AGE / VALUE:   Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by: Paul on 6/2/2005 at 2:35:57 AM
I have a vintage (could be from 60's or 70's, Peugeot Record Du Monde. It is complete with fenders and headlight and Brooks leather seat. It appears to be all original, and in good condition except for some decal wear and chips.
I was wondering if it's worth anything, and who might be interested in buying such a bike.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by Warren on 6/2/2005 at 2:50:13 PM
Unless it's a higher end model (Reynolds tubing) it's likely a UE-8 and is not valuable. The Brooks saddle could be worth as much as the bike. It's a bike to ride, rather than sell.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by JONathan on 6/2/2005 at 4:19:41 PM
I have a couple of pristine UE-8's with the same setup. However, one is equipped with TA cranks! However, the fenders have been removed on this one. The most likely determinant is the Nervar steel cottered cranks that were on most entry-level machines...pretty decent machines, they are at least a $200. Comapre what you can get (present company excluded) for $200 in the way of a bike. Nice find. I would keep it tuned and ride it occasionally to keep the bearings lubed. Who can say what they might be worth after a little time? Retro is definitely on the upswing, IMHO, of course.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by Randy on 6/3/2005 at 1:48:23 AM
Brand new old stock UE8's were just offered for sale on Ebay for $100.00 USD with a "buy it now" of $250.00 USD. I don't believe there were many, if any, takers. That said, I too have a Peugeot UE8 and it is a very nice old bicycle that works like a charm. It is not all that pretty(faded paint etc.) but is is a bike I have had for some time now and I have no thoughts of ridding myself of it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by Paul on 6/3/2005 at 6:19:56 AM
Well then, how can I tell if it has Reynolds tubing??
There aren't very many Identifiying marks on this bike.
Through some research on the web, I'm seeing that some of these Peugeots were going for anywhere between $100.00 and $1,500.00 !!
But there are different model #'s and I can't tell which one I have. From what catalog pictures I've found, it could be a PLX-8.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Peugeot Record Du Monde posted by JONathan on 6/3/2005 at 6:48:48 AM
The "Record De Monde" decal was on the standard steel frames, but I can't say if it was used on any 531 frames. The easiest way to tell is the weight of the bike and the grade of componentry. My UE-8's come in at about 30# with the rigida steel wheels bulking it up rather well. A quick swap to alloy rims and you have about 28# going. That's moving-mass so it makes a big difference in ride. Muchly improved braking is a major plus, especially for a massive rider/touring loaded bike. As for the $100 bike; I think most "shoppers" online are pretty bike-savvy, collector types who are not looking for UE-8' any price. The local bike shops will get a better price (even with shipping costs figured into the price), but the buyer gets to test ride the bike, get a proper fit and some contact for maintenance later. My experience has been that even after carefully inspecting a bike at a thrift store or GS, I often discover something glaring after I get it home. What would the results be if I could not even see the bike in person? Also, I notice that larger-frames that are in decent condition are hard to find. What's up with that?
If you get alloy wheels and a Stronglite crank set on the UE, the ride will be superb. They are way more comfortable than new stuff, IMHO.
Just a couple,

AGE / VALUE:   My new bicycle book arrived today! posted by: sam on 6/2/2005 at 12:56:49 AM
"The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles" put out by Jen Heine of Vintage Bicycle Quartly.If you haven't ordered ---what ya waitin on! What a book!Well anyway I got mine.It's a real treasure of French built bikes.The Book does have some written statements and historical photos but most of the book is hi-art photos of the best of the best.Hard cover 168 pages.I'm sure in a year or two all these books will disappear,maybe when some bike buff dies his widow will put one on ebay---if you don't get it now ,you forsure will not be able to out bid for it!I think you can order at :

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Ideale Saddle on Ebay. Huh?? posted by: Mike on 6/2/2005 at 12:20:23 AM
Ideal saddle. $1295 with four days to go. C'mon. Are there that many suckers out there, or am I just outta touch? I'm gonna start listing some of my old stuff on ebay and retire early!

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: Ideale Saddle on Ebay. Huh?? posted by Warren on 6/2/2005 at 2:52:31 PM
You can bet it's rare and valuable...not your everyday Ideale 80 or 90. A lot of big guns are bidding on that one.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Ideale Saddle on Ebay. Huh?? posted by Eric Amlie on 6/3/2005 at 3:25:06 PM
"Are there that many suckers out there, or am I just outta touch?"

You just don't have as much disposable income as the Japanese collectors do. Neither to I!

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Bianchi Color posted by: John R. on 5/30/2005 at 1:12:31 AM
I know that Bianchi calls their green color Celeste. Can anyone tell me what Bianchi calls their "rose" color? I just acquired a "rose" Trofeo and would like to know what to call it. Thanks.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Bianchi Color posted by Edward in Vancouver on 5/30/2005 at 1:55:51 AM
I'm ashamed, 12 years ago bought the wife a woman's very small frame Bianchi, hot pink. Not a bad frame as I recall, hodge-podge of parts, she insisted on cheap plastic "bear-trap" pedals. Ashamed because the poor bike has been sitting in the garage most of the time. Don't know what they called that pink either...

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Bianchi Color posted by T-Mar on 5/30/2005 at 2:10:04 AM
I have seen catalogue references to "Electric Rose" and "Peach Rose". Looking at the pictures, there does appear to be a slight difference, but I'm not sure if this is a true difference or due the film type, exposure or lighting.

      Bianchi Color posted by John E on 6/2/2005 at 4:21:33 AM
My wife refers to the color of my 1981 Bianchi as "Ralph Lauren brown," but the original sales receipt said, "charcoal."

FOR SALE:   Nice Motobecane F & F .... F/A posted by: Ray on 5/30/2005 at 12:16:14 AM
Nice French Motobecane goes off today.


   RE:FOR SALE: Nice Motobecane F & F .... F/A posted by jack on 6/1/2005 at 6:14:26 AM
Someone on the CR forum said this bike in yellow was an indication of a late-model Grand Record and as such was not as desirable as the earlier ones. I tend to agree because my early-70's one has chrome fork tips and is silver with black headtube. I know they also came in black with red head (probably the most desirable). I also picked up a similar vintage Grand Jubile that is same silver with red head.

Any other stock color combos known for GR and GJ?


   RE:RE:FOR SALE: Nice Motobecane F & F .... F/A posted by Walter on 6/4/2005 at 12:31:53 PM
That particular GR is actually an older model and went for a decent price for a F/F only. The headtube badge as well as the 531 and Campy dropouts are the indicators. The most common Motos have the round plastic "Winged M" badge.

I agree that the black/red combo is probably the most desireable for the GRs and GJs. I own a '78 GJ in gold with brown headtube and seattube panel. Pretty bike. By '78 Moto was using Japanese components and Vitus tubing so I didn't have to get into a big bidding war to get it. Nice rider.