AGE / VALUE:   I would like to know the value of my vintage Bianchi posted by: steve on 10/23/2005 at 12:03:43 AM
I would like to know the value of my vintage Bianchi, it is I believe a 1984 but the model is a Campione D'Italia 84. it has Campy new (nuevo) Record components.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   I would like to know the value of my vintage Bianchi posted by Gralyn on 10/23/2005 at 2:54:46 AM
I'd guess maybe around $500?
I suppose it would depend on condition, condition of frame, finish, components, etc. Also, you could check e-bay and see if one of these sold and what it went for. You kind of have to look at that over time, though....because auctions can go funny ways.....I've seen identical bikes sell anywhere from $70 to $270.....
But the most important factor: what is it worth to you?

   value of my vintage Bianchi posted by John E on 10/24/2005 at 2:30:43 PM
I have a 1981 Campione d'Italia, which I figure is worth about $250-300, from what I have seen on eBay. Mine is a rare charcoal color, which my artist wife calls "Ralph Lauren brown"; it looks really sharp, but I supsect a genuine Celeste Bianchi would be worth a bit more.

Mine came with Modolo Speedy brakes, Ofmega hubs and crankset, Bianchi-branded TTT stem, Campag. Record derailleurs, and Campag. Gran Sport road quill pedals. My rear derailleur reads "Patent 80," meaning 1980.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Scwinn Varsity posted by: Terry on 10/22/2005 at 2:37:24 AM
I have a 70's Schwinn Varsity and I want to know if there if the rear derailer can be replaced with a newer one that would work better.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Scwinn Varsity posted by David on 10/22/2005 at 8:48:43 PM
I'm sure you can. I recall that the "Schwinn Approved" derailer on the Varsity was not the greatest.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Scwinn Varsity posted by JONathan on 10/24/2005 at 7:39:50 AM
I think any SunTour should work. I have a SunTour on a "Sidewinder", which is just a "varsity" with 26" wheels and BMX forks. along with the derailer, you only have to have the derailer tab that adapts to the derailer as the "varsity" does not have an integral hanger. If you get a derailer, make sure you get the matching hanger tab which is sometimes called an "ear".
While your at it, try for some alloy wheels. Araya made nice ones that will improve the ride immensely. The original derailers can be set to work reliably, but the are sluggish with a lot of "throw" and they handle only 28T large rear cog. I run a 38T large rear cog on the "sidewinder" with a SunTour "AG" derailer. You'll like running the "varsity" except for braking. I treat my '77 beater with no respect and it needs no fussing to keep going. those solid forks are a good upper-body workout.


AGE / VALUE:   Peugeot 1980's? bike posted by: m.harris on 10/22/2005 at 12:37:58 AM
Please Help! In the 80's I bought a Peugeot bike at a bike shop. I recently rediscoved it and have no idea about it's value. Searched the web and cant find any info. It is an 18 speed peugeot "orient express" with a 22" frame. Does anyone know anything about my bike? I am wondering if it is worth restoring and riding again. Thank you

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Peugeot 1980's? bike posted by jay lucken on 11/7/2005 at 9:31:52 AM
Have a PHLE 10 50 what is it sn.4122272

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:    posted by: Bill Forkner on 10/21/2005 at 5:39:53 AM
I purchased, what I beleive is a 1973/1974 bicycle. It has
Campy Neuvo components. The serial number is 67345. The front frame lugs are chrome. Could it be a early Merckx?

AGE / VALUE:   Lotus Decals posted by: Phil on 10/20/2005 at 6:08:03 AM
Where can I go to get reproduction or old stock decals for a Lotus sport tourer from the early eighties.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lotus Decals posted by Randy on 10/21/2005 at 9:11:35 AM
Try these guys. They might be able to help.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lotus Decals posted by Joe M on 10/22/2005 at 7:09:16 AM
You could try I believe the Lotus you have is Asian built, and decals will most likely have to be custom made. I have been looking for quite some time for a set for mine, with no luck.
If not, you may want to try a local sign maker, he may be able to copy the existing decals in vinyl.