VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   What is it? posted by: John on 6/14/2005 at 3:01:57 PM
Hi, I picked up an old bike from a thrift shop And I am trying to find out the maker of the frame . It is a light weight roadie. with some cinelli , campy ,ofmega components. The only idetifying marks on the frame are "BCM" on the steering tube lugs a serial #70747 on the bottom braket , and some traces of a light peal green paint under a bad paint job. it also Has mo cage holes or pump peg. The only hit I got for BCM is john mernz A custom bike buider in WA. Any info would be great . Thanks.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: What is it? posted by Warren on 6/15/2005 at 4:02:19 AM
You may need detailed pictures to find out more. There were different lugs from different countries at different times that can give clues to origins. Cable guides, braze-ons, brake hangers, seatstay caps, dropouts etc. Framebuilders often know these details as do avid collectors.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   What is it? posted by T-Mar on 6/18/2005 at 2:30:23 AM
BCM = Bocama, a french lug manufacturer.

AGE / VALUE:   1964 Schwinn Collegiate posted by: Kevin Kervin on 6/14/2005 at 1:48:27 PM
Hi all. I just bought a very nice 1964 Collegiate. First year offered. 5 speed. 1-10 scale a strong 9. Small dents in rear fender take from over mint condition. Any one have any idea what value of these bikes might be? Also bike is painted Terra Cotta. Not offered on that model but was offered by Schwinn in 64. All Sprint drive train plus chain guard says 5 speed on it unlike newer Collegiates. Thanks, Kevin

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1964 Schwinn Collegiate posted by Bob Hufford on 6/17/2005 at 9:30:35 PM
Hey Kevin,

I think my blue '64 Collegiate went for $125 on the 'Bay a couple of years ago. Here are pics if you want to compare condition.

How does the Terra Cotta compare to the official Collegiate Flamboyant Red? (I've not seen the Flam Red, so I couldn't say)

Send nice big pics of yours!

Take care,


AGE / VALUE:   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by: Dick on 6/13/2005 at 3:08:45 AM
Can anyone figure out why this admittedly very nice SuperCourse frame went so high?
While a whole PX-10 went for $215. Go figure. I hope the seller gets his $237. I see that this is the buyer's first auction.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by Dick on 6/13/2005 at 3:15:36 AM
Here's the PX-10 link:

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by Kurt K. on 6/13/2005 at 12:14:10 PM
I'd say mainly because of it's superb condition. Most of the decals (save for the one on the seat tube) are intact, and the paint is in remarkable shape. Few scratches here and there, but all look like something a light compounding finished off with some wax would clear up.


   :   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by John E on 6/13/2005 at 2:48:08 PM
Unless a bike is very rare and sought-after, such as a Rene Herse or even a 1960 Schwinn Continental, condition is indeed paramount (so to speak).

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by glenn on 6/13/2005 at 7:07:53 PM
Hello, I know at times we sell vintage frames/bikes for more than we had ever thought they would go for. The last time was for a nice but common Gitane Tour de France from the mid-70's in above average shape. Come to find out this is what the buyer raced ABL with and it was stolen many years ago. He has spent 25 years trying to replace that bike in the correct size. He has had it refinished and added correct parts... it is stunning now and he rides it on weekends and is very happy with it.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by Dick on 6/14/2005 at 4:04:33 AM
You're probably pretty close. And the fact that this is the first ebay auction won by this bidder might indicate that, as a newbie, he got a little carried away. BTW, can anyone date this frame? When did Raleigh use a transfer instead of the rivetted head badge?

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by marc on 6/14/2005 at 8:13:42 PM
that is a headbadge, I believe they only used it one year, had something to do with an anniversary I believe. I think most of the other carlton models had it the same year, I've seen an international with one and several super courses. check retroraleighs, I'm sure there's a mention there under the international page.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by Dick on 6/15/2005 at 1:13:59 AM
Thanks Marc,
Now we're getting to the bottom of this. I went back to the ebay photos and now I see the gold pinstriping. I looked at the three SuperCourses in my shed and none of them have pinstriping either. Sharp-eyed newbie!


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: $237 SuperCourse Frame on ebay posted by jack on 6/16/2005 at 2:00:13 AM
I've tried to sell my "anniversary" badged Super Course frameset locally for 80 bucks with to takers. Guess I should try ebay even though I detest the hassle. The "anniv" badge was used only a couple of years from what I've read,'70-"71. I have seen it only on Int'ls, Comp's, and SCs. Has anyone seen a Professional w/this?...I haven't.

MISC:   Brooks B-15 posted by: Bryant on 6/11/2005 at 1:24:29 AM
Hi all, I'm in the midle of fixing up a 1972 Kool Lemon Schwinn Super Sport that I bought on Ebay. I took a good look at the Brooks B-15 saddle that came with it. It is in excellent shape, but seems heavier, and the leather is twice as thick as the B-17 I have on my commuter. Anyone have one of these and are they as comfortable as my B-17?? Will there be much of a break in period? My B17 needed none at all after following the advice on Sheldon Brown's website.

   RE:MISC:   Brooks B-15 posted by John Metz on 6/12/2005 at 5:36:13 AM
I'll let you know shortly. I just prepared my 1973 Super
Sport,also Kool Lemon and also purchased on ebay,for its
first ride with me in the saddle. Tomorrow is the day!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Brooks B-15 posted by John Metz on 6/18/2005 at 2:20:05 AM
Well I've now ridden it some and it seems very comfortable.
It is the original so it'd be the B-15. I have no experience with the B-17. I suppose the more I ride it the
better it'll get from all I've heard and read. Leather is
definitely the way to go!

AGE / VALUE:   Free Moto posted by: JB on 6/8/2005 at 7:17:50 PM
This story shows why it is good to be nice to your bike mechanic...while dropping off an old French bike for BB work, Chris the mechanic met me at the door..said he had something for me..going into the repair area of this Schwinn shop, he wheeled out a decidedly grimy Motobecane Grand Jubilee...I swallowed hard when I noticed the Stonglight cranks/headset, Huret gears, and 531 sticker in French...he said he rescued it from a guy heading to the nearest dumpster...and thought of me!..It has cleaned up real fine....rides like a fellow vintage pedalers, be gracious in your transactions with bike shop owners and mechanics...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Free Moto posted by Gralyn on 6/8/2005 at 11:01:02 PM
I would have been thrilled if it was a Nomade, or a Mirage.......but Grand Jubilee! Wow! That's awesome!