/23/2001 at 11:15:40 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by Nat on 8/24/2001 at 8:17:01 AM
The seller said it was all Super Record, but maybe he meant Nuovo Record. And it was originally a nice cream-colored paint, which would make it a Super Leicht?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Late 70s Austro-Daimler frame posted by Nat on 8/24/2001 at 8:20:49 AM
From Pat O'Reilly via Michael Kone's guide on Sheldon's site:
"The top frameset was known as the "Team" frameset. It was imported in red paint, gold decaling, and with Campy's very best headset. The "Team" frame was Reynolds 531, investment cast lugs and silver soldered. The same frame was painted a dark purple, equipped with full Campy SR, and sold as the Ultima. And the same frame was painted cream color (known as champagne), equipped with Campy's NR, and sold as the Superleicht. My memory may be gone, but I believe the frameset (with the Campy bearings) was 4.1 pounds."

Cool! I only bought the frameset anyway.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Super Mondia posted by: Bob Burton on 8/22/2001 at 7:07:36 PM
I just pick up a Super Mondia, approx vintage is 80-82. It is a wonderful ride and I'm thinking that I would like to re-paint and find a nice nr group for it. Any ideas on where I can find information about it and example of the old fade paint jobs that they used to have?

   Super Mondia posted by John E on 8/27/2001 at 7:35:16 AM
Nice find! I recommend contacting CyclArt.com, since Jim and Susan have done some Mondia repaints and know what they should look like.

AGE / VALUE:   Zullo posted by: David on 8/21/2001 at 7:49:29 PM
Just bought a relatively old Zullo. Came with Shimano
600 components and what appear to be first generation LOOK
clipless pedals. The Columbus decal has the blue outlining
I understand was used in the 80s. Play It Again Sports here
in Anchorage called it a Zullo Civiterum, though I don't
know where they got that model name, unless from the original
owner. Any comments on value or origins?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Zullo posted by Brian L. on 8/21/2001 at 8:04:43 PM
Hey David, I was born and raised in Anchorage, lived there until '91. Did a little mountain bike racing and a little less road racing. Is Tim Lamb still kicking butt?

All the examples of Zullo's I have seen (digital, not in the round) looked very fine. I believe that there is info on the Cycles de' Oro web site. Excellent score! Not too much vintage stuff in ol' Anchortown.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   eBay # 1178954876 posted by: Walter on 8/21/2001 at 6:49:10 PM
Pretty bike, no? Not their highest line model but a very solid bike. I remember that decal style from around 1978. I really liked the 1 piece leather handlebar wrap Moto used then and haven't really seen anything else like it recently.

Not mine nd too big anyways.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   eBay # 1178954876 posted by Warren on 8/22/2001 at 5:15:07 PM
Pretty pictures but I don't think I've ever seen so much information say or show so little. I still don't know what brakes, hubs, rims, or front derailleur is on this bike. And the seller says that the PO paid a grand for it...buncha poop. I wouldn't risk $ 50 on it for that reason alone. I'm not saying the bike is crap...just the manner in which it's being presented.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   eBay # 1178954876 posted by Walter on 8/22/2001 at 5:48:56 PM
I missed the 1000$ claim but agree with your analysis :)

Probably DiaCompe brakes, I'd guess it around 350-400$ or so, definitely under 500 in the late 70s. Attracted my attention more for nostalgic reasons more than anything, though I do like the bar wrap that Moto used on that bike and most of their others.

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   eBay # 1178954876 posted by Wings on 8/22/2001 at 11:49:52 PM
Great pictures! Really nice. Motos are really great! Thanks for the post.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: eBay # 1178954876 posted by dave on 8/23/2001 at 6:59:00 AM
I've got a set of those bars with the leather wrap off a Moto ... cheap or better yet trade for something.
email me offline if interested -- dsimmons@fammed.wisc.edu

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: eBay # 1178954876 posted by Oscar on 8/24/2001 at 6:53:46 PM
I have a set of those SunTour shifters. Not the prettiest, but with the power rachet, they shift very well.

AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by: Ray on 8/20/2001 at 11:30:57 AM
I found an old w.German bicycle called a Montarino. It appears to be about 1968-1971 era. Anybody know what this is or anything about it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 8/21/2001 at 5:24:34 PM
Be patient as the German bikes are vague and finding information or parts will be like mowing the lawn, crawling around in low gear on a large back yard. I have never heard of it, many of us will have never heard of it. However, you are looking for the one person who has and that may take awhile. Ask everyone you can think of.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by Brian L. on 8/21/2001 at 8:06:41 PM
There is a German gentleman always posting many fine vintage items on ebay that seems to be the expert. Can't remember his name, but he is also the one contributing almost all of the German examples on the Cycles de Oro website.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by Tom on 8/21/2001 at 10:54:10 PM
Try cyclo24 on ebay, he is from Germany and has lots of info on German bikes. He has some very nice bikes.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 8/22/2001 at 12:24:11 PM
Try theCanberra Bicycle Works, it is a museaum in Australia.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montarino posted by Bill on 10/1/2001 at 11:54:35 PM
I also have a Montarino bicycle, I was searching here for some more information on it as well so if you could share any information or where else to look I would appreciate it. I am the original owner, I bought it approx. mid 1970's not sure since I was young then just retreieved from my parents garage rafters and wanted to restore it. It was a gold 10 spd with 27" wheels.

AGE / VALUE:   UPS carelessness posted by: Bob on 8/19/2001 at 7:53:23 PM
I recently purchased a vintage road bike and in the process of shipping it UPS did a number on it. Most of the damage can be repaired but there are two items which are probably ruined. Maybe someone could suggest some approximate values for repalcement.

The biggest loss is a Fiamme yellow label tubular rim. The vintage is 1962 and the rim was in very good condition with an intact decal. This is one of the lightest rims I have ever come in contact with. WIth a bit of Mother's polish it looks like a jewel. I have never seen one of these on eBay or anywhere else, anyone have any idea what it might be worth?

Second item is a frame pump. Vintage is also 1962. It was white plastic and alloy. Model Silica Esport. It has a fancy emblem on the tube which reads "Impero Extra". I should think it was a good pump in its day, given that the rest of the bike is Campy Record (1962!).

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   UPS carelessness posted by JimV on 8/19/2001 at 8:31:00 PM
Bob, I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your new bike - what a drag! I saw a pair of 1960-era Fiamme yellow label tubular rims with decals sell on eBay last November for about $35 if I recall correctly. The seller described them as used but true. I don't remember any yellow labels on eBay since than. Silca pumps have been offered frequently, in various colors.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   UPS carelessness posted by Cal on 8/20/2001 at 6:16:10 AM
UPS is usally pretty good about settleing claims.

1) Always insure your bicycles. UPS insurance is cheap.
2) If you need to file a claim, BE SURE TO KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING. UPS will send someone out to see if the bike was packed properly.

   Fiamme posted by John E on 8/20/2001 at 7:08:30 AM
In the 1960s and 1970s, Fiamme rims were legendary. I believe the yellow-label were the lighter-weight ones, whereas the red-label were a bit heavier. As for establishing value, keep checking eBay. High-end Weinmann and Super Champion rims of the same period are probably comparable.

   Silca pump posted by John E on 8/20/2001 at 7:10:13 AM
Jim at CyclArt has lots of Silca frame-fit pumps, in various colours. He may also have Fiamme tubular rims. (You're making me wish I didn't give mine away 20 years ago when I gave up tubular tyres!)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   UPS carelessness posted by Keith on 8/22/2001 at 9:36:36 AM
I recall local racers prizing Yellow Labels and the better Super Champions (I had the latter). I've had two bikes damaged by UPS out of the twenty or so I've shipped or received from them. I've heard many such stories, but I'm not sure what the realistic alternative is for us. The last bike I sold I absolutely packed to the hilt, and even reinforced the cardboard in vulnerable areas. I always insure for the full value -- as Cal says it's cheap. Sorry about your loss.

AGE / VALUE:   Any info on a Lotus Elan? posted by: David Kresge on 8/18/2001 at 11:12:48 PM
I'm looking for background information on a Lotus Elan bike.
It has a lotus blossom emblam on steerer tube over a black back
ground. rt side--E SS (S's overlapping) lft side--80 (?)
DNP front and rear (1200)4983 deraillers
Sachs Huret six speed (??)-28t
Rigda 27xi 1/4 HP Made in France
Rear uses hex nut release, front and seat post are quick release
Chang star deluxe brakes
long yu friction shifter
other markings: 43 <83> (number in a diamond)on rim.

Any information about origin of this bike? I thought
at first it was Japanese, but the Lotus auto company
also built some promos.

David Kresge dkresge@concentric.net

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Any info on a Lotus Elan? posted by desmo on 8/19/2001 at 11:22:15 AM
Odd mix there, although the Chang Star brakes and no-name shifters pretty much relegate this or any other bike to Wal-Mart special status. The Dural frame is interesting for a department store bike though.

   Taiwan posted by John E on 8/19/2001 at 12:47:34 PM
I am not sure, but I vaguely recollect that Lotus was Taiwan's big entry into the American road bike market. Although your specimen is definitely low end, they did produce models over a range of prices and quality levels. Chang Star brakes are right up there with their better-named cousins, Dae Yung.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Any info on a Lotus Elan? posted by Keith on 8/22/2001 at 9:31:00 AM
I have a 1983ish Lotus Competition with the same head sticker you describe. It has a Made in Japan sticker, and Sheldon's site has a blurb on Lotus. The Competition has db Columbus tubing, Campy ends, full Campy NR groupo, chromed fork ends and head lugs with cutouts, and chromed, tastefully pantographed fork crown (Lotus Blossom emblem). In short, an Italian wannabe. The workmanship is excellent -- very crisp brazing. But by 1983, NR was on the way out, and was being dumped, so this was not a top end bike at that time. A LBS owner told me that the first bike he ever sold was a Lotus Competition, for about $250(?). I've seen other examples from Lotus over the years, mostly nice touring bikes. They all seemed to share the crisp brazing, typical of good Japanese bikes of that era.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   The Dancing Chain posted by: Lee on 8/18/2001 at 11:28:32 PM
By the way...I've read you guy's reviews of "The Dancing Chain" by Berto, Shepherd, Henry, et al. at Amazon and B&N. Well done. As soon as I'm caught up on my parts wanted list I plan to get it.

Has anyone ever thought about doing a photgraphic history of the major components of Campagnolo, Simplex, Huret, shimano, Suntour, etc. from a work of art and sculpture angle? That would be really nice don't you think?

I've been looking for a pictorial history of the great lightweight racers...like Masi, Peugeot, Cinelli, Bianchi, Gitane, etc. Will one ever be published?


   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   The Dancing Chain posted by Chuck Schmidt on 8/19/2001 at 10:24:17 AM
While not a photographic history from an art and sculpture angle, I have reproduced quite a few manufacturer's catalogs that are illustrated with photos and drawing of their parts and bikes. A list is at-- http://www.velo-retro.com

Chuck Schmidt

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   The Dancing Chain posted by Lee on 8/19/2001 at 11:09:39 AM
Wow Chuck! Amazing. I just checked out your website...I'm not sure how I missed it before but one thing is sure, I'm never going to get caught up on my stuff wanted list.


   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   The Dancing Chain posted by Keith on 8/22/2001 at 9:39:40 AM
I think it would absolutely be worth a Velopress book. The line drawings are cool, but let's face it, the real stuff has a jewelry-like quality and the metal surfaces are part of that. A high quality book with photos of the rare vintage lightweights and components. I'd pay $100 for it.

AGE / VALUE:   Colnago Carbitubo posted by: Tim on 8/18/2001 at 12:19:57 AM
My friend wanted his first high quality road bike, so I kept my eyes open and, lo and behold, a local bike shop mechanic was stripping parts to sell a Colnago Carbitubo frame. It's carbon fibre tubes and aluminum lugs (correct term?). The fork is aluminum too. Other than its neon graphics (kind of ugly, actually), it is unique for its very strange dual downtubes. We found a set of recent Ultegra components and built it up, and he loves it.

Does anyone know about this bike frame? Any thoughts on value and collectability? Not that my buddy cares, he just wants to ride it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Colnago Carbitubo posted by Walter on 8/18/2001 at 9:01:14 AM
You'll find that most people here strongly prefer steel frames. I like Colnagos particularly the Master frameset. They do get carried away with the graphics sometimes though. I have some experience with aluminum frames (Cannondale, though I don't openly admit it around here :>) ). I have no real experence with carbon fiber. I'd imagine if your friend is not above 180# or so in bodyweight it'll be a nice ride. I've used Shimano 600 (Ultegra) since before it indexed and have always been happy with it.

I don't want to speak for everyone who posts here but IMO you'll get more feedback on a board like bicycleforum.com or roadbikereview.com. Please don't construe me as being rude or unwelcoming it's just that most of the conversations here revolve around bikes 15+ years old. Any bike, whatever it's made out of is better than no bike.

AGE / VALUE:   Reynolds 531c ... FYI posted by: dave on 8/17/2001 at 9:16:51 AM
A week or so back there was a thread about old Treks and I had posted a question about what the "c" stood for on a tubing sticker on a recently acquired old Trek. John E suggested I pose the question to the Reynolds website, but have not heard back from them.
However, I also asked on the I-bob list and several people said it stands for Competition and is a slightly lighter frameset.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Reynolds 531c ... FYI posted by MichaelW on 8/23/2001 at 4:09:46 AM
Reynolds 531c is the lightweight racing thickness. They made the same material in a heavier 531 ST (super tourist)grade, with thicker walls.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   '76 Varsity what size seat post? posted by: Mike Stone on 8/17/2001 at 7:48:47 AM
Quick, guys, I need to get a seat post for a '76 Schwinn Varsity. What diameter post do I need?


   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   '76 Varsity what size seat post? posted by Oscar on 8/17/2001 at 8:38:33 AM

I'm sure I have one to give you. Otherwise, offhand, I don't know the exact diameter. Skinny.

   smallest diameter in the parts drawer posted by John E on 8/17/2001 at 12:52:35 PM
It's about 7/8", and the same for all years of Varsinental/Suburban production. At any rate, it will be the smallest-diameter seat post in the old junk box. If Oscar can't help you, I may have kept the post from my old Varsity. You can probably even substitute a piece of galvanized pipe. I once did so on a kid's bike which needed a longer seatpost, giving a whole new meaning to the term, "gaspipe frame."

   seat post diameter posted by John E on 8/17/2001 at 1:03:33 PM
Check this URL:

Now I don't know whether you need 13/16" or 7/8" (22.2mm).

   RE:seat post diameter posted by Wings on 8/18/2001 at 12:13:26 AM
It is 13/16 inch. (Slightly greater)
It is slightly less than 21 mm.
Actual measurement with the Caliper (Made in Taiwan).

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   '76 Varsity what size seat post? posted by: Mike Stone on 8/17/2001 at 7:48:47 AM
Quick, guys, I need to get a seat post for a '76 Schwinn Varsity. What diameter post do I need?


MISC:   Big show this weekend! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 8/17/2001 at 6:39:16 AM
The 5th Annual Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap

Sunday August 19, 2001 on the grounds of the
Museum of Transportation
Larz Anderson Park
15 Newton St., Brookline, Mass 02446

Krates, Sting-Rays, Balloon Tire Bicycles, parts, English Roadsters, Vintage Lightweights, Customs, etc.

Click on the red notice above for information and directions.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

WANTED:   Rickert frames; info needed posted by: Mike on 8/16/2001 at 7:59:24 PM
Does anybody know anything about the German marque "Rickert?" I picked up a very nice full Nuovo Record touring model, Reynolds 531, Campy dropouts, all quality details, early/mid 70's--but I can't find a bit of info on the web. Any help/direction would be appreciated. THX, Mike

   Rickert frames posted by John E on 8/17/2001 at 6:33:42 AM
In the U.S. in the early 1970s, Rickert was a rare, but respected, name. The Rickerts I had heard about tended to have relatively stiff (for that era), criterium-style frames built with stereotypical German precision. You may want to send some pictures to classicrendezvous.com, which features four other German marques, including Adler. In the past, others have commented about how rare German bicycles are in the U.S.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   ROMA 10-speed (c.1972) posted by: Robert Firmage on 8/14/2001 at 12:42:11 PM
My first 10-speed, which I purchased in Salt Lake City in
1972, was called, as I recall, a Roma. It was undoubtedly
one of the myriad of brands imported during the 10-speed 70s
bicycle boom. As I recall, it was cheap but elegant with a
lowend Japanese/Italian mixture of components. It was ripped
off a few years later and I have never seen another like it.
Does anybody know anything about it? Thanks.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   ROMA 10-speed (c.1972) posted by Ed on 8/16/2001 at 7:46:45 AM
Your bike reminds me of a Japanese copy of a Raleigh Sports called a Londoner from the same time period The Londoner has a three speed hub,not Sturmey Archer,Copies of Raliegh fenders,chromed but not up to British quality. A copy of and enclosed chain guard etc. sounds like it may have been made by the same company that made your Roma.