WANTED:   Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by: Kurt K. on 10/2/2005 at 8:59:57 PM
Looking for a new or used Sunrace 7-speed freewheel, 13-24t spacing.

I hear these are compatible with Shimano spacing, and I find that the Suntour 7 speed freewheel on my Raleigh USA Competition doesn't particularly work well with the Shimano 7 speed indexed levers I installed on it.

I don't want to use anything with a 28t low gear - that's why I'm trying to hunt down this Sunrace with the 24t.

If anyone here has one for sale, drop me an email at cudak888@aol.com.

Take care,


   RE:WANTED:   Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Ken on 10/3/2005 at 6:30:59 PM
The freewheels from Nashbar are probably Sunrace.
But, what derailleur are you using?
Unless your current freewheel is an Ultra-7, or your derailleur is meant for narrow range gearing, I wouldn't expect any compatibility problems from switching freewheel brands. The spacing is the same; what changes is the amount of cable pull required by the derailleur's parallelogram. The derailleur has to be compatible with the shifters.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Kurt K. on 10/4/2005 at 12:50:10 AM
I have no idea if the freewheel is an Ultra-7 or not, but from the photos I've seen of Ultra 7s, it could very well be.

The spacing on the Suntour freewheel in question is no doubt a tad wider then a Shimano Hyperglide freehweel, and the sprocket teeth are also thicker...as you would expect from an early '80s roadbike.

The bike was equipped completely with Suntour Cyclone components when I got it. The Cyclone front derailer, Suntour freewheel and Sugnio crankset are the last remaining components of the original setup.

The derailer I currently have mounted is a Shimano Light Action, #RD-L532, the shifters are #SL-A410 (I believe, PN for these is 90-4875), and I'm running a Shimano IG chain on it.

I did try using an older Sedis chain instead of the IG, figuring that the narrow profile of the IG had something to do with it, but the shifting was still less then perfect no matter how finely I adjusted the derailer.

From what I have observed, it appears that thef Suntour freewheel's spacing is a bit wider then the Shimano components allow, although I may be wrong.

Any ideas?

Take care,


   RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Warren on 10/4/2005 at 1:35:41 AM
A Suntour drivetrain and a Sedis chain should be a perfect setup. I suspect the derailleur has an alignment issue or the chain is the culprit. I'd lose the IG chain first...you need to use replacement rivets when you break the chains and they tended to work best with Shimano cogs.

Have a good look at the derailleur for tweaking. Get a replacement Cyclone, Superbe, Sprint or Shimano Crane for that matter. "Light action" were at the end of the friction era but I think they're too "modern". I think the first 6 speed indexed setups used them.

I have some decent derailleurs in my stash if you want one.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Ken on 10/4/2005 at 6:18:41 PM
Warren, the OP says he's using Shimano index shifters. I certainly wouldn't advise trying to get a Suntour derailleur to work with them, although personally I prefer Suntour equipment. I also agree the derailleur alignment is a usual suspect-

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Warren on 10/4/2005 at 11:01:59 PM
Ahhh...I assumed that the drivetrain was friction...I'm used to the CR list that considers indexing off topic.

Kurt, budd! Ditch the SIS stuff before someone gets hurt. I didn't think that derailleur had the travel for 7 speeds. All of the early road stuff used Deore and DA.

Shimano is evil...like Microsoft! (as the author navigates cyberspace with windoze XP)


   Shimano indexing posted by John E on 10/5/2005 at 10:57:14 PM
My friend's daughter has a 7-speed bike with an indexed Shimano shifter. When she bent up her derailleur, I gave him my 1970 SunTour VGT to try out on her bike. It worked like a champ WITH the Shimano indexing and the original Shimano cogset.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Kurt K. on 10/9/2005 at 1:03:11 AM
I can't say I like Shimano much any better then the next fellow, but since I want to keep this bike indexed. My father and I both ride this machine, and he's rather an fan of indexed shifting. I couldn't care either way, but he gets fed up with friction shifters.

Since Shimano parts are usually the most common that I come by (in terms of indexed components), I decided to standardize it as such, especially as the LBS has boxes full of older Shimano 7 speed indexed parts at very good prices - can't argue with that. Originality doesn't mean much on this machine - anyway, it's an American-branded, Japanese frame, 555-tubing 1984...hard to say it's a VLW. But it weighs in at 20 pounds...not bad, considering.

Warren, I've only seen one other Shimano Light Action derailer - a long-cage variant on an 18 speed Schwinn Sierra MTB. I can understand where you might be concerned as to whether it's can handle the travel of a 7 cog cluster, and it does with no trouble, but I don't see your reasoning where you believe SIS is dangerous...except in the case of feeding the corporation monopoly.

Other then that, I can't think of anything else, although it would be nice to have a finger-stop protector just below the shifter lever. Nearly broke off my finger once or twice by nearly coming in contact with the front tyre.

Take care,


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Kurt K. on 10/9/2005 at 1:05:59 AM
P.S.: Regardless, I'm going to hunt down one of these Sunrace freewheels, mount it, and prove-or-disprove this theory, as nobody's been able to give me the bare-bones facts on whether this will work or not.

Will report on my findings.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Warren on 10/9/2005 at 1:28:02 PM
Kurt...this was just an example of humour that doesn't translate in a web discussion. They're not dangerous...just my writing skills.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Kurt K. on 10/9/2005 at 8:55:28 PM
Hehehe - I understand now Warren...

"Quick! Madam, get your child off that bike! Don't you know Shimano SIS is detrimental to your young'ns health?!"


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Ron on 10/10/2005 at 11:05:00 AM
I bought one of the inexpensive freewheels from Nashbar for my wife's bike. The freewheel works fine with the SIS shifters that were on the bike, a late '80s Schwinn Traveller.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: Sunrace 7-speed freewheel posted by Ken on 10/10/2005 at 1:01:58 PM
A new one (and new chain) will give you one less variable when you're troubleshooting your indexing. Enjoy.

MISC:   Bianchi Volpe posted by: jack on 10/2/2005 at 7:32:21 AM
Please excuse this non-vintage content but is anyone familiar with the Bianchi Volpe tourers? I found a used one for a couple of hundred and they sell new for over 800! The reason I mention this here is because I prefer canti-levered tourers and you all know how relatively scarce they are either new or vintage. Does anyone have experience with these? I seem to recall when they first came out about 5 or so years ago that they were painted Celeste and very tempting to me. Now they have different colors and a Bianchi isn't a true Bianchi unless its Celeste (IMO).

     Bianchi Volpe posted by John E on 10/3/2005 at 5:42:55 PM
I have only checked them out in the bike shop, but I think the Volpe and the Eros are very decent bikes, and $200ish is a good price for a Volpe in good condition.

By the way, my "Ralph Lauren brown" / "charcoal" 1981 Campione d'Italia IS a true Bianchi. :) (The original owner has told me he actually did want Celeste, but Leucadia Cyclery had run out of them. I do have a genuine Bianchi Celeste water bottle.)

AGE / VALUE:   Windsor Bike...... posted by: Fred A on 10/1/2005 at 4:03:00 PM
Hi all

Its been a while since I've posted, but I need a little help. I just bought a 10 speed WINDSOR bike at a garage sale. Handlebars (alloy) are stamped Windsor, Made in Mexico. Brakes, levers, crankset and shifters are Shimano 600. Derailleurs are Suntour Cyclone, rims are Rigida alloy. Forks are chrome tipped as are the rear. Screw spacers are on for the rear wheel alignment. Chrome lugs on the head tube. Frame is Champion No. 2 Butted Tubes. A few scrapes and scratches, but will detail out nicely.

Anyone have any history on this? It was worth the $10 I paid just for the Shimano & Suntour parts!


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Windsor Bike...... posted by Warren on 10/1/2005 at 9:05:31 PM
An interesting bike because they were Cinelli knockoffs and sold for almost half the price of their Italian cousin. I think Windsor actually advertised that Eddie Merkx set a world record on a Windsor. It was well known that it was only badged as such.

Champion # 2 is decent tubing and should provide a nice ride. Great score.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Windsor Bike...... posted by Fred A on 10/1/2005 at 11:57:53 PM
Hi Warren

Thanks for the update. I also did a little sleuthing and found out that there were two models, mine being the less expensive. The top of the line was The Pro and was full Campy. It had all chrome lugs and was around $900 or so back in the late 70's!
I went over the bike a little closer and found out that the front wheel was not original, as the rear rim was marked WINDSOR and had a low flange hub with an oiler opening and was concave as opposed to the RIGIDA front rim that is rounded and has a high flange hub and sealed.

Thanks again for the info!
Fred A

AGE / VALUE:   cool super lenton on ebay posted by: Warren on 9/29/2005 at 11:43:12 PM
I love this bike...wish I had one in a 21" size. Double butted with Dunlop Special Lightweight rims.
item 6565231199


   RE:AGE / VALUE: cool super lenton on ebay posted by Warren on 9/30/2005 at 12:15:03 AM
And how about this Triumph!!

item 6563633217

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   need help identifying european bike posted by: chuck on 9/28/2005 at 1:39:43 PM
This bike has a label: "W. Meerbergen" or something like that because some letters are scratched off.

It also has "Antwerp" on the label, and also "Mountain", as seen in the pictures.

I've searched Google and can find no matches to identify this bike.

Any information will be appreciated. ccirulli@yahoo.com

See the pictures: