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Archived: Vintage Lightweights

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by: P.C. Kohler on 12/23/2002 at 3:58:37 PM
Finally, I own a classic British 'club bike': a 1951 Raleigh Lenton 'Tourist' (a touring version made only c. 1950-52): alloy FM four-speed hub, alloy seat post, 'flat comfort' bars, brakes (GB), chainguard and wheels (Dunlop), Reynolds 531 tubing, celluloid mudguards and pump, etc.

This needs repainting. Colour: Polychromatic Olive Green, white lining. This may well also be what came to known as Lenton Green. Has anyone out there repainted a Lenton in this colour? What paint type/colour number was used? Ideas?

P.C. Kohler

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 12/23/2002 at 6:15:50 PM
Raleigh Lenton Green is not what color you have on the bike you just got from E- bay.
I have 3 bikes in Lenton Green and that olive color is not it.
The Raleigh Chopper came in Flamboyant Green and this is the same as Lenton Green. However there is only one Chopper in Flamboyant green/ Lenton Green on the web to my knowledge.
Raleigh had a bunch of greens. Flamboyant or Lenton, this olive color that I don't know the proper name for and then the Bronze Green and that itself had a varying journey of diffrent shades. Some Bronze Green mixed with a blue tinge also.
It really bites, but paint info beyond what I already said, is where I'm weak in this. I wish I had color catalogs that had paint chip info. I'll look again.
Ask Hilary Stone, and be sure to get a picture of this bike in front of his eyes and he should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Now, if you intend on a restoration, then this paint could be changed to any shade you wish as long as it's in keeping with the time period.
Matching olive like what you have on it now should not be difficult.
Good Luck

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by P.C. Kohler on 12/23/2002 at 7:57:40 PM
Thanks-- I have a 1950 Humber catalogue with the paint chips including this Polychromatic Olive Green. Maybe this plus the original paint on the machine can be used to eyeball a match. The problem with colour swatches is that the ink pigments are often at odds with paint pigments. And, of course, it does little good to scan and send a sample since we all know how pc monitors distort colours like crazy. But I'll e-mail Hilary if I can find his address (if you have readily available, could you e-mail privately with it). Thanks for the tip.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by P.C. Kohler on 12/23/2002 at 8:12:09 PM
Funny, this Chopper Mk. 1 frame just came up on eBay and looks exactly like the Flamboyant Green/Lenton Green you mentioned:


   RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 12/24/2002 at 1:14:02 AM
Thanks for the tip about the E- bay bike. Not too often do you see this color Chopper on e- bay.

Yes, that is the Flamboyant Green color.
Now here it gets stranger still. My Raleigh Chopper is this color with the White decals. Still, unless the lighting in the e- bay picture is off somehow and I doubt it. My Flamboyant green is lighter somehow. It's the same as the Lenton Sports machines that I have.
The bike in the e- bay picture is N.O.S. original but mine differs.
Also, my 1952 and the 1954 Raleigh Lenton Sports Reg Harris Road Model bikes (both of them) have lighter and more brighter shade of what my pal and the seller of one describes as 'Lenton Green' paint.

I thought these were the same, but after comparison I see a slight but noticeable diffrence between the two bikes colors. So I feel that this color went through a transition from lighter to a more glossy and slightly darker color. I'd like to scan the paint off of the e- bay chopper and scan my Chopper's paint as well.I'll bet there is a diffrence. I won't go after this e- bay Chopper but it is interesting to see it. A side by side comparison would be cool. I have been debating whether or not to re- paint my Chopper or not. My buddy said No, to leave it alone but he never encourages me to re- paint anything so I don't want to listen sometimes. Am I making this more difficult than it should be? Perhaps. I'm just noticing diffrences between years and models. Is the Chopper and Lenton Sports paint Enamel or Laquer? I don't know.
Today a friend said that he suspected that this olive shade was left over from the war and so perhaps it's that type of shade. I have never seen this olive color myself here in the States.
Raleigh Paint Colors, a whole website section could be done around that subject alone. My Chopper does not have the glossy sheen like the one on e- bay. Am I thinking the Chopper on e- bay is original anyways? yes.
When I ask these kind of questions, people grin and blow cigarette smoke and stub out the cigarette and if they know anything they don't let me in on the secret. I'm no painter and here as a junior Raleigh bike historian my knowledge fizzles out.
Look, why don't we find somebody who worked at the paint department of Raleigh and ask them. Really.
Instead of the nearsighted leading the blind. I'd like to see this nailed down.
Before the e- bay picture of what you just bought I have never seen this color before. So I have no experience with this particular one.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 12/24/2002 at 1:56:00 AM
This e- bay bike has a more blue-ish tinge to it.
There is a definite diffrence, at least to me.
There was only one kind of Flamboyant green Raleigh Choper.
Or not? The other green Raleigh Choppers were another shade of green.
My R.S.W. 16, bicycles are a diffrent shade of green too. Those are the Bronze Green.
The headtube on my Chopper is longer looking.
Oh, Im dizzy already! This couple of posts of mine belong on the musclebike section.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Raleigh Lenton paint posted by P.C. Kohler on 12/24/2002 at 2:36:51 AM
Choppers are not my bag, but you have to admire people who "dig" these machines. They are a LOT more organised than we British roadster and club bike enthusiasts. A lot more.

Check out this colour match chart for Raleigh Chopper paint: (look under The Bikes, colour match).


As I thought: it's mostly automobile enamel. Now if we could just get this for other types of machines.

The Polychromatic Olive was used apparently used only for these Raleigh Lenton Tourists, Humber Beeston Tourists and, I think, the Rudge Ulster Tourists. These machines were only produced c. late 1949-51. And the Lenton at least figures in the 1949 USA Raleigh catalogue. You are right, it's NOT the same as Lenton Green. A colour chip of the olive appears in the 1950 Humber catalogue and it's pretty close.

P.C. Kohler

MISC:   Elswick Falcon posted by: Ian on 12/23/2002 at 9:11:05 AM
Well this evening I took my life in my hands and did a 10 mile timetrial on my newly acquired 1972 Lambert but only after having the "Death Fork" crack tested today. It did not go too badly and I thought my time of a little under 30 mins was not too bad. The young guns on their carbon fibre wizz-bangs can do 23 mins but the winner on handicap was still our oldest rider, 87 next month, whose actual time was a little over 35mins. The exciting point was when I was invited to call at his house on the way home as he had found something I might like. Well the trophy cabinet took up all of one wall and included some huge gold plated ones for winning his age group at the World Masters Games in 1983 and the World Champs in 1982, no wonder he can still beat riders 20 years younger. Then he produced a jersey for me that he was given to wear as a sponsored rider at a major meeting many years ago. It is a team jersey for Elswick Falcon bikes. His dinner was ready so there was not time to ask too many questions so I am hoping somebody might be able to tell me about Elswick Falcons, when they were built and by whom, what sort of equipment they had on them etc. Of course if anybody has one they want to sell well I already have the jersey! Merry Christmas (mine came early) Ian.

   RE:MISC:   Elswick Falcon posted by Warren on 12/23/2002 at 9:22:45 PM
Read all about it at...


   RE:MISC:   Elswick Falcon posted by Ian on 12/24/2002 at 1:53:22 AM
Thanks for that Warren, that is exactly what I needed to know. I spoke with him again today and he said " yes I wore it either at the 1982 World Champs in Belgium or the 1983 World Masters Games or maybe both". In each case he won his age group so I now have a championship winning jersey. Now to find the bike!

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Stella bicycle posted by: Jim on 12/23/2002 at 8:02:10 AM
Anybody out there have any information about Stella bikes? I recently inherited one that I believe is early 70s vintage in fairly good condition. Any information re: model names, current prices these might sell for etc. would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Stella bicycle posted by Chris on 12/25/2002 at 3:47:14 PM
I recently purchased a Stella "Arctic" on E-bay, for $60.00. It came with a Campy headset and BB. I think it was a steal. Double butted tubing, in near new condition. I purchased my first Stella around 1974. It was a great value then. I believe the company went out of buisness shortly after.

AGE / VALUE:CAMPAGNOLO FRONT DERAILEUR CAGE ID NEEDED posted by: wayne davidson on 12/23/2002 at 6:53:22 AM
Hi all, I have had this old front deraileur cage for a while,
I have no idea what it is from so will describe as best I can.
Seems to be chrome plated but looks rough, maybe cad plate or just real old.
It is from the sideways shift type ( valintino ) rather than the double arm type.
It has only a little of an outside cage at the top and a pin/peg at the other end.
It has the winged emblem on the outer cage, what little there is of it.
I do have a pic, so if you require can send to you, its small and not of real great quality,
but should be good enough for ID, any info would be real good, I suppose I need one of chucks real good Campagnolo catalogs..regards wayne....

   RE:AGE / VALUE:CAMPAGNOLO FRONT DERAILEUR CAGE ID NEEDED posted by Steven on 12/23/2002 at 2:11:17 PM

This is more than likely a Campagnolo Sport front derailleur. A few have sold recently on Ebay for big buck prices. It is not overly functional but very collectible.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:CAMPAGNOLO FRONT DERAILEUR CAGE ID NEEDED posted by wayne on 12/23/2002 at 6:28:36 PM
Hi, thanx Steven, I took a look at a website that was sent to me, and yes thats the cage I have, shame mine is not mint, but at lease now I know what I have...regards wayne...

AGE / VALUE:CAMPAGNOLO HUB ID HELP NEEDED posted by: wayne davidson on 12/23/2002 at 6:48:58 AM
Hi all, I have a couple of hubs I just bought and cannot ID them, they only have campagnolo without any other little ditties around the script,
but they do have S-U underneath the campagnolo script. They come without q/r and I have not taken the locknuts off yet to ID a date, any help would be good...regards wayne....

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:RIGI front deraileurs wanted posted by: wayne davidson on 12/22/2002 at 7:52:58 AM
Hi all, I am after a front deraileur for my RIGI, would accept broken and or parts of one, can pay by paypal or CASH.
Am also after any pics of these and any brochures for the bicycle. Does anyone know of a source for decals, and don't say cyclart...regards wayne....

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by: Rif Addams on 12/22/2002 at 5:53:20 AM
Hi all,
I don't know if I'm asking this question on the correct board or not but it seems the only appropriate place.
I have a 1963 Schwinn Speedster that I've slowly been MILDLY Kustomizing (yeah I know "Boo, Hiss, Ack, etc.").
This particular flavor of Speedster has a curved top tube. The only other ones I've come across have a straight top tube.
When did the Speedster first see production, when was the curved top tube produced, and when was the straight top tube produced?
I'm also seeking another "curved" tube frame for a full blown Kustom project ( no big rush on that one I'm just putting out feelers to see if one is around or if they are somewhat unavailable and what the price range might be on 'em) so the paint and all need not be nice, it just needs to be a straight solid frame.
If anyone can help me answer these burning questions as to the history and lineage of the Speedster it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Oscar on 12/22/2002 at 4:08:09 PM
Rif: Somewhere in the early 60's, Speedsters transformed from middleweights to lightweights. Since middleweights have cantilever, cruiser-like frames, it sounds like you are focusing on the lightweight models. The camelback versions were found on smaller framed Speedsters. My Speedster is 17" and has the camelback. I think you are looking for a small frame.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Rif on 12/22/2002 at 6:34:13 PM
Exactly! The 17" frame is what I'm talking about. These things just have the coolest lines.
And thanks for the proper terminology- "Camelback". I didn't know what to call it.
The one I currently have started out as a bone stock camelback frame with a Bendix redband two speed auto.
I picked up an english Huffy Sportsman at the local thrift store for 10.00. I swapped the rear 40 hole S/A TCW 3 (three speed coaster brake) wheel and the front standard 32 hole wheel.
along with that I used the cool little chrome piece that fits on the rear chainstay under the brake arm bracket. I hooked up a rear caliper brake (no front brake), and an old bendix three speed stick shift.
Then I went ahead and swapped an old Mag chainring on to it.
It really started to look like a hot rod but something was missing. AHA! I grabbed a chrome 27" road fork from an old Varsity, and the chrome fenders from the Huffy Sportsman!
Now it's perfect. I really am actually into Motorized bikes, middleweights and ballooners, but I love kustom bikes period.
This old Speedster of mine now has the look of a street racer! I really dig it!
Thanks for your help, and if anyone has specific years of manufacture?history of this model Schwinn, I'd love to have it...
Keep the tire side down,

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by rif on 12/22/2002 at 6:45:40 PM
P.S.- here's a pic. of it partially finished:

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Stacey on 12/22/2002 at 9:25:24 PM
Sweet lookin' little roddy there Rif! Keep those kreative juices flowing bro!

Just one curious question... How'd you manage to make a Shimano shifter work with an S-A hub? I was always under the impression that the detent spacings were different... or is it one of those 'convertible pattern' shifters?

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by rif on 12/22/2002 at 11:00:09 PM
To begin with it's not a shimano shifter,it's a Bendix three speed shifter I had in one of the boxes of parts I recieved when a friend's bike shop closed.
I honestly don't know how or why it worked, I usually goof around with single speeds. It has only been recently that I've begun to play with multiple speeds and such.
I tried the shifter, made some adjustments with the help of a (different than the one previously mentioned) friend that owned a bike shop for many years, and it worked just fine.
I really don't know why; just lucky I guess... :-)

   RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Oscar on 12/23/2002 at 2:02:33 AM
The Speedster's looking good, Rif. I've done a few customizations on the same bike, and each one worked very well. I'd really like to find a long layback seapost and throw in a set of Dyno cruiser bars and make it a semi-recumbent.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Stacey on 12/23/2002 at 3:53:54 PM
Well DUH on me... LOL!!!

You're so right, now that I go back and re-read it B-E-N-D-I-X does spell Bendix, not Shimano. The only excuse I have beside idiocy is that I did get new glasses and my eyes just don't work worth a darn.

   RE:  Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Eric Amlie on 12/23/2002 at 5:00:11 PM
The '61 Schwinn consumer catalog shows the Speedster as the middleweight. It is not in the '62 consumer catalog, then reappears in the '63 consumer catalog as the lightweight(with the 17" frame being a camelback). Assuming the dealer catalogs show the same thing, it looks like you have a first year camelback Speedster.

   RE:RE:  Schwinn Speedster Question... posted by Rif on 12/24/2002 at 6:46:26 AM
Eric, thank you for that info, I greatly appreciate the help!
Stacy, hey not to worry bro' it happens to the best of us!

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIG: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Biff on 12/25/2002 at 1:50:32 AM
you need more then glasses, You are a moron & need to stop posting on this board. Please, NO MORE STUDDERING STACY!!!!!!!

AGE / VALUE:   What is this rim? posted by: Gralyn on 12/22/2002 at 1:49:20 AM
I recently picked up another "parts bike". The wheels don't match. The rear is the usual Araya 1 1/4" alloy. The front is a "Gentleman 81" ....whatever that is. It looks like an alloy rim. It also looks to be at least 1" or narrower. It currently has a 27 X 1 1/4" tire on it....so I know it's not 700C. But it is an inch or less in width. I have never seen or heard of a "Gentleman 81" rim. Anyone ever heard of this - or know anything about them?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What is this rim? posted by Gralyn on 12/22/2002 at 4:09:45 AM
Oh, I see it's made in France.

   Wolber Super Champions posted by Walter on 12/22/2002 at 1:44:48 PM
My wife rode Wolber Super Champion "Gentleman GTA" for many, many miles starting in the mid80s after we had some wheels made up for her Fuji while we were in college. Rims came out of the Performance catalog of the time as I recall.

Wheels are still with us but only for a little while as I've just resurrected that Fuji and will send it to her brother as a fixie. Rims held up wonderfully. 700C, box section, spoke heads are recessed, polished alloy finish, a quality clincher rim. The GTAs are fairly narrow and have had no problem with tires from 20 to 29mm wide and 120 to 90psi. The Wolbers were not uncommon on mid to maybe better than mid level roadies in the 80s and maybe earlier. The GTAs are performance rims but I've heard they made a real nice touring rim too. Don't know if they're still around and don't know how the GTAs compared to the 81s.

Hope that helps some.

   RE:Wolber Super Champions posted by Steven on 12/22/2002 at 5:17:17 PM
The Gentleman 81 were brought out in 1981 (surprise, surprise!!) and were 19 mm width rims. They were made by Super Champion prior to Super Cahmpion being swallowed by Wolber. They are very similar to Mavic Mod. E rims and of a very high quality. There was a 27" and a 700 c version. They are hook-bead rims and will therefore happily take tires from about 19 mm to perhaps 35 mm width. They are as good as anything that you will buy today, except that they are not heat-treated. Do make sure you use a proper rim tape. The hard yellow Michelin rim tapes are probably the best available.

   RE:RE:Wolber Super Champions posted by Gralyn on 12/23/2002 at 1:44:56 PM
Thanks for all the info.
Too bad I don't have a set of these.
It looks to have a Mallard hub....high flange...I believe it has what must be a date stamped on the hub...an "11" to the left....then a "83" to the right....so I'm thinking Nov, '83 for the date of the hub. And the rim....at least an '81. Well, I'll keep my eyes open for a rear wheel to match.....will probably never see one....but nonetheless, I will looking.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by: Dennis on 12/21/2002 at 10:07:37 PM
Perusing ebay I found a World Voyageur as a proud owner of an orange one I read. The seller had this interesting note in the description..."the World Voyageur was discontinued for giving the Paramount too much competition...World Voyageurs...had all the quality and better components than the more expensive Paramount line". The entire description may be found here:

My question is: is this true or conjecture on the part of the seller? Why would better components be on a bike lower on the same company's scale? I thought the Paramount was the hands-down ruler of the Schwinn kingdom.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Kevin K on 12/22/2002 at 1:30:17 AM
Hi Dennis. Are you the guy that had the Kool Orange World Voyageur at Memory Lane last fall. If so I'm wishing I would have bought it. Not because of what that guy says but it was a cool bike.So anyway on to the story. I'm hardly an expert but at the time Schwinn was losing in the market place. They simply couldn't build enough bikes at home so they looked elsewhere. Lightweights from both Europe and Japan were everwhere. Schwinn needed a lugged frame bike. The Voyageur came in 1973, then the Letour in 1974. I would think Schwinn dropped the Voyageur not because of the Paramount, but to increase Letour sales. Who knows. But to say the Voyageur was on course with the Paramont well....................Now the Voyageur 11.8 and the Volare of the late 70's early 80's were closer in quality but I still think the name Paramount says it all.( and I happen to like the Japanese built Schwinns ) I think Schwinn got caught with their pants down and tried to play catch up. My opinion. Kevin K

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Walter on 12/22/2002 at 2:01:06 PM
Just tried the link and it came up with eBays "Invalid Item" message.

I agree with Kevin that Schwinn was very happy to sell Voyageurs and LeTours and later World Sports but never claimed that they were on the level of Paramounts. They outsold Paramounts and many people who bought the Voyageurs during the Bike Boom days no doubt perceived the Voyageur as an equal to the Paramount. After all buyer's guides at the time were singing the praises of lugged frames and for the non-experienced buyer there was little to tell apart between the 2 bikes, assuming the dealer had a Paramount on the floor. I know from experience that not all did.

The Voyageurs and LeTours (once they started using cromoly tubing) were and remain very good bikes but a Paramount of that vintage was about as good as you could get in the US and they compared very well to the better Euro makes.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Bryant on 12/22/2002 at 8:49:08 PM
Jut did a quick check. Here is the right URL

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Kevin K on 12/22/2002 at 9:15:29 PM
Hi all. Just a note of interest. I've owned several bikes from that era. Both USA built and Japanese built Schwinns. The 1974 Japanese built/painted Letours in Kool Lemon I had seemed a bit flat in true color to USA built/painted Varsity and Continental bikes. Also no clearcoat. However a nice 1974 Schwinn Sprint I have in Opaque Blue is a totally different color that the 1974 Japanese built/painted Letour in Opaque Blue. The Letour's Opaque Blue is a bit richer in color and it has clearcoat. The color is so nice. So if you've looked at the picture of the 73 Voyageur in question here that is possibly why it looks so nice. Kevin K

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Kevin K on 12/25/2002 at 4:14:20 PM
Hi all. Well the above bike just sol for $510 on ebay. I hope this is just a one time thing as personally I don't feel these bikes should be in the same price range as the USA built Paramounts. Time will tell. KK

   RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   For Schwinnphiles: is this true? posted by Dennis on 12/25/2002 at 8:04:56 PM
I'd say, hopefully not too cynically, the claim that this bike parallels the Paramount was the major factor in the price. I say this as the very satisfied owner of a World Voyageur that I got for $125.00 and is now a very fine riding fixed gear.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by: Lincoln on 12/21/2002 at 2:49:37 AM
Was just given a Motobecane Grand Jubile frame. 531 tubing!
Can anyone tell me about this particular flavor of bike?
Unfortunately am missing the fork. Seems light. Nine or ten
pounds with a stiff steel rack (seemed sized like Blackburn,
almost, but steel) bottle carrier, two deuraillers.
and shifters, plus seat post. (I still intend to ride the
Univega in winter)

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by: Lincoln on 12/21/2002 at 2:49:37 AM
Was just given a Motobecane Grand Jubile frame. 531 tubing!
Can anyone tell me about this particular flavor of bike?
Unfortunately am missing the fork. Seems light. Nine or ten
pounds with a stiff steel rack (seemed sized like Blackburn,
almost, but steel) bottle carrier, two deuraillers.
and shifters, plus seat post.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by David on 12/21/2002 at 1:10:28 PM
My catalog from 1976 gives the following for the Grand Jubile model:
531 DB, forged tips (but fancier models say "DB throughout")
Nervex lugs
Motobecane [non-531] fork
Stronglight headset
Pivo "pro" stem & bars
Weinmann CP brakes
Huret Jubile or Suntour Cyclone GT der
Atom cluster
Sedis chain
Stronglight 49D or SR AX5 crank
Atom 440 alloy pedals
27" alloy rims
Normandy hubs
Ideale 80 saddle (like a B17)
SR alloy seat post
Toe clips & straps
Red or silver

The photo shows the bike in red with the Japanese drivetrain. The rear brake cable is secured by two clips, not the brazed on guides of later frames. Good looking bike.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by Lincoln on 12/21/2002 at 7:11:04 PM
Thanks. I forgot about the clips, but that's what it has. They
do make the bike look less, but I guess it's a price break.
Front derailleur is Suntour Allegro, rear Shimano Titlist GS,
but who knows if that's what it came with. Not sure re the distinction
between "DB" and "DB throughout". Wonder if I can switch over to
700c? Maybe an old Mafac in the back and a different fork?? But
I hate that old screeching.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by David on 12/21/2002 at 11:23:08 PM
The brochure specifies the fork material for all models and the top 3 models say 531 forks with Campy ends. Those 3 also say that the frame is "531 double butted tubing throughout." So I'd guess that the GJ has non-531 stays with the DB main tubes, together with the ordinary steel fork. So you can improve it with an English threaded 531 fork.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Grand Jubile? (yet another project) posted by Lincoln on 12/22/2002 at 11:06:41 PM
Thanks. Now I just have to find a decent fork without breaking the bank.

AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by: Kevin K on 12/20/2002 at 11:48:24 PM
Hi all.Just to get everyone wishing away here. So what did you tell Santa you wanted for Christmas ? I ask for a nice Park bike tool, and the wisdom to use it. Who's next ? Kevin K

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Gralyn on 12/21/2002 at 5:46:37 AM
I want a wheel trueing stand.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Steven on 12/21/2002 at 1:59:38 PM
My Christmas present to myself can be seen at Ebay article number 1983475673. A 60's Masi Special. What more could anybody want?

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Kevin K on 12/21/2002 at 5:47:28 PM
Ach Du Liebe !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Das ist aber schoen ! Aufwiedersehen, Kevin

    WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ? posted by John E on 12/21/2002 at 9:01:59 PM

   RE: WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ? posted by Kevin K on 12/22/2002 at 1:08:59 AM
Danke und Frohe Weihnachten ! Kevin

   RE:RE: WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ? posted by Kevin K on 12/22/2002 at 1:11:50 AM
And now I have to stop because my wifes getting tired of telling me how to spell all this stuff !

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Oscar on 12/22/2002 at 4:16:29 PM
Ein Kasten von tublar wären Reifen nett, aber ich denke, daß ich einen Pullover wieder empfangen werde.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Steven on 12/22/2002 at 5:11:40 PM
I believe you meant: "Ein Schachtel Schlauchreifen waere nett, aber ich denke dasz ich wieder einen Pullover empfangen werde." Sorry, I don't have the patience to look for the a with umlaut and the sz symbol. I didn't expect my Masi to bring out all these German posts.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Kevin K on 12/22/2002 at 6:30:42 PM

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   WHAT DID YOU ASK FOR ???????? posted by Oscar on 12/23/2002 at 2:09:51 AM
Steven caught me cheating! I always wondered how well those online translation things worked.

"A box of tubular tires would be nice, but I'll probably get a sweater again."

FOR SALE:   NOS genuine SCHWINN Rims! 24x13/8x1&1/4, 36-hole, 547 drop "knurled" center posted by: Dave A. on 12/20/2002 at 3:09:37 PM
hello groupies: I've got a big pile of these which I'd like to see go bye-bye...make an offer of $$, beer, other bike stuff, etc.; gonna list 'em on Ebay by seller hokie_spokes (also)

FOR SALE:   1958, Paris galibier road bike. posted by: Gunn on 12/20/2002 at 10:36:25 AM
I have for sale, A 1958 Paris Galibier road bike, made by Rensh of London.Original enamel and transfers and campagnolo fitting throughout,A very rare bicycle.
Anyone who knows the frame design, loves them.
They are gorgeous.
For more info email, Gunngrafton@aol.com

   RE:FOR SALE:   1958, Paris galibier road bike. posted by Nicky on 12/28/2002 at 9:49:52 PM
Ah, a true "antique" bicycle. I have a 1957 or 58 Raleigh Record Ace "Moderne". Do you know anything about these bikes? My dad bought two of them brand new in 1958. I plan to restore them to better condition (they are completely stock right now and showing their age in spite of having been garaged most of their lives.) Thanks & Happy New Year.

MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by: Lincoln on 12/20/2002 at 5:38:27 AM
Was overhauling the Univega I was talking about yesterday.
Blew off rear tire once already, and just could not get the
thing to fit properly, it just kept trying to get loose. I
wonder if Araya 27X1 1/4 (but really narrow) rims just don't
fit certain tires? Is there a guide somewhere? The tires that
came on the bike were Cheng Shin 27 X 1 1/8. Front fits fine but
on rear I had to use a Duro 27 X 1 1/4 that I was saving for a
cheap bike I want to sell. (Very inexpensive from VVVintage!) If
I get nice tires I hope to avoid any rude surprises. Can anyone
enlighten me about these fit issues? THanks

   RE:MISC:tire fit on Araya posted by Mike Stone on 12/20/2002 at 11:50:50 AM
Araya 27 1/4 inch wheels should take any standard tire. I have not had any problems fitting a variety of tires on them.

If you are blowing tires, be suspicious of the rim. It may be damaged. Look for a flair-out or bulge in the rim.

Have you tried other tires? If you are lucky, the bead on your tire is bad.

   RE:MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by Keith on 12/20/2002 at 4:11:03 PM
If it's not the rim, pitch those Cheng tires. Cheap, low-thread count, heavy casing 27 inch tires will make a good bike ride like, well, crap. Here's a place to get either the IRC Road Winner or the Panracer Pasela, both good quality tires, in 27" size for less than $11@. http://aebike.com/site/page.cfm?PageID=30&Category=1747

   RE:MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by Ian on 12/20/2002 at 7:25:32 PM
I may be wrong but I always understood that a 1 &1/8 tyre would be larger in the bead seat diameter than a 1 & 1/4 (by 1/8") and would therefore be loose on a 1 & 1/4 rim. This certainly applies to tyres on my English roadsters. There are charts with rim seat diameters on the web but unfortunately I did not bookmark them, maybe someone can post some web sites. I am sure that if you fit 1 &1/4 tyres the problem will be solved. Regards, Ian.

   RE:MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by Keith on 12/20/2002 at 8:07:32 PM
27" is 27", and 1 and 1/8 or 1 and 1/4 will fit any 27"rim. That being said, caution should be exercised when using modern higher pressure tires on old rims that lack a bead hook. My rule of thumb for smooth-sided rims is to keep the pressure at least 10psi under the tires max, or no more than 90psi regardless of the max. Use even more caution on old chromed steel rims (like on Schwinn Varsinentals). Lastly, some very wide profile 27" rims may not work safely with a 27 x 1" or 27 x 7/8 tires. The same rule applies to 700c tires as well -- look at Sheldon's chart on rim width/tire width.
I've broken the width rule without a problem, but I can't advise anyone else to do the same. (Pow--splat=not good)

   RE:RE:MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by Keith on 12/20/2002 at 8:15:53 PM
P.S. all 27" tires have the same bead diameter -- 630mm.

   RE:MISC:   tire fit on Araya posted by Lincoln on 12/21/2002 at 2:47:10 AM
I think it's probably that the rims are smooth, not hooked.
27 X 1 1/4 seem to work better, but sometime I want to run
the bike with narrow tires. A project for the future, I guess.
I didn't plan on keeping the tires for long, but I'm on a very
tight budget right now. Went to someone I met on a ride who
picks thru the dump of a wealthy town and got some free tires
that should be better. Anyway, test ride successful. Thanks