AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Sportsman, where is serial number? posted by: Miguel on 9/8/2005 at 8:41:32 PM
I just bought a English made Huffy Sportsman, and would like to date it. Being that is not made by Huffy, but only rebadged, how do you find the S/N? This is a sweet bike!! Bought it at an antiques fair for $30. Sturmey archer three speed coaster, and a front hand brake. John Bull brake shoes, generator head and tail light, rear rack with reflectors. Full fenders, north road style bars, three piece cranks, etc etc. It's pretty loaded as old bikes go. Covered in grime, but with mostly great paint underneath. Decals are all intact, and not too many banged up areas. I plan to put on some whitewall 1 3/8's, a brooks saddle, and ride it till the wheels fall off, hehe. Just need to know where the S/N is so I can date it!! Thanks!

Please respond here, I get loads of junk mail whennever I put my addy on this site.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Huffy Sportsman, where is serial number? posted by sam on 9/13/2005 at 11:08:49 PM
S/N may be on seat tube just under seat.Check the S/A hub for a date.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Belt Buckle posted by: john on 9/7/2005 at 10:03:13 PM
Anybody know anything about a cast (brass?) Schwinn Belt Buckle? Has the word SCHWINN under a lightweight bike with dropbars on front. Back says "1977 Schwinn Bicycle Co" and has some type of logo which I can't make out underneath. I wondered if they were a dealer item to be sold...given away...awarded? Thanks. john

AGE / VALUE:   Vintage 10 Speeds posted by: Speed Gray on 9/7/2005 at 8:02:32 PM

I am new to this list. I have a question for someone out there who can provide me some accurate information. Here goes.

In the '70s I was quite a bicycle rider, averaging about 300 miles weekly. During the period of 1970-1976 I aquired numerous quality 10 speed "lightweights." This included a fully Campy custom built Paramount which I ordered from Schwinn, two Motobecane Grand Records (531 Reynolds frame), and a Motobecane tandem.

I have not ridden these bikes in years, they have been hanging in the ceiling of my garage. Except for the dirt and dust of 30 years, they all are in nice condition, two hardly ridden at all.

I would like to sell the lot. I would like a fair price, but I am not looking to finance my retirement out of the deal. What's the best method to use to get these nice bikes to someone who will appreciate what they are, and invest the time and energy to get them back into clean condition?

Suggestions would be appreciated.


Speed Gray
Grand Rapids, MI

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Vintage 10 Speeds posted by Joe M on 9/8/2005 at 1:57:21 AM
What are the frame sizes?

As far as shipping, I have had the best luck with FedEx. They are about 30% less than UPS, and a little more carefull with the packages.
Most any bike shop can supply a box, some charge, but most are glad to get rid of the box. Most bike boxes are about 53x8x28 or 29" tall, but this varies, so try to get a box that is large enough to fit you bike, the size above will handle most 21" frame road bikes if packed properly.
The seat with post, pedals, handlebars with stem and front wheel all get removed. I pad the frame with either bubble wrap, foam or paper to protact the paint, reverse the front fork to shorten the bike as much as posible, insert either an old axle or a plastic fork shipping insert, (usually from the bike that the box came from), this protects the forks from getting crushed, then secure the front wheel on the left side of the frame with the crankarm hidden in the spokes of the front wheel. I wrap the seat, and any other removed parts and secure them in the area below the bottom tube in the box. Pad well, to prevent any movement, if the bike can move around, it will most likely punch through the box at some point or another. I also shift the rear derailleur to the lowest gear, to prevent it from any damage. The handle bars get set down after the bike is in the box, sort of curled around the top tube with the stem turned in a position to clear the frame tubes and box. I secure all with electrical zip ties, and double the cardboard near the rear axles and under the forkto prevent punch through.

If all of this sounds like too much work, many bike shops will package a bike for shipping for a fee.
Shipping a bike from Michigan would run anywhere from about $20 to $38 via FedEx.
The tandem is another problem, it will most likely be oversized no matter how you pack it, at best it may have to go in two boxes, with much more disassembly. I have only shipped one tandem over the years, and what I did was ship the wheels separate, but the frame was still considered an oversized package.
There are several other options, some bus companies offer shipping from terminal to terminal, if both you and the buyer are able to go to one of their terminals. I have had bikes shipped to me via Grey Hound.
Another option is to try a moving company, many will offer shipping, but they don't garantee a time of delivery since they wait for a truck with extra room going to the city you need to ship to. I have had good luck with larger items this way, a local moving company, United, took a complete adult trike from NJ to CA for half of whatit would have cost to brake it down into three boxes and ship. Besides, they took it whole. They had a container that they secured it in, put on a lid, and it was on it's way. I did have to wait for a truck to go that way, but it was only a few days. It arrived at it's destination in a less than a week.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Vintage 10 Speeds posted by Walter on 9/10/2005 at 12:49:08 AM
The packing advice is superb. I don't know if you're looking for selling advice but if you are there's no doubt eBay will draw the most $. Moto GRs and vintage Paramounts show up there regularly and routinely draw good bidding unless they're started with a ridiculous opening bid. Selling from your yard will get lots of $25 offers from people either looking for transportation or for a steal they can turn around and put on eBay.

Good luck

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Vintage 10 Speeds posted by David on 9/10/2005 at 11:05:29 AM
Amtrak will ship tandems from station to station (no home delivery) very inexpensively. You might not need to box it.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Vintage 10 Speeds posted by marc on 9/10/2005 at 5:03:33 PM
try dhl, I shipped a heavy schwinn tandem all in one box (two bike boxes turned into one) from chicago to wyoming for around 40.00

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Flying Jet posted by: Jeff Arnold on 9/6/2005 at 3:51:38 PM
I have a 1959 Dutch built (Juncker) Flying Jet. It has a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub. It has many English parts. It has French rims and Dutch parts. Does anyone have any info on this bike. It looks like it was made for the american market. Who retailed them? Thanks

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Flying Jet posted by MC on 9/9/2005 at 11:39:48 AM
I have one of these as well. Mine has a set of Foley's decals on the down tubes, so I would assume they were sold thru Foley's?

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy "Open Road" bicycle posted by: Bill Hornfeck on 9/6/2005 at 12:42:31 AM
I have a Huffy "Open Road" bicycle I am trying to determine the age of. It is yellow with crome fenders.